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What could have been?

September 7, 2023
By Anonymous

The scent of new carton boxes, freshly cleaned laundry, and the lovely chocolatey smell of mom’s homemade brownies. The end of summer has begun, and Sarah has been packing most of her belongings for the past few weeks. High school had just ended a few months ago and now onto a new chapter for her, today August 22, 1998, in Montana on a warm sunny day, enjoying every minute out of it. Sarah’s family came in to say their last goodbyes before she headed out to Boston for the university. In a few hours, she was about to start heading out of town far away from home. Grandma and Grandpa arrived with their delicious casserole, which has been the family’s specialty for years now. She enjoyed every second she had with them before she couldn’t see them for a while, there were cherishing and laughing moments, but there were also sad moments. Once everybody gave her blessings and their last goodbyes, she headed out of the house onto new opportunities and adventures. After hours of driving non-stop, Sarah finally decides to stop by a small gas station nearby to get some coffee to stay awake, and to pump gas before it runs out. It is 3:00 a.m. and it’s just her and the cashier in the gas station. A brunette kind of tall girl with beautiful light brown eyes, and an old creepy guy at a gas station, just in awkward silence the whole time Sarah was in the gas station. She was creeped out, but she needed coffee and gas, and it was just a quick stop. Once she finally pumped gas, she started heading out again to the road. She was amazed at all the beautiful landscapes she had seen in a short amount of time. Now it is 5:47 a.m. and it’s been officially twelve hours since she has left home. Sarah spotted a resting spot near the road and decided to take a rest and take a quick nap before the sun came out and it was bright outside. It had been a few hours, her phone started ringing and the sun’s heat started to hit. Sarah’s mom was calling her to check up on her, and that is when she started to head out on the road again. In fifteen hours, she arrived in Minnesota, where all you can see is huge colorful prairies full of grass like tallgrass in scary movies. Sarah has never been out of state, every minute of her road trip has been full of amazement and curiosity. Sarah’s hometown has been good to her, she was born and raised there. Gardiner, Montana has always and will forever be a special place in her heart, but she knew someday she had to be out there and explore new adventures for her. She has enjoyed every landscape, every animal in sight, and all the villages that she has been able to see. A few hours later she arrived at a dining café to eat brunch, she was as hungry as a wolf and she could just eat a whole deer. This place was a bit old, but there was a valid amount of people, which could mean this place might be good. She was seated at a table nearby the window, where she could enjoy fields and fields full of fresh, bright green grass, this café was in the middle of nowhere. Once she got attended, she ordered a plate of waffles and coffee, then she called her dad to let him know how she was doing. Time went by so fast in a short amount of time, and once she finished, she headed back to the road. After hours of seeing different types of landscapes, she arrived at Ohio which is full of buildings. She made another stop before her legs started cramping, and just walked around for a minute and got a little snack to eat. After a few more hours, and the sun was about to go up, she finally arrived in Massachusetts, therefore she was closer and closer to Boston. Sarah was amazed and in love with this state, which made her realize she made a good choice of university because she saw herself living there. She took a moment to explore the place for a while and to find a resting spot. It’s been a long road trip for her, especially since it’s her first time being out of state and on her own. It took Sarah a lot of courage to travel on her own in such a far distance, because everything was so dangerous, but she was finally close to her destination. A couple of hours later she finally made it to the city of Boston, she honestly couldn’t believe she drove around 35 hours on her own to follow her dreams. She finally contacted the property owner to let him know she was on her way to her apartment. Once she arrived at her apartment an old guy, 3 inches shorter than her, with his head full of white hair like the lamb’s mouton greeted her. He gave Sarah an apartment tour and mentioned she was going to have a roommate. At first, she did not process what he said till she repeated in her mind, “roommate” She got all confused. She then asked him, "What do you mean by a roommate, I thought I rented this apartment for myself." The property owner said, that on the website it mentioned roommates if somebody wished to rent the apartment too, and unfortunately this guy going to the same university wanted to rent the same apartment. Sarah was not fully convinced, but it was her only option because it was the only thing she could afford. Days passed by, she finally settled down and she went to meet her university. Her apartment was like 20 minutes away, and early in the morning, she arrived at Boston University. A group of senior undergraduate students greeted Sarah, they gave her a tour around the whole building and invited her brunch. Sarah was fascinated with the experience and the environment. Everything was so different compared to her hometown in Montana. Everyone in here was so open to everyone and everything, for example almost every person she crossed by greeted her and everyone seemed so kind. Sarah spent most of her day at the university but was exhausted and decided to head back home before it got too late and dark. It took her twenty minutes to arrive at her apartment, but she was really hungry, so she decided to get food before actually arriving and getting into her apartment. Once she arrived at her apartment she had seen the lights on, which was weird because she remembered turning all the lights off before leaving. She carefully entered the apartment quietly when she noticed an oddly looking guy watching TV on the living room couch. He seemed pretty tall by the way he was sitting down, he was a gingered guy with a lot of freckles on his face, and beautiful bold blue eyes as if you were to see a clear lake full of blue water. She was kind of scared and asked him who he was and what he was doing in her apartment. The second she asked him, he did too, After they asked each other there was an awkward silence in between them. She then mentioned she was renting the apartment and that she knew she had a roommate, but didn’t expect her roommate to be a guy. The gingered guy then introduced himself as Christopher, he then stood up and shook her hand. That was an awkward moment for Sarah, but he seemed to be nice and self-preserved, she then went straight to the kitchen and started eating her dinner. Days passed by and they would talk and talk more, and then they both found out they were students of the same university and the same subject. The first day of school finally came by and they both were nervous because they were barely starting university. At 6:00 a.m. on a Monday, Sarah's alarm started going off, she snoozed it a few times till Christopher knocked on her door and told her to start getting ready because they were going to leave together. Months passed by and every day that passed by there was some chemistry going on between each other. Christopher then asked Sarah out before Thanksgiving break, Sarah said yes because she had strong feelings for him and she loved and enjoyed being with him. Finals week was coming soon and they were both stressed, but Christopher was acting weird and odd. She didn’t think much of it, because they both are autonomous students which means they’ll both be focused enough to pass the finals. One night she saw him sneak out in the middle of the night which was strange to her because he had never left the apartment so late before. Finals week came in, but they didn’t talk much because they were stressed. Then Thanksgiving break came and Sarah went back to her hometown to celebrate with her family. Two days later Sarah got home and celebrated Thanksgiving, but since her teacher had austere expectations for her project she had to be back in Boston to finish her project. She didn’t let Christopher know she was coming back because she wanted it to be a surprise. It took her another two days to be back in Boston, she arrived back at night, and everything seemed to be perfectly fine till she got to her apartment. She saw a few strange cars she had never seen before, but she thought he might have invited family over. Once she had entered the apartment she saw weird oddly looking creatures, with a lot of eyes, and very pale skin, they were taller than the doors and were very thin. She was freaked out because she had never seen anything like that before, and then she saw one of those creatures with ginger hair, and Sarah’s heart dropped. She started tearing up because she knew it was him and left running back to her car. She turned on the car and drove off and didn’t look back to see if Christopher or whatever his name was, was following her. She was so traumatized for life that she never came back to Boston and went back to her hometown with her family. She ended up finishing college back in Montana, She never heard from Christopher or the alien she fell in love with, and she ended up forgetting about him.                                                                                                                                      

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This article shows that people are not always how they seem.

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