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January 29, 2010
By i_love_pancakes SILVER, Lutz, Florida
i_love_pancakes SILVER, Lutz, Florida
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Have you ever felt a need? Like a yearning or want? Like the knowledge of a boy that likes you, notices you, finds a need for you. Well, thats how i feel. Thomas is everything any girl could imagine. Hes handsome, athletic, smart, and MIGHT be noticing me. I'm not entirely sure, but he looks and smiles at me sometimes, but that MIGHT be because hes so nice and is just doing that because he doesn't want to be mean in any way, OH, it makes me sigh just thinking about him...

I saw her again in the hallway. Its quite odd, the way she looks at me. I mean, i don't mind at all, but its as if shes seen the love of her life or the apple of her eye... Its really quite cute actually...I can't help but smile thinking about her...

He saw me looking at him!!! OH NO! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!OK= breath. Should I make the first step? Should i ask him out or should I wait for him to ask me?!?!?!?! Oh no. What if i freak him out? Vale told me I was a bit over ecstatic but you know WAIT!!!! What will I wear when I go on a date with him?!?!?!? A short skirt or skinny jeans? Is that too fake? I don't want to look like a hippy or a model: or do I? OH GREAT!

Should i make the first step? No. Madison likes me too, plus its been only been 2 weeks since we broke up... But... No. Ill seem like a player to Madison. Am I? No, I'm not. But! No. You have a reputation to uphold. OK.
McKenna. Madison. McKenna. Madison. McKenna or Madison. Madison's heart. But then theres Mckenna's. I can't stop thinking about her!

It looks like a tornado went through my room. My shoes are thrown everywhere on the floor and my dresses strewn across my bed. Nothing to wear on a once in a lifetime date with Thomas Walken : if he asks me. O my. Vale was right. I freak out too easily!! OK. Calm down. What was that? THE PHONE IS RINGING!!! OK, compose yourself, act cool, hot, dateable, OK, lets do this.

"Hello?" whispered McKenna."Hey, Its Thomas."I said, as cool as possible. "Hey, er um whhaatss uppppp??" McKenna squeaked, shes so cute and totally NOT fake."Ya, hey. I was just, wondering if you, er would like to, um gooutwithme?" i said nervously. Ughhhhhh. I messed this up big time. Why did I freak at the end?

I feel as though I might faint.Die. Curse this high nervous system of mine!!I don't have anything to wear to the date tomorrow! OK. CALM DOWN. The date is in 24 hours.


I love the way her hair lays on her back like it is. The dress is ... speechless.

I look horrible. But he looks so hot in his dress vest and red tie. UGGHHH.

Is the tie too much?

The date went on like this without so

much as a word to each other. When the

time came to go home, no one knew what

to say.

"UMMMMM, well i guess goodnight." he said, looking done at his shoes.
"Ya, goodnight."she said turnig towards the door.
"Listen. I really like you. We should go out another time." he said that still looking down at his feet.
McKenna walked over to him and lightly pushed his head

up to look at her. She smiled and leaned in to
give him a kiss. He leaned in also. He smiled

and they walked a bit closer together.

"HEY!" A girlish voice said.

The drunken girl staggered up to Thomas with a beer bottle in her hand.

"Thooommaaaaaasssss kissie kissie mee meee!! Heeooewwww deeeaaaarr ooooo.." she fell on the ground then got back up. She smiled an evil smile then took out a giant knife the size of an arm from her pant leg.Blood seeped through her jeans"Dons't asssk wherye iz got zis from or how manyeee pweople i killed tinight becawwuse oi cant couint that high..."she fell again then righted herself. every word brought her closer and closer to the couple."hehehehehe!Don't yooooyuuu wuri ur petty wittle fead. Efpecially since your about to foosee it!" she lunged forward straight towards McKenna's neck. She saw a flash and tensed for the pain. It happened too fast to even be able to feel anything.

All I remembered was seeing the flashing lights. tears falling on my nose and neck. Splashes of blood on my clothes. Crying. Oh, the heart broken sobbing ringing through my ears. "Why me?" The cryer said. A boy was sitting there next to me wailing about how he could have saved some girl."Hello, you are?" I said, excited to meet someone new."Amnesia! Of course! I could have saved you!" He got up and stroked my cheek saying that a girl named Madison had tried to hit me but she kind of missed and sliced a slit in my throat. Apparantly i fell backwards and hit my head and he was my date that night. He thought I had died. I lauphed. "Died? Pish, i never died!" "Yes. But i thought you did." the boy whispered. Thoughts rushed into my mind suddenly."Thomas?" I squinted my eyes as if they didn't work." McKenna?"

The End

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