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This sorrowful goodbye....

December 5, 2009
By tgir85 GOLD, Katy, Texas
tgir85 GOLD, Katy, Texas
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"I only put you through that test to see if you would keep the faith or give up..."

I could tell something wasnt right.Her eyes werent that bubbly,sparkling hazel they usually were.Still,i dismissed the thought.But some part of me still itched to know why she was so unhappy,"Baby,wha-whats wrong?" my voice i realized,was a shaking whisper.She didnt respond, just stared off into the disance.Suddenly, i realized what was wrong,i rushed up to her and tucked my thumb and index finger under her chin,not noticing the tear forming in her right eye.My lips brushed upon hers again in that warm,familiar sense. I pulled her against me,feeling her warmth,not knowing...I pulled away slowly, just as a salty liqiud filled my mouth. She was crying, tears were all over her sweet,angelic face."Baby..." i reached for her but she flinched ing away,stomping uo to. She placed a final kiss on my cheek and whispered "Its over..." Now what i thought i would never see happen, i watched her walk away, leaving me in shocked isolation....

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