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Fate: Chapter One - Last Day Pt.3

April 1, 2010
By summerlove0307 BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
summerlove0307 BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
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“And what would that be?” Ian said the sentence in a mocking way but I ignored it much to his annoyance.

“I’m only going to that party if I get to wear what I want to.” Penny was by Ian and me in the next instant.

“No! You said I could pick out your outfit! This isn’t fair I never get to have any fun!” Ian backed away from Penny instinctively. He knew how she was like when she didn’t get her way.

“Deal, now come on.” Ian wrapped his arm around my shoulders and began heading towards the exit where Penny followed like a baby duck behind its mother.

“Sam, you have to let me pick out your outfit. Pretty please, with a cherry on top?” I sighed in defeat. Why did everyone always make me feel so guilty? Why did I always have to be the good person? I just wish for once in my life I could get my way. But obviously that day wasn’t going to be today.

“Fine,” I groaned, “But if I don’t like something I’m not wearing it.”

“Yes! Thanks Sam, you’re the best friend ever!” Penny wrapped both her arms around me then left one around my shoulder like Ian.

“So what are you going to be doing during this party then Ian?” Ian smiled at my question like it was stupid.

“What do you think? Having fun of course!” I rolled my eyes at him.

I thought about asking Penny the same question but I already knew the answer. She would be hanging out with her boyfriend, or “man candy” as Ian would say.

We walked to Penny’s house almost silently, making unimportant chit chat to pass the time. Most of the time I just listened to Penny and Ian. I wasn’t really in the mood for conversation. Ian sat on the steps as Penny and I rang the doorbell at her house. Ian wasn’t really welcome at the Gibson household. Well thanks to Penny’s dad no boy is really allowed in the house, Mrs. Gibson always sneaks him through the backdoor if it’s a long wait though. Today wouldn’t be a long wait. Penny and I would just throw some clothes into her overnight bag and we’d be done. Besides Ian usually didn’t mind waiting.

Unfortunately for Ian Mr. Gibson answered the door. “Hello girls,” He smiled at us politely, and then gave Ian a stern nod, “Ian.”

Penny and I scurried thorough the doorway and upstairs to her room. Her room was so cheery and walking into it made me feel better. The bright yellow walls and comforter had been her décor for as long as I can remember. Her room was also warm from the heat coming in from all her windows. She opened the glass door to the left of her bed that opened to her small balcony. Immediately the room filled with a mixture of floral smells from outdoors

Penny took a deep breath of fresh air and smiled. “It’s such a perfect day today, don’t you think Sam?” I nodded then jerked my head towards her closet reminding her what are purpose here was. “Oh right!” She trotted towards the heavy wooden doors pulling them open with one giant tug. She then took a few steps forward and completely disappeared into her massive walk in closet. I followed. Penny was already near the back searching through a pile of bags. “Which one?” She held up two bags. The first a reasonably sized duffel that was light pink in color and was decorated with rhinestones. The other was more of a suitcase that had a cheetah pattern on it. I pointed to the duffel. She nodded in agreement as if she had been thinking the same thing. She then began searching through her rows of clothes throwing things into a pile near the bag.

“Ooo, you are so wearing this tomorrow.” She held up a skimpy champagne colored dress with a plunging neckline. It was more of a cocktail dress and was unquestionably not the appropriate attire for a teenage party.

“There is no way I’m wearing that.” Penny moaned then hung the dress back up. I turned my gaze down to the heap of clothes near Penny’s bag. “Penny that’s enough clothes for a week!”

“It’s just in case I change my mind on what I’m wearing.”

“My house isn’t a fashion show.”

“The worlds a fashion show honey.” I ignored her and started looking at Penny’s shoes. They were all heels, extremely tall heels. With my coordination heels were most definitely out of the question. Then I spotted a pair that was perfect. Not too high, and extremely cute!

“Penny, I have to borrow these!” I picked up the pair of shoes showing them to her.

“Borrow? You can have them! I only wore then once to my cousins wedding.” I smiled in delight and tried them on. Perfect fit, it was meant to be. “I have the perfect outfit to match those too!” I smiled cheerfully, maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad. Penny skimmed through the closet, then the drawers and pulled out a black colored tank top with bead accents. Then she pulled out dark skinny jeans and held them up next to each other. “Cute, huh?” I nodded then took them from her and started folding the clothes and placing them in her bad while she grabbed her make-up and other bathroom essentials.

She returned with a small purse and sunglasses on top of her head. “Ready?” I asked as I looked at her alarm clock from across the room. We had kept Ian waiting long enough.

“All set!” She picked up her bag joyfully and trotted out of the room and down the stairs. I followed instinctively. When I reached the bottom stair Penny’s mom was waiting. She smiled at me welcomingly.

“Hi Mrs. Gibson.”

“Nice to see you Samantha.” I quickly made my way towards the door then waited for Penny but she was now caught up in a conversation with her mother.

