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The Green Color of Love

June 21, 2010
By PurpleSpaceCows BRONZE, Woolwich, New Jersey
PurpleSpaceCows BRONZE, Woolwich, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
— Marilyn Monroe

Its was all too perfect. It was one of those things where everything in your life just seems to go right. Maybe there is the occasional boredom and stomach ache, but everything felt in place and on track, in the pickle jar, set up. Any other name you could give my situation. And I cant help but still love his bright green eyes that glittered like a rain forest. The green sparkles swirled together making the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. And the face so strong and always smiling., his hair short and a shade of deep black. He had long locks that fell across his forehead in little wisps; it looked like effortless perfect bed head. And beyond his face he had a strong muscular body from hockey and lacrosse. Abs definitely, and he had no body fat what so ever. He was dangerously cute with his athletic and laid back look.

I smiled with all my teeth showing. Each strand of dark brown hair licking my face, my white dress with silver strands woven through swirled in the wind, I was the definition of beautiful.

I was laughing hysterically while leaning on a banister. I wasn’t paying attention, I was just focused on enjoying myself. And then my hand slipped… and the wooden banister snapped into pieces. My body lifted off the stable ground into the air. I screamed and reached for something anything. With my arms outstretched and my mind trying to grip the fact that I might never breath again, I silenced myself and drown in my brown locks that glinted in the nonexistent light. The darkness swallowed my body and I could suddenly see myself from a distance like a witness and from my own eyes. I felt like I was having a half out of body experience. The silence, darkness, glittering hair, and my white dress swirled together.
“ …And today we have some really nice weather for you, alllllll sun all day with a high of 70 degrees! Amazing, I know right! So enjoy the weather people, we don’t know how long it’s a gonna last! So now on to the Hollywood diiiiiirt! Well today we found out that….”

The annoying male announcer’s voice trailed on into discussing a famous actor doing drugs. I kept my eyes closed and realized my arm was held outstretched forward feeling like it was reaching for something to hold on to. I gracefully laid my arm by my side and continued to replay the dream. I couldn’t get over how real it felt, like I was actually falling through time.

I sleepily pounded on my alarm clock so the announcer finally shut the hell up. God, could this be anymore annoying? I yawned and opened my eyes. Please would something eat all the annoying morning announcers, because they are way to happy to be up at 6 A.M. or as my friend would say, ‘go die ’announcers. Ha ha I had such colorful friends. I stumbled out of bed, one limb at a time. I shuffled to the bathroom and began my normal day routine. I looked at my eyes in the mirror they looked really tired, and so I went to work. I grabbed my makeup bag and wiped out all my tools. (or to be more exact, my eyeliner and eye shadow)

“should I go crazy today?” I asked my self, noticing how dark it was outside from the sun that hadn’t risen yet. I decide not to be anything really outstanding. I added a little bit of light glitter to my cheeks for some kind of sparkle. Did mascara and was finished.

I drank in my appearance. I wasn’t extremely beautiful but I was pretty. I had a long dark brown beach wavy hair that fell about 2 inches underneath my boobs. I had lovely almond shaped eyes that couldn’t decide weather they were a shade of green or muddy brown. I was frozen in my own little time…

Well enough of this. Raced down stairs grabbed breakfast and my bag, and walked swiftly out toward my bus.
The rest of the day was a blur, an inseparable amount of boring times stuck together. The only time I was looking forward to was the bus ride home. The only time of day I didn’t have to listen to whiny teenagers.
I walked through the crowed school-bus isle. Dodging peoples backpacks and legs, I watched my step and sat toward the back of the bus. I grabbed the red tootsie pop in my mouth and twirled it in front of me. The light bounced off the slick, blood red surface. It almost looked like a rough ruby. I stuck the pop in my mouth and settled into the hard unforgiving surface of the seat. I moved my black bag to the left of my leg, in the inside of the seat. I moved my legs out into the isle, looking toward the back of the bus, and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

My friend Carly was trying to convince this 9th grade black kid to change his name to Nemo. She could be a bit strange some times.

A mix of emotions stirred in my head, thoughts tumbled, adding themselves to the mix. I ignored everything and laughed along with the 9th grader and Carly at the parts when I was suppose to. I shifted my weight so I could look to the front of the bus.

I noticed the passing trees as we entered the little town of Swedesboro. I focused a little more and realized a set of eyes looking at me.

