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The Question, part 2

May 14, 2010
By Green8a8 SILVER, NY, New York
Green8a8 SILVER, NY, New York
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I was watching TV like any other teenager, I seriously had no idea of what was going to happen. Was sitting in my room watching one of the lamest TV shows when my mom called, apparently my friend was calling me. “Alexis, your friend is on the phone!” I swear if there were awards for rudest moms, my mom would have won them all by now. Thank god it was only Maite, she was used to my mom’s shouting.
I reached over to the desk next to my bed and grabbed my carrot phone. I remembered when we went looking for a phone for me, there were things like hamburgers, there was one with the shape of lips too. Since I don’t like to have something like lips as a phone and since i was vegan, I chose the carrot one. I loved my phone. “You can hang up I got it!” I called to my mom.
I cleared my voice and made it sound like a guys, “Hey there babe, how you been? Hey listen I need to go like in ten minutes, so make it quick.” I tried my best not to giggle, or I would ruin the game. I was suppose to be the guy, and Maite was my girlfriend. I didn’t hear a respond form the other line, which was weird since Maite would of usually have responded in her high squeaky voice by now.
“Alexis?” Oh oh, the person on the phone was so not Maite.
I cleared my throat making my voice normal again. “Yeah?” My voice was hardly normal, it cut in the ends.
“Um, hi, how have you uh been?” I giggled, surprised by the question.
“Um I think—I’m fine, I’ve been fine,” I said to the stranger on the phone.
“Oh, that’s nice, I guess. So—“ I interrupted him, because the conversation was getting weirder by the moment.
“Who are you?” I asked, and I noticed that I sounded rude with out trying to.
“I’m uh Cristofer. Remember from the park?”
I was starting to get nervous, I heard the laughs from the background, al boys I think. That’s when the memory hit. “Oh! Cristofer! Cristofer with an f, right?”
“Yeah that one. The f one.”
“Oh hey, sorry ‘bout earlier, I though you were someone else.” Was I stupid or what?
“Nah, it’s fine. So were you like the I don’t know guy or something?”
“Yeah, it’s a game, thought you were my girlfriend.” That did it, we laughed like hyenas.
“Glad I’m not, you’re better looking as a girl, you should have be my girlfriend.” We stayed quiet for a while, until he tried fixing his words. “I mean, you know cause im the guy, and you’re like the girl, I’m not saying we should go out, I mean how weird would than be. I mean, it could happen, but I mean—“ I laughed, I honestly was rolling on my bed.
“I get what you mean, calm down. So anyway did you need something? Not that you need a reason to call me but…” I left my own sentence drift in space.
“Um yeah, I wanted to ask you, you know if you wanted to come bowling with us. I have a friend, and I kind of told him I knew someone.”
“Are you trying to hook me up with your friend?”
“Uh, I… don’t , maybe?” I heard loud laughs coming from the background, and someone said’ooooh your girlfriend,’ and another one said, “I never told you to hook me up with any one, you said you wanted to invite some girl.’ “Hold on, don’t hang up” I don’t know where he put the phone, but I could hear every word they said.
I heard Cristofer say, “Dude she heard you, and I know you never asked anything, can you keep your mouth shut.” Some guy said, “Just tell her you like her man, like I bet she’ll understand.” Then Cristofer said, “I never said I liked her, come on im not even over Rose.” That seemed to shut everyone up.
He went back to me, “Hey sorry about that, so anyway yeah do you want to come?” I was about to answer, I was going to say no, but I heard a beep.
“Hey can you hold on for a sec?”
“Yeah.” I pressed the talk button trying to answer the other line. I still hear guys in the background, I doubled clicked. That was the bad thing about my phone, it was cheap.
“Hey babe, so I was thinking, you know how Stacy and Nic—Hey you didn’t answer in the guy voice!” So now she decided to call me.
“Hey, oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you.”
“What do you mean, I always call you at this time. Why would you not know it was me?”
“I kind of have someone on the other line.”
“Some guy,” I said trying to sound casual.
“A guy?! What guy?” I sighed to myself. “Would this guy by any chance be Cristofer?”
“Yeah, him.”
“No way, what did he want? We are talking about the cute brown curly haired guy, right?”
“Yeah that one. He asked if I could go bowling with him and his friends.”
“Did you say yes?”
“No! I have lots of homework. Im not that easy, besides he wants to hook me up with one of his friends.”
“No say yes, dude you need a guy, seriously.” I started arguing with her. She argued back, very loudly.
We were interrupted by a deep voice which I knew was coming from the phone. “Guys?”
Oh man I forgot that if I double clicked the talk button, I made a three way call. “Um, so, I was listening, would Maite like to come?” Cristofer’s voice kept me and Maite quiet.
“I would love to, “Maite said, breaking the silence. “How about me and Alexis meet you at the park at seven on the dot.”
“OK,” Cristofer said and hanged up. Right after that Maite hanged up on me. Great now she hangs up.
Two hours after the controversial phone call, Maite was outside my building. I walked down the stairs of the fifth floor. She was fully dressed, pink shirt and jean shorts. “Hey, Ms annoying,” I said with poison in my voice. She gave me a blank face and walked ahead of me.
“So, please tell me you’re not ready.” Her look was intimidating. “Do I need to teach you how to dress?”
“What? So I want to wear a hoodie, big deal.” I looked down at me, there really was nothing wrong with what I was wearing. Jeans, and a hoodie, what was wrong with that?
She held me by the hand and dragged me up the stairs. Once we were in my apartment, she quickly said “hi” to my mom and threw me in my room. She began looking through my closet. She had a shirt with a v neck and some really short skirt my mom bought me. “I am so, not wearing that.” She had another thing coming if she thought I would wear the things she was holding up.
“Yes you will.” She threw me the clothes and came by me to fix my hair.
Somehow she made me dress in the stupid outfit she chose. I remember screaming, and then she called my mom, and my mom said I looked pretty, and then I remember seeing my mom’s expression. And so that’s how I ended up with the stupid outfit.
“So now what? I put the stupid clothes you asked, can we leave now, or will you make me put on stupid high heels?” I really shouldn’t of have even talk, I was fine with my converse, she didn’t seem to be listening to me though.
“No we can leave,” she said while opening the door of my room. I walked out of my room trying to hold the skirt down, my mom waived bye and I waved back. Once out the door we had one problem.
“Where were we supposed to meet him?” Why was she asking me? She was the one who opened her mouth.

