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California Love

November 25, 2009
By courtniexreal BRONZE, Dublin, California
courtniexreal BRONZE, Dublin, California
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One day Jorge went to the streets of San Francisco hoping to find his long-lost friend, Lucy. He spent hours wandering aimlessly around, just looking for her. Looking for that faint spark of familiarity that he had grown to know when he spoke to her. He looked and looked but could not find her. On top of that, he constantly felt like he was being followed, so about one-thirty in the afternoon, he gave up his escapade and went home. Little did he know, he was being followed. He was being followed by his dearest Lucy. She saw him on the trolley and was afraid of what he might think of her, because they had not seen each other in years. so, she followed him around to ensure that he would not find her. She went home around the same time that he did. A little later on, about the same time, they both had a quiet urge to go to the beach. Lucy knew of a quiet beach that Jorge had shown her, when they first met. Lucy wanted to go back, so she packed an overnight bag and drove the few hours to get to the beach. It was a fairly large private beach and by the time she got there, the sun was low, not quite touching the horizon. It was hanging there in a manner that teased the waves. Lucy sat down and she stared off into the horizon. As the sun began to submerge itself below the waves, someone else was walking along the very beach at which she sat. Lucy knew who it was. She knew because no one else knew of this beach. When he saw a woman sitting on the beach, alone, he started towards her. He instantly knew it was her, for he had shown this beach to no one but her. It was sacred to him. As he came nearer to her, she did not meet his gaze, she just looked out into the ocean. He sat down next to her, and took her hand in his. He didn't look at her, and he didn't try to kiss her. He did not speak. They sat there for a while, and it was all she could have asked for. When the sun had completely submerged itself into the ocean, and the moon had risen up far above their heads. She turned to him and said "What took you so long?" His voice sounded hurt as he replied, "It doesnt matter. I let you walk away a few years ago and I've regretted it since. I know we talk a lot but I was afraid we'd never see each other again. But I'm here now. I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere." She began to cry as her deepest fears left her. He loved her, and she knew it. She looked up into his moon-lit face and whispered, "I love you too."

The author's comments:
It was really early, probably about 3 in the morning, and I had been watching Lifetime Movies all morning, so when I got inspired to write this, of course it sounded like a Lifetime Movie. Another part of this story had to do with me and my friend Luke. I met him a few years back on vacation in California. And we've kept in touch, but have yet to see each other again. I'm not in love with him, but the friendship aspect of this story definitely has to do with him.

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