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Blue Sky

August 10, 2009
By jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
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I was eight years old when we moved to Maine and my older sister Ellie was ten. I was sad that we were moving just like any normal eight year old kid would be. I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing the new house but of course my parents were ecstatic. I was mad at my parents for a while, they made me leave all my friends, my school, and my house. My mom kept talking on and on about how beautiful the house is and how in Maine there are tons of amazing plants and animals. Truthfully I didn’t care about one word she said at the time, I wouldn’t have cared if she said that I could get chocolate ice cream when we got there, I just hated moving. Ellie on the other hand d at all, she wasn’t fazed by the whole moving thing one bit, she was just too busy listening to her CD player. Once we passed the border line and headed into Maine I realized what my mother had said was all true. There were tons of plants and amazing animals here. I stared out the window for the longest time wanting to be part of all of it; I just wanted to get out of the car and walk towards it, into all the trees and discover new things. I couldn’t pull away, I was fascinated by all the nature; I wasn’t mad at all anymore, I was delighted and I couldn’t wait until we got to the house. I still remember that very day. That day seems so long ago, now I am grown up, I am fifteen and the passion I had felt for nature when I was a kid is still inside of me.

I stepped outside the house and shut the door behind me, knowing I had to be home around six o’clock for dinner and it was already five fifteen. I just wanted to get away from everyone and sitting at home my mind kept going back to the woods. I just wanted to get outside and explore. This time I took a different path from the path that I normally take and I found that I was walking for a while. Soon I found a nice place to sit down, to just look and listen; I like to listen to creatures that are near me and I like to look at the beauty of the nature around me. After a while I headed for home thinking my mom would be expecting me for dinner soon. Taking a wrong turn, I found I had to cross the rapids to get home. I searched for a way to get across like a bridge or stepping stones but the closest thing was a dead tree that had been knocked over from the previous storm. I stepped very carefully onto it and in a split second slipped holding on for my life!

I screamed for help but no one heard me. People were miles away and wouldn’t hear my screams. Every attempt I made to get up, my hands would slip and I would get even closer to the roaring water below. I couldn’t get back up onto the tree or across it without falling and no one was near to hear my cries of desperation. Then I thought the only way I have to save myself is to let go. “One, Two, Three.” I counted out loud but my hands wouldn‘t budge even though my brain was forcing me to let go. In a split second I hit the water and the waves crashed over me. I swam as fast as I could to the surface trying to keep my head above water and trying not to waste my energy so I could swim to shore. The water swirled around me pushing me down and I couldn’t breathe. At that moment everything just
stopped. Everything slowly and suddenly slipped away.

As I opened my eyes I could feel the grass and dirt against my face; my jeans and t-shirt both were soaked. I was out of the water and on land, but how I thought. I looked up and something or someone ran into the woods. I thought to myself, someone had saved me. I got up and I looked at the sky and the sun was slowly setting. “Oh no dinner!” I thought out loud. I ran as fast as I could so I could get home in time to have dinner with my family. Getting to the house I opened the front door and saw my mom’s face. I knew exactly what she was going to say. Shocked by my soaked clothing, she said “What happened?”
“I tripped and fell into the pond that’s all. I’m fine.” I said quickly.
“Okay, take a shower, change your clothes and hurry down for dinner,” my mom ordered me. I did what I was told glad to finally take off the wet clothes.

That night I kept wondering who saved me from drowning. Well whoever it was I am grateful. Maybe just maybe, if I go back tomorrow I might meet whoever saved me. Well enough about that I have to go to bed before I get caught staying up this late.

The next morning I got up early to try and catch a glimpse of who had saved me from drowning.

I ran from the house and down the street thinking I should get back before anyone noticed I was gone. I took the exact path to the river that I had taken yesterday. It was foggy outside which made it hard to see what was on the other side of the river. Luckily I was prepared. Before leaving the house I had put on my bathing suit under my clothes which I quickly stripped off and dove in. The water was still this morning and had no waves. It felt refreshing on my bare legs and arms. I swam to the other side taking my time. When I reached the other side, I pulled myself out and there in plain sight was a boy. He was about my age, fifteen. He had short blond hair, deep light blue eye and was dressed in jean shorts down to his knees and a white t-shirt. He was very handsome. I took a few steps back and one step forward unsure whether or not to confront him. “Hello.” the boy said. I didn’t know what to say, I was speechless. I finally processed something to say. I knew I needed to confront him, so I did. “Did you uh save me yesterday?” I asked as nicely as I could. The boy took a step toward me which made my stomach clench. “Excuse me?” the boy asked. He really did have a beautiful voice that totally matched his looks. I knew I shouldn’t have said anything, I’ll just walk away now I thought to myself. I turned around, my back to him. Before I could slide back into the water the boy grabbed my wrist. “Yes it was me, I did save you yesterday.” he said sheepishly. “By the way what is your name?” he asked full of curiosity. I turned around surprised that he had saved me. “Skylar, but you can call me Sky.” I said. I was little curious about how he would react to my name. “Sky. That’s um…… a beautiful name.” he said staring into my eyes. “How about you, what’s your name?” I asked curious to compare his normal name to my unique one. “I’m Eric.” he said. “By the way I wish my name was as unique as yours.” he told me smiling. I smiled back but then my stomach clenched. “I have to go, I’m sorry.” I said and I turned around and dove back into the river. Once again the water felt wonderful on my bare skin and it calmed me. I swam to the other side quickly threw on my jeans not bothering with my top. Before I ran home I glanced behind me and there was Eric watching me. I ran home, with butterflies in my stomach.

