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If my Heart could Burst chapt.4

August 24, 2010
By xxjasmineibxx GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
xxjasmineibxx GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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I saw Dylan with someone. A girl.

She was beyond beautiful, nothing like me. She had strinkingly bright blue eyes, and straight blonde hair. She reminded me of Ryan. I walked towards them, a little bit scared and nervous. They were talking about me, I could tell. "Hey" I said.
"Hey, Cola. This is Braelynn (brAelin)"-Dylan
"Nice to meet you Braelynn"-Cola
"Same here, Cola"-Braelynn
I laughed "Yeah...My real name's Nicole if you wanted to know."
"Okay and you can call me Brae. (BrAy)"
"Soo now that you both know each other...Do you guys want me to order?" -Dyl
"Uhh sure. I'll have chocolate with sprinkles."-Brae
"Umm I can't decide, surprise me."-Cola
"kay, I'll be over there."-Dyl
"Soo Brae, how do you know Dylan?"-Cola
"Ohh, we're cousins, his dad is my uncle."-Brae
"Cool..."-Cola. Wow, for a second I thought she was his girl-friend. Such a relief.
"So you're pretty close with Dylan, right? He talks about you all the time."-Brae
"Really? He does? and uh yeah, we've known each other for about 5 years."-Cola
"5 years? Wow, that's long. And yeah, all the time. I think he likes you."-Brae
"Really? Likes me? I don't know...Did he say that?"-Cola
"Sorta. He implied it, I could tell... Do you like him?"-Brae
"Well, I uhh-"
"'Heyy gals. Got your icecream."-Dyl.
Safe! I really don't know my feelings for Dylan. We've been best friends for 5 years, and then we kissed today... But then Ryan, we kissed today too, and I've only known him a couple hours. I really don't know, I'm clueless.
"Thanks, Dylan"-Cola
"Yeah, thanks"-Brae
"No prob, anytime, so what were you guys talkin about"-Dyl
"Oh, nothing. Girl stuff."-Brae
"Yeah, girl stuff."-Cola
"Well I gtg thanks for the icecream Dylan... Gimme a call or text, Cola."-Brae
(Brae gave Cola a slip of paper)"Oh okay bye Brae"-Dyl & Cola.
I read the note under the table quickly being aware of what Dyl was looking at. It read; Cola, he likes you he really does. Give him a chance, and do call me sometime. My number is 555-9876.
I folded the note and carefully put it into my pocket. Should I really give Dylan a chance? I mean maybe I do have feelings towards him and he was in front of me all along. God, if my heart could burst it would be doing that right now. I think I will. Ughh this so confusing.
"Soo, you called me over to, talk about something?"-Dyl
"Yeah, it was kinda important."-Cola
"Was? what's on you mind?" Well right now, you OMG DEJA VU
"Uhm well when I got home my dad and Margaret were there."
"Oh God, REALLY?!" People started staring at us with curiousity in their faces.
"Yeah, and I haven't even gotten to the worst part. They want me to LIVE with them"
"NO!! You can't go! You can't! You just can't!...I- I mean uhh they disrespected you and your mom, they're bad people, you can't go with them."
I laughed. "I know! My mom said only for a week, but I wouldn't wanna stay there for a day, I don't know what to do." I started crying softly and tasting the tears, which made Dylan smile a little bit. He moved from his seat across from me to right beside me.
"Everything's gonna be alright. Trust me, you won't have to go with them, I'm always here for you, no matter what." He hugged me, still sitting. I felt so safe, and secure in his arms. He loved me. Did I love him? I don't know.
"Thanks, Dyl. I needed that, but what am I going to do?"
"I don't know, is you're mom forcing you to go?"
"Yeah, but I don't know if she's gonna like kick me out if I don't. I hope not."
"Well, if that ever happens, you. can. come. live. with. me?"
"Thanks, but you don't have to do that..."
"I insist, it'll be, fun... If you do."
"Yeah, it would" Dylan's arm was around my shoulder, I thought I'd give him a chance. Would I live with him? Would my mom kick me out? Let's hope for the best.
"Soo, Cola..."
"Yeah, Dyl?"
"Umm, what do you thi-"
"Cr*p hide me."-Cola
"What? Who is that?"-Dyl
"My dad. When I left he probably had too many."-Cola
"Okay, I got an idea, but it may involve-"
"It doesn't matter, just hurry he's coming" What the h*ll is he doing here? I thought he left! How'd he know I was here? No one knew where I was!
"Okay, but I warned you." -Dylan smiled. He held me against the wall-almost on top of me since we were in a booth and kissed me, covering my face well enough for that guy not to see me. Dylan smelled of ice cream-chocolate, just like me...
CR*P he's gonna know it's me! D:
"Follow my lead" Dylan whispered while taking a breather. I smiled implying an ok. He started to get up, but not letting go with our lips. I basically had to pretend that we were madly in love, so I got a little hectic. I began to run my fingers through his dark brown curly hair. Soft, I thought. I began to wonder what he was thinking, I mean if he were in love with me, then he would've been thinking WOW WOW WOW WOW OMG IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? I laughed in my head at what I thought was going on in Dylan's head. This would be the second time we have kissed, all in one day. We walked kinda strange as we headed to exit the shop. My feet were stumbling every step I took as I tried to keep kissing Dylan. I almost tripped and fell into a big pile of ice cream that had spilled, but Dylan caught me. He was always there, just like he said. When we finally exited, we were still making out. His arms were around my waist, not like a perv I had once dated before...Jason. My arms were around his neck and still playing with his hair. I started to think about stopping it, but I didn't. Dylan kissed with so much passion. I bet he could tie a cherry stem into a knot in his mouth. My identity was still covered by Dylan when a familiar voice called out to him. I started to pull away, but he kept kissing me.
"Just ignore her." He leaned in to kiss me again.
"But, Dylan..." I pushed him off of me. Who is that voice? It's so familiar...
"Ohh I'm sorry I guess I just got carried away..." Ya think?
"It's okay. Maybe someday." I smirked. I didn't know what I was saying, maybe I was getting carried away too. UGH!
"Ha. Ha. Yeah right."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, Nicole...I don't think you feel the same way I do about you. I-I love you."

The author's comments:
This is my fourth chapter of If my Heart could Burst. Comment, rate, and Enjoy!

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