“And where do you think you are going Penelope?” Penny frantically tried to answer.

“I’m, uh, spending the night at Sam’s house. Dad already said I could.”

“You’re not going to that party then?”

“No, of course not. Sam hates parties. Tell her Sam.” She looked at me pleadingly. So this plan had two objectives.

“Nope, can’t stand them.” I was a horrible liar but Mrs. Gibson seemed to believe me.

“Very well then. Call me later dear.” Penny’s mom kissed her forehead and then Penny quickly scooted out the door and I shadowed behind her closing it.

“Geez, what took you guys so long?” Ian was impatient now, but I had bigger problems to deal with then his attitude, so I paid no attention to him.

“Penny, why didn’t you tell me you weren’t allowed to go to the party? You know I hate lying!”

“Chill, it was just one little lie. Besides if I told you earlier you wouldn’t have done it.” She was right. “Now come on, let’s go.” Ian was up in an instant and Penny right after him.

“Hurry up slow poke!” Ian called from ahead. It’s not like I was in any rush to get home. Ian stopped abruptly and waited for me to reach his side. I slowly caught up to him, much to his annoyance. When I reached him I was going to ask his reason for stopping but suddenly his arms were reaching out towards me energetically.

“What are you--” Before I knew it my feet were off the ground and I was on Ian’s back. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he took off, trying to catch up to Penny who was now far ahead. Great, a piggy-back-ride. I had never particularly enjoyed them, but Ian always seemed to make things better.

“Comfy up there?” Ian asked and I nodded. He smiled happily then increased his speed. I giggled wildly as Ian spun in circles and pretended to drop me. We soon reached Penny and Ian slowed matching her pace. I rested my head on Ian’s shoulder. It felt nice. Ian’s smell, the way his skin felt on mine. But it wasn’t like that between Ian and me. It never would be. We were too good of friends and Ian would never want to be anything more. But the truth is I love Ian, but Ian doesn’t love me. Well he does but more in a brother sister kind of way. I just wish he could see the way I look at him when he’s not paying attention, or how when he smiles the world freezes around me. But he never would, I would never let him know. Doing something stupid like that would risk our friendship and I don’t think I could ever survive in a world without Ian.

We reached the entrance of the subdivision and Ian turned down our street. We walked down the hill until we arrived at the tiny cul-de-sac where Ian and I lived. Ian lived two houses down. He stopped in front of his driveway first letting me off his back. “Do you guys want to hang out?” He asked and Penny nodded her head to tell me she wanted to.

“Sure, but Penny and I are going to drop her stuff off at my house first.” I answered

“K’, see you in a little bit.” Ian waved as he walked up the drive way and entered his house through the garage door. Penny and I walked wordlessly to my house. I liked my house. Although it did look more like a dollhouse then a real house. It had light tan siding with white accents and a beautiful garden near our front door. Gardening was one of my mom’s favorite hobbies. I cut through the pebbled part of the garden passed our pond and bench then walked up the three stairs that lead up to our porch. Penny stopped to sniff one of the dark purple flowers hanging in a basket while I unlocked the front door. No one was home yet. Both my parents were at work and my younger sister Nicole was spending the night at a friend’s house. I sat Penny’s bag in the front entrance and stopped in front of the hanging mirror in our front entrance just as I was about to walk out the door. I tucked a piece of my bangs behind my ear and stared at myself in an unpleasant way. Why did I have to be so… so normal looking. There was absolutely nothing extraordinary about me. I was just an average fifteen year old girl with average light brown wavy hair, although in the sun my hair shown with natural auburn highlights. An average pinkish beige skin tone with a few freckles on my nose, and even a perfectly average height and weight. Not fat, but not quite skinny. Not tall, not short. I groaned at myself. The only thing really special about me was my eyes. It’s more weird then special though. Usually it’s blonde hair and blue eyes or dark hair and brown eyes. But nope, I broke that rule. I had light blue eyes that stuck out against my hair. My eyes were the only thing anyone ever complimented me on. I smiled; at least I had one thing going for me. I trotted out the door finding Penny leaning over the pond playing with the goldfish.

“Ready to head over to Ian’s?” I asked.

“Whenever you are.”

“Great let’s go.”

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on Sep. 23 2010 at 9:32 pm
summerlove0307 BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
3 articles 27 photos 16 comments

Favorite Quote:
If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. ~Claudia Ghandi

welll shoooot im sorry :/

on Sep. 21 2010 at 5:41 pm
i did both of those and i cant find them lol

on Sep. 21 2010 at 4:28 pm
summerlove0307 BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
3 articles 27 photos 16 comments

Favorite Quote:
If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. ~Claudia Ghandi

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on Jun. 7 2010 at 5:39 pm
summerlove0307 BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
3 articles 27 photos 16 comments

Favorite Quote:
If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. ~Claudia Ghandi

there sure is :)

on Jun. 5 2010 at 11:54 am
Is there more to this, or is this it?