I quietly opened the door, stepped into my house and I grabbed a water from the fridge. Then tiptoed to my bedroom, took off my bathing suit and put on my original pajamas. I went into bed knowing that everyone was still asleep, and luckily went right back to sleep. Into a sleep full of dreams about Eric.

I woke to my alarm clock beeping and the smell of bacon and eggs. My Dad was cooking even though it was a school day, it was Monday I hated Mondays always have and probably always will. I quickly threw my hair in a pretty pony tail and went down the stairs in my pajama’s. “Good morning sleeping beauty.” my dad said cheerfully. “Good morning daddy.” I said as I hugged him. I sat down at the table with everyone else. “So are you going for a run?” my mom asked my dad. “No not this morning I’m going to get some work done.” my dad replied. “Okay I’m going to go work in the garden. The Roses and the Daisy‘s need more water, I‘m also planting Petunia’s.” my mom said and headed out the door. Just then my sister Ellie came down the steps. Her hair was a mess of blond frizz. My dad and I looked at each other and laughed. “Good morning Godzilla.” my dad joked still laughing. “Ha Ha very funny. What’s for breakfast?” Ellie asked. “Eggs and bacon.” I answered for my dad. “It smells good.” Ellie said while taking her seat next to me.

After we all ate and chatted I got up and cleaned the dishes. I went upstairs to get dressed and brush my teeth, I quickly stuffed my books and binders in my bag, shoved my arms through my sweatshirt sleeves, kissed my mom and dad goodbye, and headed out the door. I met up with my best friend, Jenna. I met Jenna the first day we moved here and Jenna and I were inseparable since the day we met. Jenna is beautiful she has orange brown freckles on her cheeks, emerald green eyes, dark red hair, and wild ringlets that hang down to her waste. She hates her hair, she's always babbling on and on about how my hair is so pretty, how she wants straight hair just like mine and I keep telling her that her hair is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and I envy it. Jenna and I are very close, we plan to keep it that way, forever and always together. Jenna and I do everything together, we were with each other through every complicated math problem, every school bully, every secret, and every tear. I was there for her when her dog died and she was there for me when I got rejected by a boy at a school dance. Jenna is really nice and cares about me a lot she supports me as much as I support her, I love her like a sister. Jenna is the best, best friend anyone could ever have.

We walked to school chatting, once we got inside we realized that we were late and we ran up the stairs. Before going our separate ways to our lockers I turned to hug her and she hugged me back, just like we’ve done since the beginning of the year. I ran to my locker and twisted the lock trying to open it, I hate my locker and I think it hates me back. Like always it didn’t open, it never opens the first time, I kicked it then twisted the combination again and finally it opened. I stuffed my bag in my locker, grabbed the binders and books that I needed and headed off to homeroom. After the announcements I walked down the hallway to my first period class, English; English is a drag it’s always long and boring.

On the first day of school I found out Jenna and I were in three of the same classes, I was extremely happy. Jenna is in my English, Science, and Social Studies class, but sadly Conner is also in our English class, Conner is Jenna’s one and only love. I was there when she fell in love with him I went through the whole thing with her, from the time he asked her out to the time they broke up and yes it was Conner who broke up with her. I listened to her every time she would explain how cute he was when they were going out, I listened to her trash talk him after he broke up with her, and I hugged her when she cried over him. She claims that she's totally over Conner now but I know it's not true; every now and again I catch her taking glances at him or staring at the back of his head in English class. I know she still loves him she just doesn't like to talk about it, so I try not to bring it up and when she does bring it up I listen to everything she has to say then I give her advice when she wants it. I sat in my seat happy to be sitting next to Jenna, once I sat down she glanced away from Conner, hoping that I hadn’t noticed who she had been staring at. “Hey.” she said turning in her seat to face me.

“Hey, what was that?” I said jerking my head toward Conner.

“That? Oh that was………..nothing.” she said squaring her shoulders and pushing her fingers through her hair. Jenna always touched her hair when she was nervous and I could tell that talking about Conner was too much for her today so I’ll leave it as it is. “Ok, I believe you Jenna.” I said putting a smile on my face.

“Thanks, I trust you Sky.” she said smiling right back at me. She will come out with it sometime I thought, I just have to give her time. Mrs. Riley our English teacher walked in and everyone was a little quieter but there were still whispers here and there. Mrs. Riley started to review the basic paragraphs in a five paragraph essay, the grabber sentence, the clincher paragraph, three detail paragraphs, and the conclusion. I already knew everything that she was talking about so I just started to doodle on my notepad. I drew a couple of hearts, some trees, a river, and I wrote the name Eric next to a couple of hearts. When I quickly realized that the teacher was standing right behind me my stomach heaved up to my throat, I quickly closed me notebook and flushed a bright red. “How is your drawing coming along Skylar.” she said embarrassing me even more. I shoved the notebook aside and stared at the table not wanting to see everyone’s eyes in the classroom on me. Mrs. Riley continued talking and I glanced at Jenna who was giving me her look of sympathy, she mouthed something to me while Mrs. Riley wasn’t paying attention but I didn’t catch any of it, the bell rang and we had to hurry off to our second period class before talking again. I had Math while Jenna had French so I would have to wait until third period class to figure out what she had said. Math class was a breeze it went by fast, I’m really good at Math so it’s easy for me. I met up with Jenna again in Science

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