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Blue Sky part 10

February 18, 2010
By jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
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I woke up to see Eric turned on his side propped up on his elbow smiling at me, “Your finally awake, how did you sleep?”

“Perfectly.” I sighed happily. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my stomach which made me flinch and move my arm around my torso. Oh no…I thought. “Are you alright?” Eric asked noticing me flinch and then glancing down to see my arms around my stomach. “I’m fine, I’m just…… hungry that’s all.” I lied. I hopped out of bed to assure Eric I was fine and nothing hurt. Eric followed but more slowly and after he was up he glanced at me unsure on whether to believe me or not. He picked up my sweater off the floor and handed it to me, “Here your going to need this, you certainly can’t walk outside looking like that.”

“Thanks.” I took it from his hands and slipped it over my head; as I did I heard drawers opening and closing. I finished putting my shirt on and looked up to see Eric grabbing a clean shirt from his drawer and sliding it quickly over his head. While he wasn’t looking I put my hands on my forehead and my cheeks checking my temperature, I wasn’t that hot just a little warm, maybe it really is just because I’m hungry. Eric turned around and I quickly put my hands down, “Ready?” he asked.

“Yup, let’s go.” He came up from behind me, walked in front of me, and turned to face me. He grabbed my arms and kissed me on the lips once our lips touched I closed my eyes and leaned against him. I pulled away first feeling a little light headed I took a deep breath and exhaled. He took my hand and we left his cozy house full of the memory of what happened last night behind. Once outside the wind whipped around me blowing my hair in all directions but I didn’t mind much. My stomach twisted, it was painful, but I had to hide my pain from Eric so I stifled a gasp and fought the urge I had to put my arm around my waist. We were almost out of the woods I could see the river and at that moment I desperately wanted water. My body shivered and my stomach clenched; I felt like I was going to puke everything went black the last thing I remember is Eric catching me…

“Skylar, Skylar open your eyes, look at me!” I opened my eyes to see us by the river, Eric dipping his hands into the water and putting Them on my face. The cool water felt good against my clammy skin. “Eric……” I wanted to say more but couldn’t. Eric lifted me off the ground and headed out of the woods. I closed my eyes wanting to get home as fast as possible, I wanted this sick feeling to go away. I could hear Eric breathing heavily as he struggled to get to my house as soon as he could; I wanted to tell him that I would be better that it was nothing just a small fever but the thing was I didn’t know if it was a fever or something bigger….. From the time it took to get to my house from the river I felt better. I heard the door open and I opened my eyes. I looked up at Eric and he looked down at me afraid and not knowing what was going to happen. “I’m fine I’m feeling a little better you can put me down now.”

“Are you sure?” he looked down at me questioningly.

“Eric, I am sure.” I gave him a reassuring look.

“Okay I will let you down now.” He placed me carefully on my feet but he held my elbow so I was steady. “Careful, here sit down, eat something, and drink.” Eric led me to the table and pulled out a chair; my mom came down the stairs dressed and ready to get some gardening done I assumed. “I think she is sick.” Eric explained to my mom being cautious. “Okay thank you I will take it from here.” my mom said walking over to the closet to get the thermometer while Eric was pouring me a tall glass of icy cold water. He placed it in front of me and sat beside me. “Don’t drink this yet your mom is going to take your temperature.”

“Thanks but Eric you don’t have to take care of me I can take care of myself and I have my mom she takes care of me already.”

“Yes Skylar, I do have to take care of you. I have to because I love you and if I can do something to help you get better than nothing can ever stop me from doing what I need to do to help you.” My mom was in front of me holding out the thermometer, I took it and put it under my tongue. I watched the number on the thermometer slowly go up waiting for it to stop at a small number that doesn’t involve 100 but after 99.9 it kept going. I couldn’t look until it stopped so I looked at Eric instead.
It finally beeped signaling that it found my temperature. I took it out of my mouth and I saw the number, the stupid number keeping me from doing anything; my temperature was 102.9 I was definitely not going to school tomorrow or outside…ugh. I handed the thermometer to my mom who washed it and put it away. “Why don’t you get a pillow and a blanket and go sit on the couch or go back to bed and get some rest.” my mom said before heading outside to garden like I had thought. I glanced at the clock it was 11:15am and it was Sunday. Eric pushed the glass of water toward me. “Drink.” he ordered. I didn’t want to obey him but just then the glass of water looked really good. I took the cold glass in my hands and the cool water ran over my tongue and slid down my throat. “Done.” I said putting the now empty glass back down on the table. Eric got up and put the glass in the sink. He walked over to me and traced the indents under my eyes. “You look tired you should rest. Last night we didn’t get much sleep.” Eric’s words hit me my palms got sweaty and I tried to think back to what we did last night. Eric grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs behind him. I remembered kissing him in his room, him taking his shirt off, and then mine off, oh no what if we….did we? I scanned through everything I remembered, me pulling him to his bed, him getting in beside me, kissing him, and then nothing. What if we did do it and I can’t remember? What if I’m……No I couldn’t be, could I? I tried again searching through my memories of last night but once again I got nothing, no indications of us doing it or not doing it. There is only one way I would know, I have to ask him; oh gosh how am I supposed to ask him this?! My stomach twisted but I knew I had to I will not assume anything I will not start thinking about what’s going to happen if I am really pregnant until I find out. Nothing until I find out from Eric if we did…. The hallway was dark not pitch black but kind of gray as we walked in my room I tried to form the question; I tried to think of exactly how to ask him. I couldn’t hold it out this long I just had to dive in so I did. I let go of Eric’s hand unsure whether he would get offended by my question “Eric, I have something to ask you.” I told him as I sat down on the bed. He sat down next to me and looked me in the eyes. “Anything you want.” Just dive right in Skylar don’t hesitate just dive in told myself. “How far did we go last night?” I could tell that Eric was surprised with my question I could feel him tense up next to me. I stiffened too waiting for the answer scared as heck. “We didn’t Skylar you and I both agreed that we did not want to go too far too fast. So no we didn’t do anything but kiss. Yes we did sleep together but you kissed me once and then we both slept.” I couldn’t help it I burst into tears. “I’m sorry but I had to ask you I couldn’t remember and then you said…” I trailed off tears running down my face. “Shhh it’s okay your okay. We didn’t do anything we didn’t I promise.” He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into him so I could cry onto his shoulder.

After my nervous breakdown I decided to get some rest, Eric shut my door and left me so I could actually sleep. I was hot, really hot so I got up and put shorts and a t-shirt on which made me feel a little cooler. It was noon I would’ve been wondering what Eric was going to do while I was resting but I was too tired to think about anything anymore so I went to sleep hoping that I would feel better when I woke up.

We were surrounded by brightly lit candles it was just us in the familiar cozy room. We kissed and held each other and we never let go. Suddenly the image shifted it was just me now, I was in the woods and I could see a figure. Someone was laying on the ground, hurt, I took a step toward the figure trying to find out who it was. Abruptly John appeared in front of me holding a gun, the gun was pointing at me!

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