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July 25, 2010
By Toria3339 SILVER, Newport Beach, California
Toria3339 SILVER, Newport Beach, California
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Hello. He said, making my heart skip a beat. I turned quickly, unsure of the voices owner. He was tall. He was beautiful. I know. I know. Beautiful? You mean handsome don’t you? No. I mean beautiful. He had blue eyes that shimmered and stared, a quick glance was not a phrase he held.

“Hello” I smiled, taking the drink out of the machine. Cola. Not diet. Never diet.

“Are you staying here?” He asked and laughed “Of course you are.” Then turned to grab the bucket full of ice. He smiled again and exited the doorway. He quickly turned around and said “I hope to see you again.”

Cola. He poured it into a tall whine glass and handed it to me. He said I looked mature sipping from the glass. I said thank you. We shared a laugh. I stood up, my yellow sun dress flew in the breeze showing my knees. I caught the look in his eyes as it did so. A stare. Never a glance. Never.

Knock. I heard it from my hotel room. I stood up, placing my pencil and notebook on the bed, and glanced my grey eye into the peep hole. No one was there. I opened the door and saw a can of Cola in front of the door. I took it, glancing my head right to left. Nobody.

I sat on my bed next to the paper and pen and saw a small piece of paper taped onto the can. I took it off. Meet me where we met.

Who are you? I thought. I knew though.
But when?
I set down the can and ran to my suite case. I took out my red sun dress and quickly put it on. I grabbed my yellow heels and placed them on my size seven feet. I ran to the door, taking my key, and walked slowly to him.
He was there. Beautiful him. I called him that for a while. He never really enjoyed it, but I didn’t care. He was. He was standing there, in front of the ice machine, holding another can of cola. He handed it to me and put out his hand. “Danny” he whispered.
“Anna” I whispered back. “Why are we whispering Danny”

“Because it’s a secret.” He smiled.

“What is?” I asked still whispering.

“Who we are. No one but you should know who I am.”

I didn’t question it. I just smiled.

Time. It ticked away. I didn’t mind though. Time was always moving too fast for the both of us. It moved so fast it was hard for us to keep up. I don’t know how we did. But we did.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Sip of cola. Tick. Tock. Sip. Tick. Tock. A simple kiss. That you gave me one night. That last night. Sitting in your hotel room. Staring at each other across from a table full of wondrous memories that we shared. Tick. Tock. A trip to the garden. A plant of our seeds. Tick. Tock. A drive to the beach. Our toes hitting the ocean for the first time in our lives. Tick. Tock. Breakfast on the floor of your room at three in the morning. Tick. Tock. Your lips upon mine. The touch that seeped into my veins and made its way down every bone, every muscle, every inch of my body. Your lips. Tick. Tock. A simple goodbye. Oh how simple it was not.

Later. Much later. Three years to be exact.

Knock. At my door. I answered. A can of cola. A note. Meet me where we met.

But I couldn’t. And it didn’t matter. He was standing three feet away. He touched my face, my cheek. My lips. A kiss. Tick. Tock. No. Time didn’t exist. We had forever.

He stepped into my house. He opened my cabinet in the kitchen and took out a whine glass. He took the can out of my hand. He poured me some Cola. He said I looked mature sipping from the glass. I said thank you. He said you are welcome. I kissed him.

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