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Delarie Teen Years: Part 5

November 24, 2009
By mari14 SILVER, MI, Florida
mari14 SILVER, MI, Florida
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I was walking to math with Olli when James comes up to her and interrupts our conversation, then Olli got distracted and I get left behind. I got a little mad because I was being ignored, but that soon changed. Jared out of nowhere appeared right by my side and whispered, “I’m sorry about yesterday, but you were being stubborn.”
“Well, you were complicating things.” I scoffed.
“What things?”
“Never mind, but do you still want to know what he told me?”
His green eyes focused on me entirely, I got nervous. Though I will not do what I did before, I will not use Elliot or anybody to get to talk to Jared, its plain wrong. I will just have to become more interesting or less stubborn or something.
“He told me fine, but I will not give up so easily.” I didn’t think I should ask him about the note. Jared stopped walking his eyes were wide-eyed. I shook his arms and called his name like three times. He reacted the third time I called his name.
“He actually said that?” He asked me.
“Yes, you don’t believe me? Ask him yourself.” I walked swiftly to math and Jared behind me, and then before I took my seat he put a note inside my sweater’s pocket.
“You dropped this.” He said. I was going to tell him that it wasn’t mine until I saw that it said, for: Delarie from: Jared, so I also played the façade act.
“Yeah, thanks.” I nodded.
During period 4, Civics, I finally had a chance to read the note because in math Mr. Robinson had watched me throughout the entire class.
I opened the note and read it. I almost bounced in my seat. Inside the note were these words; sorry about yesterday but I really wanted to know what Elliot had told you. I just want you to be safe and this guy is nothing but danger, so I will meet you after school with your bike.
I wonder if he wrote this today during homeroom or yesterday after going to Olli’s house.
I then felt someone tap my shoulder and I turn around to face him. Elliot was smiling then he saw the note and frowned.
“Who gave you that note?”
“It’s none of your concern.” I warned.
He snatched the note from my hand and flipped it over to the back, and I have never noticed it before but in small letters on the back it read get away from her.
“Jared,” he growled. He dropped the note on the floor and took his seat which was five desks behind me.
Civics seemed like forever with Elliot’s eyes on my back the whole time. I dashed out of the classroom when the Mrs. Rolanda released us.
By the time I had reached my language arts class I was out of breath. Elliot walked in a few seconds after me and glared at me. I shook a little but then my eyes met with Jared’s and the words I just want you to be safe triggered back into my mind, and I calmly went to my desk forgetting my fear.
Mrs. Desma assigned us to partners to create a small presentation on what we interpreted from the book we read during the summer. James ended up with Olli, Jared with Liza (a girl who has had a huge crush on him since sixth grade), and me with Elliot. Why, why did I have to be paired with him? Everyone besides Jared and me seemed happy with their partners. I was hoping to be paired with Olli or Jared but I also thought that with my bad luck I would have to be with Elliot.
“It looks like we’re partners.” He smiled way too happily.
“Yeah-” I tried making a convincing grin and then I pivoted a smidge, frowned and signed. Jared saw my expression and sort of laughed. I blushed, and he flashed his teeth with his beautiful smile and winked at me. The rest of the class was similar to this yet Jared also made that miserable expression like he was being tortured. We would look up from our work from time to time to laugh or to mouth words like save me or help me. It appeared that today Jared was in a good mood for some reason. Although, a couple of times Elliot or Jared would get up to get “more paper,” when they were just using that as an excuse to argue with each other.
Everybody had finished their assignment and began presenting. Liza and Jared went first, it was funny because Liza did most of the talking and Jared would just nod and when the teacher would ask Jared a question he would say “no” or nod. After them was us. Elliot carried the little board and I discussed what was on it. We both got As since we did something other than nod, say no, or stand around doing nothing. James and Olli came up and their board was the cutest and it had a large amount of information.
After all the groups presented, Liza was talking and trying to flirt with Jared.
Class had eventually ended and Liza was still talking to Jared.
“Maybe we can go to the movies sometime, or the mall, or an ice-cream store, or to my house, or…on a date. Just think about it, you and me alone. We can also go to a fair nearby. We’ll eat elephant ears and ride roller coasters and ride bumper cars, and go on the Ferris wheel. So what do you think?”
“I think-,” he saw me getting on my bike, “my ride’s leaving. Bye.” He jumped in front of me and pedaled rapidly. We were so far away from school that I couldn’t recognize where we were, or see the school.
He put his shades on, and slid on a curb. He didn’t see that it was a cliff and so we fell off. I screamed and he tried keeping us both on the bicycle.
His shades fell off during the fall and he released me when he tried to reach out and grab them. I fell off the seat and stared at the several feet fall below me. I closed my eyes so I could not see anything, and then I felt arms wrap around me and pull me upwards. At the last minute, Jared turned us around and went under me and I landed on him when we fell.

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