I was trying to think, and it was really hard I honestly felt exposed. “I um, I have idea.” The park, that’s where we met, after all neither him nor I said where we would meet.
We walked our way to the park it was getting dark. I looked at my surroundings,it was rally beautiful out but it was scary too.
I saw the bench where I met Cristofer, there was no one. I tried, guess he wasn’t there. I was turning around to tell Maite that we should leave, the thing though, was that she wasn’t there. I started panicking, just a minute ago she had been next to me, and now…Now she was gone. I looked around, ad there was no one, I began walking some steps, that’s when I saw it. Someone was on the shadows. It wasn’t just one person, there were about three people. I stood still. Should I run, or should I call someone. I only stood still, not moving one muscle, I’ve seen shows, on how you shouldn’t move when there’s a predator, only they were usually animals.
I began running, I ran like my life depended upon It… well it kind of did. So I was honestly running as fast as I could, I kept on looking back, I saw some shadows. There was nothing else I would rather have been doing, I think I was crying at point because I felt something wet on my cheeks. There was a point in which I was looking back, and didn’t notice of the surroundings in front of me.
Then I bumped into someone. The only thing I felt was a rock hard body, and some hands holding me steady. For a moment I thought it was one of the persons that were following me, I began crying harder. The person embraced me into a hug, which I thought was weird. The person was comforting me. “Why are you crying Alexis?” I knew that voice, and I have to tell you, at that point it was the sweetest thing I’ve heard. It only made me cry harder though.
“They were following me, someone was following me,” I said between sobs.
“Who?” he asked, his voice hard and angry.
“I don’t know, I started running after I noticed them. Cristofer…I’m scared.”
He ran his hand up and down my back. I just cried on his shoulder. He held me close, one of his arms around me. I noticed when he stopped. I know I might have been selfish, but I wanted him to sooth me, it felt…nice.
“I think I know who was following you.”

The author's comments:
this is part two, i wanted to introduce the characters more

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on Jul. 19 2010 at 2:27 pm
kielymarie SILVER, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
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"When you do dance, I wish you a wave 'o the sea, that you might never do nothing but that." -William Shakespeare

oooh i can't wait to see what happens next!

on May. 27 2010 at 6:07 pm
Green8a8 SILVER, NY, New York
8 articles 1 photo 161 comments

Favorite Quote:
im the author of my life, unfortunately im writing in pen therefore i can't erase nothing about it.-by some crazy friend of mine

thanks a lot

on May. 26 2010 at 7:46 pm
Mykindapeopledontcarewhatyouthink BRONZE, Gueydan, Louisiana
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And the plot thickens............. keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!