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How it Changed

April 30, 2009
By Alicia2 BRONZE, Montgomery, Alabama
Alicia2 BRONZE, Montgomery, Alabama
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in love?
Have you ever been in the position where the one you loves is the one you must avoid at all cause? In a world where your life has jus changed for the best and you have found the one you must make the decision to live an unhappy life.

It was Saturday night and I was having a fun time. We were winning the basketball game with only a few seconds left in the game. All the guys were super excited about the game. “At the count of three ‘Tigers!’” screamed the whole team. The game ended, and we won like always.

Out of the stand I saw Mike. He was the son of Mr. Youngblood. Mr. Youngblood controlled the whole orphanage where I lived. I never once talked to the boy but I could tell he was a stuck up, rich boy. He was good looking but not my type.
“Nice games boys, my dad will surly donate more money to this team.” Said Mike. “There’s a girl in the team too, you know.” I said loudly.
“Oh really? Where?” he asked me, not trying to be funny, but honestly asking.
I pointed at myself as I took my hair down. “The name is Elizabeth” he said. I saw an amazed look in his face, and saw his best friend come along. I saw that Mike pointed at me as they both laughed.

My best friend Laura came and congratulated me on the game, as we walked to our room. Once we were there Laura looked around and asked me if we were going to do it. “Duh!” I said with a smile.

Later that night after the light had gone off and our room keeper had checked on us, we decided to do it. We both got up and put on a dress that I had bought with the money I got from working at Starbucks. I put on my make up and waited for Laura to get ready.

Dresses weren’t really my thing and I felt oddly uncomfortable. I got my bed ready to make it seem like someone was lying there. Laura screamed loudly as she jumped through the window. I followed her shortly after that and began to feel the adrenaline from snaking out.

Once we got up from the window we ran into the street. We paid a cab to take us to Abridge High, the dance that we were attending. Once we arrived there we felt really excited. We got in and I walked away from Laura. As I was walking I saw Mike coming my way.

“Hey, wanna dance?” He asked coolly. I gave him a stare and reminded him who I was. “Oh, so you are a girl, my bad.” He said as he pulled my hand. We started dancing to a fast song. As we danced for a while I could feel my self getting comfortable around him. The song ended but Mike asked me to stay for the next song. I nodded and stood there, with him. A slow song came on and he grabbed me closer to him.

“You know, sometimes I wish my parents were away.” He whispered in my ear. “People think that I’m happy but most of the time I’m jealous of… people like you.” I laid my head in his shoulders. “Why? I mean you have everything you want.” I said to him.

He ignored my question and kept dancing. I could see into his beautiful blue eyes. And his perfect face. I saw that Laura was sitting alone not having a good time. She saw me look at her and she begged me to go. I gave Mike a smile and let go of his hand. I saw that he let go and walked towards his best friend. They stood there and I walked towards Laura.

“Can we go now? I don’t want to get caught.” She said to me. I nodded and walked with her. We took a cab back to the orphanage.

The next day we were supposed to go look for jobs. Since we were almost old enough to leave the place he had to start looking at our options and find a full time job. Laura walked into a Burger King Restaurant. She never really had high expectation of life. I shook my head and started walking around the street looking for something to catch my interest. As I was walking I saw Mike and a young boy who looked to be 13. I walked towards Mike and the little boy walked away. “Who was that?” I asked while smiling.

“Some little kid who needed advice.” He said proudly. “Haha. From you?” I said jokingly. He gave me a grin and asked me if I wanted to hang out. I knew in the back of my mind that I should go look for job but I decided to hang out with him either way. We went to the ice cream place and he bought me a Fudge Sundae. We sat there and he asked me all kinds of random questions. He asked me about my past, about life at the orphanage, about my favorite books and pet peeves. I asked him a few questions in return. “So how’s you dad like?” I asked, never really knowing what having a dad was like.