I think I’ll always remember those eyes. They were a light green with a ring or dark green around the outside, almost like a turquoise stone warmed by the summer sun. They were so beautiful… Every other girl probably thought that too.

My heart filled with longing, hate, I agonized his way to make my heart pound. His face looked sweet, his rusted and paled semi long locks of brown hair licked his forehead. His body was completely turned toward me, his sharp features and muscles in his arm sticking out. He was sitting in front of me and managed some how to turn toward me.

“Hey”, his lips moved but I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. Thoughts jumbled, answers tumbled like a waterfall. The questions tugged at my lips and pushed at my brain. I didn’t budge. What was the matter with him? Didn’t he know that after he asked my (now ex) best friend out, her saying yes, that I hated him? He took my best friend after making me fall for him.

Finally I spoke with a hardened, guarded face. “Hi”, was all I said.

After that we exchanged some small banter about school and he asked if I liked someone in our school, and of course I said nope. I smiled like a good girl while my insides screamed at each other. My body was split, one side was siding with kissing him the other was siding with punching him in the face.

I smiled a little fake smile. Then finally the tables turned and I started to open up and be nicer…but I still hate him…

“Can I have that tootsie pop?” he asked so normally.

“I licked it”, I stated, questioning him.


“Nope its mineeee.” I smiled. The silence continued.

“Give me your hand.” His face portrayed no joking or seriousness. Did I trust him? Should I do it?

I cradled my left hand toward my chest for a minute, I was hesitant to give him it. Slowly and unsurely I extended it toward him. He grabbed it in his hand, it had a light touch, and with his other hand he drew an imaginary line from the tip of my pointer finger to the bottom of the right side of my palm.

“Ok so this is a river,” he looked at my face. “This is a bunny…right here.” He pointed to the left side of my palm, right in the center. “The bunny can’t go over the river and it can’t go under…so how does it get across the river?” I drew a blank.

“It can swim,” I said feeling oh so clever.

“No it can’t swim its an imaginary bunny.”

“Well, I just imaginated that it took swimming lessons.”

“No, that doesn’t count.”

“Well I think it should.”

Then it went quiet…Finally he spoke through the awkward silence, “I just wanted to hold your hand.”

I blinked still stunned. We both with drew our hands and looked into each other’s eyes. Does he like me?!

I was completely confused. I turned around to face Carly and the 9th grader. Did that happen? I glanced back over my shoulder, he was sitting forward talking to someone else.

After we entered my development of cramped houses, the bus stopped at the corner of my street letting all six of us escape the power of school.

As I got up into the isle I made sure to look extra cute. I did a cute hair flip, then I combed my fingers thought my hair in a sexy, beach like way. I knew I looked good with my long brown wavy hair tumbling down my back. My light makeup, shorts and flowing top defiantly made me look like an American Eagle model.

I made sure to walk tall, shoulders rolled back. But over and over again I told myself I did all that cuteness for ‘MY’ benefit, so ‘I’ could look cute. And yet always, down deep, I have that pushing feeling that I was doing it all for… ‘HIM’.
I hurried up and walked to my class dodging the hazardous bodies crammed in the bedlam of the school halls. I kept my black bag to my side, while I looked through the crowd for a face I knew. I didn’t see anyone yet. I focused on the wooden door of the art room. I quickened my pace and grabbed the cold metal handle of the door. Pulled it open, walked in, threw my black over sized purse on to a book storage shelve and walked to get my tools. Today in art we were working on plastering our dragons we had constructed from newspaper and cardboard.

I worked diligently, and kept mostly quiet only exchanging quiet banter with a few people. The last 10 minutes of class we cleaned up our area: wiping tables, washing hands, and more.

Walking over to the sink I turned on the cold water. A rush of clear fluid poured from the metal spout and eroded the plaster pieces from my hands. I started of at the wall, noticing little specks of paint splashed on there. I studied the wall and forgot about my surroundings.

Abruptly hands wove around my waist and hugged me to a males chest. I turned around slowly. A large pair of green eyes, covered by strands of black hair poured into me. I couldn’t breath. He hugged me close, wet hands dripping of water, but I didn’t care. This boy, the one who went out with my now ex-best friend. The boy who gets girls in a day. This player, this stupid, this funny, this sweet boy. This boy…this little kid the one I have known since 2nd grade.

I think I finally….fell for you.

Did u fall for me too…

The author's comments:
It's all a true story. I like to draw inspiration from the world around me or dealing wiht me. Makes me more observent. Well enjoy my first piece:)

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