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The Hallway

December 8, 2009
By Sparkle345 GOLD, Phonix, Arizona
Sparkle345 GOLD, Phonix, Arizona
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"Life is not measured my the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away"

He walked out into the hallway there he stood looking as amazing as ever
he stood on the wall just looking at her. She walked to stand before him. He open his mouth to speak the words that she never thought that she would ever hear she took a step back and froze. she could not inhale nor exhale her mind was empty ~I’m sorry~ were his words so sad and pathetic though those words as pointless as they were, warmed her body enough to turn around and walk down the steps, her eyes began to well up with tears. It was amazing that in just ten seconds her world started to crumble. It was destroyed before it even broke. Her heart had dropped into a pool of acid and started to burn. Her body started to shake as she ran into the arms of a dear friend. The tears kept going as they poured out of her eyes as if they were going to fill a never ending pool of sorrow. She had an hour before she could escape to her house that was once so filled with light but is now filled with darkness. She walked into her dark house put her stuff down on the floor and sat in front of the window watching the rain fall from the grey clouds. She sat on her knees asking why and what did she do to deserve. She cried his name as she curled into a ball, her eyelids close over her bloodshot eyes and her trembling hands held his necklace close to her heart making a wish hoping that he will come back one day so that they can be happy. She lays down and takes a knife to separate them forever as her phone receives a text message saying “I’m sorry I made the wrong decision I don’t want life if your not in it” He walks over to her house knocks on the door but she does not come. He gets the spare key to open the door he runs up stairs baby……..? He sees he’s love’s shell laying still, motionless……… he drops to his knees and takes her hand in his as he eyes fill with tears of regret and hopelessness
~Her soul warms his face and asks why are you crying?~
~I’m sorry I am I want to tell you that I am sorry and I will take this knife too so we can spend eternity together~
~No you will not, listen to me, my voice, my words, I love you and you will not take that knife just because I did~
~I want to do this whether you want me to or not…… I love you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart I am coming with you so we can be together because when I saw you walk away I wanted to pull you back an hold you in my arms forever and kiss your forehead and whisper that everything is going to be ok……..I’m sorry I love you~
~I love you too~
And they laid next to each other hand-n-hand and in eternity

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