“My dad, he’s a busy man, he always expects me to live up to his expectations but he’s never really there for me.” He said. I didn’t ask about his mom, because I knew that his mom, like mine, was dead.

He asked me if I wanted to go to his house sometime and I said I did. We got up and walked into the parking lot. He walked up to his car a 2009 Nissan. I got in and waited in the car. We drove for a few minutes. When we arrived at his house I was shocked. His house looked like a mansion. It had a huge lake in the back and it looked like it was 3 stories tall. We got out of the car and stepped into the mansion.

When I saw the inside I was amazed. The house was beautiful. It had two dining rooms and a kitchen the size of three of the rooms that I slept in. “Here, I’ll show you to my room.” He said while grabbing my hand. We walked for a few seconds and passed about three doors. When we finally arrived we finally arrived I was surprised to find a clean room. His bed cover had a UK flag and he had about three guitars hanging in the wall. His carpet was black and furry. “Wow, you actually keep your room clean?” I said mockingly. “Nah, we have a maid anyway is not like I spend a lot of time here.” He said. I smiled at him and gave him a hug out of random.
“I don’t know” He began to say to me, “but I really like you. You make me happy. When I’m around you I can actually be myself. I’m no longer scared when I’m with you.” I saw a tear come out of his eye. I reached over and kissed him lightly in the lips. “You don’t have to go back. We have an extra room here.” He said to me. I smiled at him. “Yeah, like the orphanage people would let that happen.” I said as I fantasized of what it would be like to live in a place like this.

“Actually, they would, if the kid of the parent who signs their paychecks asked.” He said giving me a cocky smile. “Really?” I asked. He got up and grabbed his cell phone. I smiled and prayed that it would work. He got off the phone and came back with a frown in his face. “It worked.” he said.

I smiled. “But there is something you might not like.” He said to me. “You kinda have to work and stay in the maids room.” He said. The smile in my face did not disappear. I already knew I was going to have to work so I was just happy to be by him.

We went back to my room and picked up Laura in our way. I told her all about the job I had gotten and Mike just smiled the whole way there. Once we arrived at our room Mike told me he had to take care of some business but he told me he would be back in time to help me put my bags in the car.

As I was packing I saw that Laura was sad that I was leaving. “Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit often. I promise.” I said to her. I told her about Mike and how felt about him ever since that day when we talked at the dance we had this connection. She asked me what had happened to him being a stuck up jerk, and I just smiled.

I later saw him comeback. I grabbed my bags and put them in his car. I gave Laura a quick goodbye hug, and walked into the car. “Thanks Mike” I said. He gave me a smile and I stepped into his car. I waved goodbye to Laura as the car started to move. “Look” he said to me “I know you’re supposed to be a worker but you are also my guest. So you will be staying in the guest room.” He said to me smiling. “And where would that be?” I said. “I’ll show you.” He said to me.

Once we arrived there he showed me to a room a few doors away from his. I opened it and it was beautiful. There was a bed three times bigger than mine. It had a lot of empty room. “Wow. I said.” He grabbed my bags and put them next to the. “I’m so happy I met you.” He said to me. I smiled at him and he kissed me slowly.

