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If my Heart could Burst

August 10, 2010
By xxjasmineibxx GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
xxjasmineibxx GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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3 words that describes life. It goes on. You can never be certain on how life will play out and you just have to wish on a star and hope for the best.

It was just another October day, I was sitting at my desk in my eggplant colored room, staring out the window looking for inspiration with a pencil in my hand and a blank piece of sketching paper. I began to give up, all I saw through my window was my neighbor's house and I needed the inspiration of something amazing, the house wasn't. My art class' assignment wasn't working out as I had hoped. I was supposed to look around my surroundings and draw an object and or person. I looked in the mirror, I was average. I had brown curly hair, hazel eyes and a what I thought of a nice body, skinny but not too skinny. This was me, Nicole Johnson. I sighed and took my pencil and pad downstairs along with my phone and walked out the door. Mom wouldn't care, she was too depressed after dad walked out on us. Another woman, Margaret Hill. I despised her in every shape and form, I couldn't believe how my dad could walk out on my mom I never wanted to see either of their faces again. I tried to clear the whole idea out of my mind and decided to go to the park. I then texted my friend Dylan to meet me there. I reached the park and sat on a bench with barely anyone near me. There was a huge tree and a lake behind it. I thought of it as a weird setting, but fair enough for me to draw. I began drawing the tree from an angle, I had to move my seat from the bench to sitting in the grass. All I could think about was that it was a good thing I'm not wearing white. About a minute after I had moved my spot I checked my texts to see if Dylan had wrote back; he did.
It said, sure I'll be there in 5 min. My fam-bam's ovr c u then.
I replied, u don't have to come if ur family's over... Only if u want.
I then turned my phone on vibrate, put it in my pocket and continued to draw the tree. It was huge. The leaves were an emerald green while the bark a dull brown. I watched as the slight breeze blew the leaves on the tree. I tried to capture the escence of the tree and was relieved as it came out quite succesful. I then took a look beyond it and saw the lake I began to draw the outline of the light blue liquid that was moving very slow and calm. I was in the zone when I felt my phone vibrate and my hand jerk. "DARN" I yelled mostly at myself, and checked the message, it said, I insist, in fact I'm a block away, be there in a min.
I smiled just at the thought of Dylan leaving his family for me, he was my best friend, and I was his. I then remembered the long line that I had made by accident in my assignment. I groaned, and apparently someone heard me. A guy, he was about my height, sorta tall, sorta short, right smack in the middle. "That's a nice drawing" he said to me, his voice almost as smooth as velvet.
"Haha yeah, without that line across it." I then started realizing I was blushing, he made me so nervous. He didn't look familiar and I haven't seen him at school either.
"True, very true."
"Yeah... So are you new around here? I haven't seen you around..." I said as I started to erase the broad line that was a disgrace to my artwork.
"I am, I just moved here yesterday and thought I would look around this place."
"Cool, what school you going to?"
"Uhhh I think it's called Ember Oaks?"
"Yeah, that's my school" I had completely erased the line, closed my sketching pad and put my pencil in my pocket. I then saw Dylan near the entrance and waved at him signaling for him to come over to me and Ryan.
"Who's that?" Ryan asked puzzled.
"Ohh that's like my beyond best friend Dylan"
"I see...Do you want me to leave?"
"No, stay I want you two to meet each other"
"Hey Nicole, who's this?" Dylan said with a fake smile towards Ryan.
"I'm Ryan, I'm guessing you're Dylan?"
"Yeah, I am, so Nicole you called me over here to meet...Ryan?"
"Well uh not exactly...We just met and he moved here yesteray. He's gonna go to our school. Cool, huh?" I said a tad bit nervous
"Awesome." Dylan said sarcastically
"Yeah, well I better be going, unpacking and business... Bye Nicole...Dylan"
"Bye" Dylan and I said at the same time.
"Not to be rude or anything, but why did you call me over here?"
"I wanteed to hang out, you and me... And I have a project so I thought I'd come to the park...Wanna see it?"
"Course' I do"
That was one reason I loved Dylan as a friend, he always interested in me. I opened my pad to the drawing of the tree and lake.
"Nice work Nicole."
"Thanks...I'm getting kinda tired of my name. I wanna nickname."
"That was kinda random... But, I like your name."
"Thanks." I smiled. "But I want something shorter. Like Kiki Cola Coco Nikki even."
"Hmmm, I'd go with Cola, cause' I like coca~cola"
"Really? I was thinking more of Coco..."
"Well, there's a downer on that, you don't want people to think your crazy."
"True, Cola it is."
"So, now you gotta give me a nickname."
"Hmm, a nickname for Dylan... How about Dyl, Dial, Danyl, Dylster?"
"Danyl? How'd you get that?"
I laughed "I got it because you could spell it with the same letters in your name."
"Ohhh!" He gave me an award winning smile. I never realized how amazingly...hot Dylan was until now. I began to blush as he continued to smile at me and stare into my hazel eyes. Maybe I really did like Dylan...I've known him for about 5 years and he was always there for me. I knew everything about him and he knew everything about me. I glanced at Dylan and put my head down. I could tell he was dissapointed. Maybe he liked me more than friends too... My thoughts were then interuppted by the soft touch of his hand under my chin lifting it up. I blushed and smiled I was embarrased I was probably as red as a tulip, that's how I felt. He then gave me a small smirk and leaned in to kiss me.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to make this story because I love romance and I saw a couple walking in a park, in the background a big tree, so I incorporated that into my story, and I know this chapter may not seem interesting after all it is my first and I'm new. Comment your ideas and suggestions for my story and I promise you, it will become better. Enjoy! :)

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