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Time Marches On

November 15, 2009
By Rachel_Beth GOLD, Rainsville, Alabama
Rachel_Beth GOLD, Rainsville, Alabama
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Yes, I would say time heals most wounds. However, no, time does not take away scars that are left from the grueling pain of the aggravated, open, infected wound that was once there. The scar is as a reminder, as a memory, and most importantly a reward.
I believe most wounds are not self inflicted. Someone forced the gravitated pain upon you when, often times, we had no choice but to let them. We cared, and loved and yearned to be around that someone who was constantly cutting the wound deeper and deeper. It is like an addiction. You know it is detrimental to you and the ones around you, but you can not go without that certain high you get when they brush your cheek or tangle with your hair. It is a most passionate hurt when you know that it is wrong. Your heart aches. It hurts to breathe, and at its worst it hurts to live. The one you love, the inflictor of the pain, leaves you. With an open sore. One day just up and departs. You have no control; the no longer has a use for you. You try to mend the dreadful lesion yourself. Tell yourself you did not care and you never will. You struggle to move on. Find someone new.
You don't. You fail. You really start to see the wound. Its deep, open, infected with love, its bleeding out. These are the gashes that leave appalling, painful scars. These wounds take lots of countless tears and time before they even begin to restore. Every second, minute, and hour you are reminded that the sore is there. There is a sharp hurt racing through your body when their name comes up in conversation. A song comes on the radio. Its then you are reminded you have a gaping wound. ................... Then time marches on and the wound seems to commence to heal. Not the hurt, the memories, or the tears. Just the wound. It is less often you think of that someone who stabbed your heart so many times when you stood there and took it so willingly. ..........Time marches on and your wound is turning pink around the edges and it does not hurt as bad. You begin to look at the good memories you had with that special someone. However, the tears are still there. Flowing from your eyelashes to your cheek. Then trickling down to the creases of your pursed lips .........Time marches on a tad but further. After the weeks and months of tears, pain, heartache, brutal hatred, passion so loud it burns, your wound has healed. You are now left with a scar. Tender to the touch.
You realized you have made it through what you thought you never would. There were times you wanted to close your eyes and expire. Lie down and never awaken. The pain was all too inflicting. .........Time marched on and the scar is there. Deep red. It is your badge of honor, your reward at the end of the battle. Blood flowing through your body and you feel alive again. You feel whole. Free. Careless. Young. Complete. You feel healthy. Time has healed you wound, you pain, your heartache, you tears, you torture, and through all that you are left with a scar. Just to remind you how strong you were. It what makes you, you. You are now a fighter. And time marches on.

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