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Delarie Teen Years: Part 7

November 24, 2009
By mari14 SILVER, MI, Florida
mari14 SILVER, MI, Florida
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He stared not knowing what to say. “Uh…well we better start going. They might catch up any second now.” I got off the bike. “What are you doing?”
“We can lose them faster by foot.”
He contemplated me, “If you say so.” We ran down the street and through backyards without looking back once. On and on we ran until we finally got tired and hid in an abandon house. Jared closed and locked the door. When I catched my breath I sat down on the floor. Jared peered through the eye hole for a while, “Seems like they stopped following us.”
I rested my head against the wall and sighed, “That’s good.”
He turned around and hesitated to sit next to me but he did anyway. I looked at him and he looked at me. His green eyes beckoned me towards him but I fought the urge to. He coughed, “So uh…”
“Don’t you think you should call the police?”
He looked away now his usual self again, “No.”
“Oh yeah, then what are we going to do with those people chasing us around, trying to kill us?”
He stood up and growled, “Do whatever you want.” He unlocked the door, closed it and left.
“Jared?” He did not answer. “Well I don’t need him anyways. I can protect myself.” I locked the door and searched for any weapon to defend myself. I looked through the garage, the kitchen, the supply closet, and finally I went upstairs to search there. There was a knock on the door. Could it be Jared? There was another knock on the door. He would say his name by now. I crawled to the window and peeked outside. There was the pick-up truck with the two guys and Elliot inside. Which means the two that are missing are at the door…I swallowed. Don’t lose yourself. Stay strong.
In the bathroom I found a broom and a vase. So these were my only weapons? I hope they don’t have guns or I will die for sure. I heard the door knob downstairs rattle and heavy footsteps enter. I gripped the broom and the vase and returned to the bathroom and locked the door. There was no window in which to escape so I hid behind the shower’s curtains. The heavy footsteps drew closer. First they climbed the stairs, and someone entered a room nearby and shut the door. Then I heard this bed room’s door open and close. The footsteps walked around the room. The footsteps stopped and tears sprung into my eyes. The door knob rattled twice then the door creaked open and I clutched the broom. The man was in his early 20s and had a malicious smile that sent a cold chill down my spine. He appears to have a face that says I have killed before. Tears streamed down my face and the man pulled out his knife and struck at me but I dodged. I swiftly slammed the vase on his head. It broke and he fell on the floor. Before I could run the other guy came in the room and ran towards me but I closed the door in his face.
“Oh God. Oh God.” I pushed myself back towards the end of the bathroom almost tripping over the man that I hit with the vase. The other guy opened the door and pulled me by my hair. This man had light hair with black eyes and was probably 25 or 26. He threw me on the floor.
“Where is he?!!” He shouted.
I shook my head and cried, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” I wouldn’t tell him anyway if I did know where Jared was.
“Tell me the truth!” He slapped me and I bit his hand. He screamed and hauled me towards the bed. “I’m getting really sick of this. Either you tell me now or you will regret ever meeting me.”
The tears didn’t stop but I still yelled, “I don’t know but if I did I wouldn’t tell a nasty bum like you!” I spit in his face and he snarled.

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