A few days went by and I did my job cleaning around. I was at the guest room everyday. Mike and I were getting closer everyday. I was pretty sure what he had was love and nothing but love. After I was done working on the house Mike called me over to his room. I went inside and found him in bed.
“Hey” I said to him. And he gave me a smile. I sat next to him, and he hugged me. “I love you.” He said. I smiled at him and could feel a tear running down my check. “I love you, too.”
He started kissing me and I kissed him back. He ran his hand down my back and I could feel his hand struggling to un-hook my bra. “Stop.” I said. And he looked at me. “What’s wrong?” He asked me. I looked at him and shook my head slowly. “Don’t you like me?” He asked in a mad voice as he threw something at my face. I nodded, to afraid to say anything.
He looked at me and slapped me in the face. I started to cry as I ran my hand through my cheek. I could feel it burning my cheek. I walked away from the room, and slammed the door behind me. I walked into the restroom. I turned on the light and saw that my face was red. I cried as I looked at my self. I heard a door open and locked the restroom door. “Look, I’m sorry Elizabeth.” He yelled through the restroom door. I let out a loud cry and got down to the floor.
“I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” He said loudly. I hesitated but opened the door. I saw that he too was crying. “I have to tell you something.” He said and held out his hand. I took it and we walked to his car. “Here’s what I haven’t told you.” He said. “When I was 13 my mother died and my father never cared about me. I found a friend who offered me the solution to all my problems. I took it, ever since than I’ve been different. I’m sorry. I was just trying so hard to make everything perfect for you. I tried so hard and you saying ‘no’ just made me feel like…” He began to say. I kissed him and shut him up. “You are perfect, just the way you are. No need to hide anything from me.” I said happily. He took me to a fancy restaurant that day.
My face was a tiny bit swollen when we got there. I had a bruce where he had thrown that object at me. I covered it up with a little make up. I was really happy to be here with Mike. The waiter came to take our orders and Mike ordered for us. “You don’t mind that I ordered for you?” He asked me. “Of course not I had no idea what the menu even said.” I said laughing. He smiled at me, relived that I wasn’t mad at him.
The waiter came with our orders. Mike had ordered two lobsters for us. I
had no idea how to eat it so I just mimicked everything Mike did. He obviously realized that I didn’t know how to eat lobster. He laughed at me and started eating again. I could feel the awkwardness as I copied his every move. He stared at me and I laughed loudly. People turned around and started looking at us. I pretended not to notice and picked up the lobster. “Check Please!” I heard Mike Yell. “But I’m not done yet.” I said to him. He told me to shut up. I sat there quietly as he paid the waiter.

He got up and left. I walked after him. Once we arrived at the car he got in. I reached over to the passenger seat and tried to open the door. I realized that the door was locked. “Walk.” He yelled at me as he drove away. I stared at the street blankly and started walking. I got back in the restaurant and asked to burrow the public phone. I called a cab to come pick me. As I waited for the cab I sat there alone and started to cry. I saw a car pull up next to me and saw that it was one of Mike’s car. “Go away!” I yelled at him. He rolled the window down and I saw that it was Mr. Youngblood. I got up and wiped my tears. ”Get in.” He told me and I did so. “Did my son do that to your face?” he asked me pointing at my face. I shook my head, afraid to speak the truth to him. “He told me to come pick you up.” He said to me. I nodded my head. We finally arrived at the house and I went straight to my room.

