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For her eyes only

November 30, 2009
By ArkaD BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
ArkaD BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
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This is so beautiful, this endless field covered with soft green grass, wet by the morning dew. Soft and gentle breeze coming from those palm trees, brushing my hair like a mother. Everything is so beautiful and sunny but something is still missing, my eyes still searching her, we meet here every time since I know her and she never makes me wait this long.

I sat on the ground beside a unknown little red flower with white dots all over it. I was lost in its beauty, its reminding me the most beautiful woman I ever met. Suddenly a cold wind shivered my face and I looked up. She was coming, she was far but I recognized her from her light brown dress, her hair touching her knees. She was wearing her much loved blue necklace with the shining golden plate lynching from it. I always wondered about this plate because of those unknown symbols on it, I noticed the same symbol drawn every place in there village where she took me once, long time ago.

Pocahontas came near me and sat on her knees in front. Wind was playing with her long, beautiful hair. I was so jealous, the wind was touching her hair but I could only look. I could feel a strange aura surrounding her, telling me not to touch her. She moved her hand towards me; I saw a beautiful pink lotus resting on her palms, not completely bloomed but I could see a butterfly sitting inside. She told me something, like always, I could not hear her voice but its been too long since I know her. I knew she wants me to take it. I took my gift and held it tenderly in my hand. I could see the butterfly more clearly, it was blue or I may say a blue I have never seen before, so bright yet so soothing. Suddenly it waved its wings, waken by my presence. And before I could understand anything, the butterfly started to fly away. I knew what was going to happen next, she jumped up and started following it. I silently followed both of them, watched her dancing through the way, she was looking so beautiful, her dancing long hair created a wave on the wind, her beautiful, bright eyes was following the butterfly and my eyes was fixed on her. She was so graceful and the way she was moving can only be compared to a deer playing with him self.

I followed both of them for next fifteen minutes; the grass covered field was feeling so soothing under my bare feet. Our chasing finally came to an end when that butterfly decided to sit on a bush full with red jungle flowers, right beside the pond. This is the same spot where I first saw her playing with two rabbits. I sat beside the pool with my legs touching the water. Pocahontas lay beside me with her eyes closed. I looked at her beautiful face. Early morning sun rays were resting on her face, making her looks like the earth’s most favorite daughter, which she was. I could look at her this way for the rest of my life, I was lost in her. She opened her eyes and looked at me with wonder, maybe she was trying to figure out my mind. It was only she, which was on my mind. Time stopped when she looked at my eyes, nothing was moving, every sound around here lost somewhere between us. I moved towards her more. I felt coldness; it was the aura, telling me not to touch nature’s most beautiful creation ever. I could not stop myself and reached for her hands, I felt something soft like fur.
Constant beeping from my alarm clock notified me its time to get up. Soft sun light was all over my blanket, I was holding a corner of it with my right hand. It has been five years since I was dreaming about her like this but never could have touch her, not even spoke to her for once. My friends used to laugh at me as its like a crime to dream about a Disney princess for a boy, old enough to have a real girl friend but here I am sitting on my bed on a early winter morning, hoping that someday I will be lost in my dreams with her.

I put the blanket aside and stood near the window, Kolkata was on its way to another busy day. Mom was playing sitar in the next room, she is improving everyday. Morning raga hypnotized my mind for next few moments as my day set in motion with a wait for another night to come again when I can sleep and hope my dream, for once, will give me a chance to hold her hand and tell Pocahontas how much I love her.

The author's comments:
Pocahontas is a princess of Disney and she is me dream girl. This is about her

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tali said...
on Aug. 19 2010 at 5:32 pm
This is a beautiful story--I can picture it all in my mind so well.  But you wish for 'bad comments', eh?!  Well, if you want to turn this into something more, please make it more!  Instead of "...she told me something/but I could not hear her voice..."  tell us what you think she said!  Instead of a dream, make it a full-fledged story with dialouge and the whole sha-bang!  I myself, as a reader, want to know more!! Give all that you've got, and you'll never be forgotten. 

ArkaD BRONZE said...
on Jan. 7 2010 at 12:19 am
ArkaD BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
2 articles 1 photo 1 comment
This is my first story, comments needed (Bad comments will be appreciated more :D )