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My Emma

September 11, 2010
By jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
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The wind whipped through my hair as I raced down the long grassy plain never wanting to stop. I clutched onto Delilah’s mane and tilted my head back feeling an ultimate rush…… A bright light pierced my eyes waking me up from a wonderful dream, inviting me to another school morning. I squinted trying to adjust my eyes to the brightly lit room. I closed my eyes and rolled over in my bed still exhausted. “Emma! Get out of bed or your breakfast will get cold!” my mom yelled up to me. Not wanting to get out of bed but knowing that I had to I slipped out from under the covers and put my feet on the floor. I slid on a pair of fuzzy socks and walked to the bathroom hoping that it wouldn’t be occupied, just my luck, it was. Impatiently I waited for the door to open, I turned around and glanced in the hallway mirror. I had major bed head and I tried to smooth it down but that did not work one bit. Finally the door opened and my older brother Conner walked out. “”Hey little sis.” he said while rubbing the top of my head and messing up my hair even more.

“First of all I am not much younger than you are, two years apart Conner just two! And you messed up my hair!” I yelled at him while he walked down the hallway to his own bedroom. I shook my head and laughed, my brother always made me laugh. Conner is 18 and after his last year of high school he will be going to college; it will be pretty empty on our ranch when he’s gone. I will miss him a lot but maybe there will be benefits to him leaving for instance, it will be a little quieter around here. After using the bathroom, brushing my teeth, making my bed, brushing the snarls out of my hair, and getting dressed; I walked down the stairs to have breakfast with my family. “Good morning darling.” my mom said before kissing me on the forehead. I took a seat at the table, quickly inhaling my toast so that I wouldn’t be late for school. After I finished my toast I got up and swung my bag around my shoulder. “Conner are you ready? I need a ride to school.” I asked him. He nodded chugged his orange juice and headed out the door. I pushed open the screen door and followed behind him. We got into his pickup truck, and drove down the dirt road passing the horse stalls and fields. We headed toward the main road silently on our way to the High school. When Conner pulled up at the front of the school, I thanked him and hopped out of the car shutting the door behind me. I joined the cluster of people walking up the steps toward the front door. I looked back at Conner who was now with his buddies heading toward the school just like everyone else. I wasn’t happy to be at school but it was Friday and that alone made everything better. I walked into the building and there was my boyfriend Max leaning against the wall; once he saw me and ran over to me. He embraced me and then spun me in the air, “Hey beautiful.” he said and then finally put me down. I blushed crimson red hoping nobody saw our own little private scene. He leaned in to kiss me on the lips but I put my finger against his lips. “Not now people are watching.” I said hoping he would understand. He slipped his arm around my waist and we walked to our lockers like we do every morning when we meet up with each other.

The author's comments:
This is a very short piece, a start to a story i hope you enjoy!

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