Part Two

Mike told me he had problems controlling his anger and every other day he would beat me. I always forgave him because I loved him.
One day as I was sitting down in my room I saw Mike come up to me. He told me he would be going to California with his dad for the weekend. I looked at him sadly and he leaned over and kissed me. He started packing his bags and told me that he loved me servable times before he left.
When he had left I called Laura and decided to hang with her for a while. We decided upon going to the movies. Mike had bought me a car for my birthday, and this was my first time using it. I put the keys in the engine and drove to my old home. When I saw Laura I forgot about Mike not being home. “Hey!” I said at her as I gave her a hug. She introduced me to her boyfriend. His name was Nick Johnson. He seemed like a nice guy and I was happy that Laura had found him. I asked her about her and she told me everything about her life now days. She had a job with Nick and she lived in a beautiful department. I told her about my life, and gave, her a few details about Mike, leaving out a few things.
When Laura saw my car she was surprised. I smiled at her. She sat next to me in the passenger seat and Nick got in the back. We listened to a band called Dot Dot Curve. I drove us to the movies and we watched an amazing movie called “A Walk to Remember.” I cried during the movie and realized that the my love for Mike was just as strong as theirs. “Hey, we should go to the lake.” Laura said and I agreed.
Once we arrived at the lake we changed into the bathing suits. Laura jumped straight into the water along with Nick and I just stood there and watched. As I was sitting there I saw a Nick staring at me oddly. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked me pointing at my body. I looked down and saw that I was covered in bruises. “I’m very clumsy.” I said quietly. “Ahh. Of course.” He said and swum back to Laura. A few hours later Laura than got out of the water and told me that she was tired. Laura and the boy walked out of the water walked to the parking lot.
We got into the car and I drove them home. The next day I realized the my period was over a week late. I wasn’t very scared because the only person I had ever done it with was Mike and he wore protection every time. I decided to buy a pregnancy test. I drove to the store and bought the pregnancy test. While I was paying for it I felt the clerk staring at me. I tried not to look into his eyes I was ashamed.
When I got home I took the test and waited a few minutes for it to give me the answer. I got a little nervous, and started to sing to myself. I looked down at the pregnancy test and saw the positive sign.
As I was sitting there crying I heard a car door slam. I quickly went down stairs. I saw Mike walking my way and I ran to hug him. He gave me a quick hug and told me he had a surprise for me. We walked into his car and he passed me the keys. I got into the drivers side and stared at Mike. “Let’s go to the lake, babe.” He said to me. I started the engine and drive to the lake. On our way there Mike was awfully quiet, and I didn’t bother to start a conversation afraid to make his upset.
“I know what you did.” He said after we arrived at the lake. “What are you talking about?” I asked him. He told me that he saw me at the lake with Laura and a guy. He got really upset and accused me of cheating on him. I looked at him confused and explained to him that he was Laura’s boyfriend. He laughed and slapped me hard in the face. I fell down and started to cry. I got up and told him I hated it him. I still had the keys to his car and jumped in. I started the engine but forgot to lock the doors. He quickly jumped in and took out a gun. He was crying. I felt a shiver go down my back as I saw the gun. “Drive!” he yelled at me and I did. I was driving horribly since I couldn’t see anything due to my crying. As I was driving I saw him point the gun towards his head. I took the gun of his hands and let go off the steering wheel. We ran into a tree and I felt great pain in my forehead. I touched it and saw blood in my hand. I looked over at Mike and he was unconscious. “Mike!” I yelled while I tried to shake him conscious. I touched his stomach and saw that he was still breathing. I reached to his pocket and saw his cell phone. I gabbed the phone and dialed 911. I stood next to him crying for about 15 minutes. The ambulance arrived later and found us both.
I woke up in a white room in the hospital. Laura was there with her boyfriend Nick. “Did that Jerk do this to you?” Laura asked me. I shook my head finding my throat sore. Nick came up to me and told me to dump Mike. “He didn’t do this.” I managed to say.
The nurse came in and told Laura and Nick to please leave the room. She asked me if I knew I was pregnant. I nodded my head. “I’m afraid I have some bad news.” She said to me and told me that my baby was dead. I cried after hearing the news. Mr. Youngblood came into my room and told me that he needed to talk to me. He told me that he knew Mike had done this to me. I tried to lie but than stopped. I realized that all this time I was lying to myself too. “He killed our baby.” I managed to say, with tears in my eyes. He looked at me and spoke again. “I made Mike processed a retraining order against you.” He said. That made me mad. It made me feel like he was the victim instead of me. He looked at me and wished for me to feel better. After he left I was sad but relived that I would never see him again.
After I got out of the hospital I was happy to find that my bill had been paid. I found a job at a place called “Maggie’s Beauty Salon” shortly after. I earned minimum wage but got enough money to rent an apartment. I never saw Mike again, but I missed him everyday, part of me wanted to find him and kissed him and forgive everything he had ever done. But I had to stay strong, as everyday without him felt terrible.

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this is really nicee :)

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i liked it even though it was super sad. keep on writing.

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this is really good I like it even though it is kind of sad.. it is still really good!