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Forbidden Love

September 7, 2023
By Anonymous

Emma and Mike kissing in the hallway outside of Mrs. Clark’s classroom. “No kissing in the hallway” said Mrs. Clark, “Next time I’m sending you to the principal's  office”. 

After school Emma and Mike said their goodbyes and went home. That afternoon Mike had planned a dinner with a woman who claimed to be his mother. Once Mike got home he started getting ready for his dinner at 5:30. It was finally time to go to dinner, they had decided to meet at a restaurant called “Three Vines”. 

Once Mike arrived at Three Vines a woman walked up to him… “Hello, I am Anna… your mother.” They sat down and ordered food, while waiting for the food Mike and Anna began to conversate on how Mike had started looking for his mother. “My father recently passed away due to a horrible car accident and I was left to live with my aunt. After the news I began a journey to find my mother using pictures and love letters I found in a box” said Mike. “I'm sorry you had to go through all that alone just to find me” responded Anna. After conversing for a while and finishing their food Anna asked Mike “Do you by any chance have some time to spare? I would like you to meet my daughter.” After insisting for a while Mike finally agreed.

 On their way to Anna’s home, Anna was telling Mike a little bit about her daughter. Once they made it to Anna’s home, Anna called for Emma, “Emma can you come downstairs please, I would like to introduce you to someone” “Coming’ responded Emma. While waiting for Emma, Mike took an abstracted tour around the house when suddenly he saw Emma… HIS GIRLFRIEND! “MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BOYFRIEND?” asked Emma. “Your BOYFRIEND, THIS IS YOUR HALF BROTHER, MIKE” said Anna. “This can't be possible,” responded Emma. While all in shock Anna began to explain to Emma and Mike how she had met Mike’s father 18 years ago when she was just 15.

 “We had a wonderful encounter at school and from that day on we were in love. After being in a relationship for two years I had fallen out of love and  in love with another person and became pregnant not knowing who the father of my child was. Since I was so young, my mother forced me to give away my child and never see him again ”“When you contacted me I was so excited to find out it was you, I had the intention of looking for you but had no idea where to begin due to the fact I gave you up at a very young age” explained Anna to Mike.”Why did you never tell me this” asked Emma, “I was worried you would not accept it” responded Anna. “Well if I would have known, maybe I wouldn't be dating my half brother. Well there is only one way to find out if Mike is my brother…a DNA test” said Emma.

 Two days later Anna, Emma, and Mike all made it to the doctor's office in order to take the DNA test. “You should receive a call from one of our nurses within an hour with your test results,” said the doctor. After leaving the doctor's office Anna, Emma, and Mike all decide to go back to Anna’s house while they wait for the test results. An hour later Anna received a call from the doctors office, “Do I have the pleasure to speak with Anna?” asked the nurse. “Yes this is she” Anna responded. “I would like to inform you that your test results came back negative, Mike is not your biological son”. They were all surprised because this meant Anna had to continue her journey looking for her son while Mike continued to look for his mother. Due to Mike not being Anna's son this allowed Emma and Mike to continue to date and Anna continued to treat Mike as if he were her son

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