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CHAPTER 4 ][ Going away Together

January 5, 2010
By CanYouSeeTheCrazy PLATINUM, Cle Elum, Washington
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Kaede ][ CHAPTER 4 – Going Away Together

I woke groggily, the sun beating down on my face. I had just dreamed the best day of my life, that I had run away from my residence, found Takeo and shown him a place where we could live together in peace. The day ended with him making love to me. I laid back down in the soft grass, and feel it caress my bare skin as I remembered the fantasy with longing. Takeo groaned in his sleep beside me.

Suddenly jumping with a start, I realized the last day was not a dream at all, for Takeo was laying beside me in the meadow I had shown him, and we were both still without covering. Rushing over to where they were thrown away, I slipped quickly into my black clothing I was wearing the day before, and slide my traveling cloak on over it. Then, once I have woken Takeo from his slumber, I kissed him tenderly and lay his clothes on his chest, whispering words of urgency. Takeo jumps up from where he was laying, and realizing that he was naked as I just minutes ago, he dressed silently. We constantly exchanged glances and blushes, but no words passed.

After about a half hour, I couldn't stand the awkward silence that droned on between us. We were on the road again, heading toward the mountains. We decided without speaking that we would try and find a nice place to build a home today. Turning to Takeo, I speak up. “Takeo...?” I wait for an answer from him, to let me know that he's not ignoring me.

After a long pause, he responds. “Yes, Kaede?” He spoke quietly, not bothering to look in my direction. I heaved a sigh, working up my courage.

“I-I just want you to know that I'm happy.” I couldn't think of anything else to say. This surprised Takeo, and he turned around to at me, puzzled. “Well, you hadn't said anything since last night, so I thought you might be unhappy about something. I just wanted to let you know that if you're unhappy because I am, I'm not.” I stopped walking as well. Takeo's face was so unreadable, I grew frustrated. “Takeo! Answer me, please!” I practically yelled into his face. Grabbing his arm, I forced him to stop walking, for he had gotten ahead of me on the path.

“I'm not unhappy because of you, Kaede. I am angry at myself for letting my guard down as it was last night when we-- “ he stopped himself. “When we were together.” Takeo looked at the ground. I blushed brilliantly, all feelings of anger suddenly gone. Takeo continued. “Even if I do not oblige to doing the Kikuta Tribe's deeds, I still belong to it. That means that I must keep my defenses on high alert at all times, if they attempt to seize me, or any other dangers. Last night my attention was focused on only y—” again, Takeo stopped speaking. “on only one thing.” Takeo finished.

Once more, I grew frustrated. Now Takeo was thinking of me as if I were something he should not pay attention to, because of the Tribe. He was not regarding me as a human, who has feelings, which include love for him. I knew he loved me as well, somewhere deep down. “Takeo, what was the thing you were focused on last night? And, how exactly was it a bad thing? The Tribe didn't steal you away, and we were in a pocket of Earth where no one could find us.” I said as calmly as I could muster.

Takeo turned and looked at me, his eyes softer than I had ever seen them. “I guess you're right. I don't think it's a bad thing that I was focusing on only you either.” Takeo leaned into me for a kiss, and I returned it. Unlike last night, he was very careful to not cross any borders, and he pulled away after a short time. Smiling, Takeo took my hand in his and we continued down the lonely road to look for a place of residence in the mountains.

The author's comments:
chapter 4. still the same school project.

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