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July 18, 2009
By angel11 PLATINUM, Co Spgs, Colorado
angel11 PLATINUM, Co Spgs, Colorado
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The sun had set as i ran up the drive to his mansion. Tripping on broken braches and scraping my hands on the gravel didn't stop me from pressing on. Knowing that he could have already left made my grey eyes blur with tears until i was hardly certain i was still on the road.
The trees were moaning as the wind ripped at their roots and the sky hurled daggers of rain at their bare trunks. I was soaked through, my white tank-top had become see-through and i could feel the damp water drops rushing into my shoes. The water soaking into the souls made me abandon them beside the road
I was bare foot, damp, cold and i wasn't thinking of anything other than that i needed to reach his house before he left me forever. He couldn't have taken me seriously when i told him it wasn't true, i was just mad he would say something so touching in such an angry voice.
The rain poured even harder in the valley that the road made between the pines but i would make it up, i had to make it up i needed to tell him. I mean of coarse i wanted to see him again and when i did i would leap into his tan arms, grab the sides of his face, look into his brown eyes and tell him... I just needed to keep going, keep fighting i think i could fight forever if it was only for him...
When i felt numb like i was going to fall over, again, i passed over the top of the hill. In view came the castle like mansion with its high stone walls and towers. It looked very gothic in the rain as the lighting flashed its shadows at my feet. I couldn't stop now i was almost there, he was almost mine
The large black gate was almost fifteen feet high and in the rain i wasn't sure i could make it up but i had to try. The cool bars felt like ice against my already numb hands as i slipped my way further up the gate, positioning my feet on the roses that weaved through the dead steel. I hoisted myself over and fell like a wet cat on my feet, almost face planting it in the mud. But i ran just wipeing the mud on my jeans.
The door stood solid before me but i couldn't touch it. What if he slammed it in my face, what if he really wasn't faking when he cried yesterday, what if one day i woke up and wished this had been the end...i rapped on the door, my heart pounding in slow motions like the echos in the castle. It had never been so clear to me before that i loved every piece of that guy; all the way from his short black hair to his feet and i would feel that way forever. Sure i was only 18 but i knew what i wanted and if i spent the rest of my life in his arms in his eyes well that was ok with me.
I didn't hear a sound in the home besides the tapping of my fist and the quiet groans of desperation that arose in my voice.
"Caleb!" I shouted over the roar of thunder. "Caleb its me open up will ya?" I cried continuously, i wasn't gong to give up. If he wanted to pretend like i wasn't here fine, i would climb up another wall.
Taking a step back i sized up the greek pillar impression that led up to the balcony on the next floor. i knew for a fact i could get in because it was never locked, what crazy robber would scale a wall like that.
"What!?" I froze as Caleb yelled. "I was in the shower!" Turning i didn't quite know what to say as i stepped closer. His hair was all wet and ruffled as he stood there clad in nothing but his black jeans his wash board figure moving as though he was panting. Looking at his eyes i could tell he was confused and angry that i was here. I stepped closer and he glared. "Not that its any of my business since you broke up with me but you look kind of trashy, you do know white is see-through..." He huffed.
"Im not here to get mad..." I started unsteady, nothing he said could hurt me unless it was to say he didn't feel the same.
"Then why are you here?! As far as I'm concerned you said that you didn't...." I couldn't hear him angry i couldn't hear him hate me. So running up to him i didn't know what to say, i didn't know what to do so i only did what i felt. So i pushed all the anger of his ego away and passed through it...I grabbed his face and entangled my fingers into his pitch black hair closing the space between our lips. Telling him everything i've ever wanted, everything i've ever felt, giving him myself...claming him as mine

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