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Delarie Teen Years: Part 4

November 24, 2009
By mari14 SILVER, MI, Florida
mari14 SILVER, MI, Florida
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It was the last class of the day, Mrs. Anaellse’s Spanish class. The lesson was way too long and she kept repeating the same things over and over.
After she explained the directions for the questions of the story we were reading, I asked her if I can go to the restroom, and she said yes, well si actually.

I got a big surprise when I was on my way to the restroom. Elliot was leaning against the wall next to the restrooms. “Have you made up your mind?”
I nearly dropped the bathroom pass, he did not sound like the Elliot I met in the cafeteria. “Yes, I have…I have decided that I am going to ride my bicycle home.”
He appeared to be disappointed, “Alright…Did you so happen to receive a note?”
A note? How did he know about it?!
“Were you the one who…”
“No, it was Jared I saw him writing it behind the school.” Jared? No, that’s not true. It can’t be. Jared would never show any affection for anyone.
“I have to go.” I was about to enter the restroom when he flicked a strand of my hair off my face.
“Fine, but I will not give up so easily.” I will not give up so easily, what is that supposed to mean? He left and I went inside the bathroom. I stared at myself through the mirror, fear written all over my face. I don’t know if Elliot meant what he said to be a good or bad thing, but maybe Jared is right, what if Elliot is dangerous?

After school I went over to my bicycle and Jared was there with my rope in his hand. “So you listened?”
I smiled a little still thinking about what Elliot had told me about the note. “I guess so.” He gave me the rope and I put it inside my book bag. What if I can just be Jared’s friend straight out without having to gain James’ friendship? (I mean we are pretty close now anyway.) All I have to do is make sure that Elliot is involved, that way Jared talks to me.
“Would you like me to drop you off at your place?” I offered.
“Aren’t I dangerous?” He smiled.
“No.” He replied. Does he think that I am lying about not going with Elliot? He said, “I can’t I have to go walking, but thanks anyways.” He began walking and this time instead of doing in his serious phase he looked upset. I want him to be with me so I am going to have to bring Elliot into the conversation.
“You know I saw Elliot today.” I said weakly.
He stopped walking but his back was still facing me. “What did he tell you?”
“Nothing really, but he didn’t sound like himself.” I hopped on my bike’s seat and began riding when Jared jumps in front of the bike and I pull the brakes. I almost hit him but I didn’t what a relief.
“If I go with you, will you tell me what he said?” I thought about it if it interested him so much then maybe I can play a while longer, so he can talk to me every day and ask me what Elliot said.
“No.” I responded.
“You’re so stubborn.” Then he walked away, so my plan didn’t work. It’s not the first time.
I rode my bike slowly to my house. I was thinking about Jared’s strange behavior today and what Elliot meant by I will not give up so easily.
That night I did have a dream, which was more like a nightmare. In the nightmare, Elliot had a gang who captured me and used me as bait to lure Jared. They had recorded my voice and Elliot used my voice to trick Jared to go to different places to search for me. Elliot led him right into a trap which was a dead end. Elliot’s team attacked Jared by surprise and beat him up. I screamed, kicked and struggled in Elliot’s arms. I tried to help Jared but Elliot kept slapping me across the face when I didn’t do as he told me. The group suddenly stopped attacking Jared, and when they moved out of the way, I saw him dead.
Tears flew down my face and I threw my arms around him and sobbed. Elliot then ordered his team to kill me next and I remember that I placed Jared’s arm over my back and ran. It was very hard to run while supporting Jared’s weight so I accidently tripped and fell losing all my strength. Elliot pulled me by the hair and slapped me so hard that my face felt like it was on fire. Just when Elliot was going to use his knife to murder me I woke up with a scream.
My parents are heavy sleepers so they didn’t hear me. I glance at the clock next to me. Unbelievable, it’s only five in the morning. I could have slept for three more hours. It’s only Wednesday, and I am already tired.
I go to the kitchen downstairs and pour myself a cup of milk. I drink it and I grew sleepy. I fall on the couch and close my eyes.

I heard talking and the smell of French toast. I open my eyes and my father is on his laptop drinking coffee and my mother is cooking French toast and making more coffee.
“Good morning sis.”
I swirl around and my little sister skips down the steps. “Good morning, Annie.”
She took a toy out of her book bag and gave it to me. “I made this for you at school.”
“It’s cute, thanks Annie.”
Annie then ran and jumped onto my back. “Can you take me to school today? I want to show all my friends my cool, big sister.”
I thought about it for a minute.
“Sure why not?”
“Yay!” Annie is six she acts like a four year old at times. I packed three French toasts into a plastic bag and put my sister on my back again.
“Let’s go.” I smiled at her.
Our parents hugged and kissed us goodbye and so did we.
After getting my book bag and binder and Annie’s, I took my bike and handed Annie a French toast.
When I arrived at Annie’s elementary a bunch of kindergarteners rushed towards me.
“Whoa, is that your big sister Annie?”
“Yeah, she is.” I smiled and shook hands with each of them.
“So what grade are you in? My brother’s in fifth.” A little boy with a blue bag pack stared at me.
“I’m in seventh.”
“What’s seventh?” A little girl with golden curls and two pigtails asked me.
“It is two grades after fifth.”
“Oh. My big sister is in fourth.” I look at my cell phone, 7:43. I only have fifteen minutes left but it takes me eighteen to get to school. Mrs. Desma is nice but she’s strict with people getting a tardy.
“I have to go to school now Annie, if not I will be late.” As I jumped on my bike and rode down the street I said “Goodbye Annie. Goodbye everyone.”
I would glide at the curbs and I would ride faster when the street was straight. I glanced at my cell phone again, 7:57. Will I make it? I am ten minutes away. If Jared was here I would have been at school by 7:58.
I can now see the school, and it is now 7:58 p.m. I pedaled faster and flew past the gate doors at the school’s entrance. Then I took the rope tied it to the bike and the pole, and ran to homeroom.
I made it on time I think. I glanced at the clock, 8:00. The bell rang and everyone but me, were seated.
People stopped spreading rumors now because they saw that I came late by myself.
At the end of the room on the left corner, Jared had been looking out the window until he noticed that I came in and began staring at me. He watched me even though I already had sat down in my seat. I’m guessing that he’s still mad about our argument yesterday.
Olli tapped my back twice and so I turned around to look at her. “Yesterday Jared came over to my house at 6:30 p.m. for the project since James couldn’t come, and he was mumbling something about Elliot being a retard and you being stubborn. Do you know why?”
Of course I know why, it was my fault to begin with. Besides I’m not the only stubborn one, so is he, all I asked him was if I could give him a ride. Why did he have to make such a big deal about it, anyway?
“No,” I glared at Jared, “I have no idea why.” He glared back but after a minute his eyes softened and they seemed very apologetic, so I swirled around and watched the clock again, so he could not see me blushing.
Olli whispers in my ear, “Tough love, but you really shouldn’t look away,” she giggled, “he’s still staring at you.”
Today is an even day, and I have period 4 the longest because of lunch. Too bad I don’t have my lunch with Jared or Olli.

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