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The Mall Couple - part 1

October 16, 2010
By TIMLUVER03 SILVER, Valdosta, Georgia
TIMLUVER03 SILVER, Valdosta, Georgia
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Allen and Brice were talking about the latest video game.While I stared at the couple next to us.He had his arm around her small shoulders ,whispering things in her ear.This made her burst into laughter.He had asked a question.She didn't even think about the answer.She shook her golden hair yes.He leaned down so their faces were only inches apart and kissed her.I wish Me and Blake were more like them.The Mall Couple.
"Sam! Sam,what are you looking at?"Allen asked me,his small voice squeaking.I turned my gaze away from the mall couple."love."I said.Allen asked,"eeeeww!!Why would you want to watch that?"Brice nodded in agreement.I couldn't answer them.Not because I didn't have an answer,but because my phone started to vibrate.
It vibrated shaking the table.We all stopped talking and looked at it."Well are you gonna answer it or not?"Brice asked chewing with his mouth open.I continued to stare at my phone.It was Blake.I knew it was without even looking at the caller ID.He has been calling me every 15 minutes non-stop.
I know my heart should be doing flips right now,but its not.Whenever he calls or I see him I get this big knot in my stomach.I should be the one calling him,right? Wrong.I don't even want to kiss my own boyfriend.
I picked up my phone like it was a bomb ready to explode at any minute,and made my way to the restrooms.Allen looked at me and I knew he understund.
It wouldn't stop vibrating.Blake's picture poped up on the screen.It was the one from his birthday party,the one when he asked me to dance.then I was in love,before I even knew him.Everything he did,said,even ate I loved.Now I can't even stand him.
I answered my phone and pressed it lightly to my ear.His voice blarred through the speakers."Sam where are you?!! why aren't you answering my calls?!SAM ANSWER ME!!!!" BLake yelled.I had to move the phone away from my ear.I started to paced in front of the restrooms."I'm fine.Calm down."I said."Fine! you're fine!! i don't even know where you are!!"He yelled."Calm down,blake!!"i yelled back.i could feel the tears filling my green eyes."I AM CALMED DOWN!!!!!"blake yelled,"NOW TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE SO I CAN PICK YOU UP!!!!!""NO!! you're not calmed me when you are."I said hanging the phone up.I stopped pacing and slid down the wall to the ground where I sat and cried my eyes out.The tears felt cool and refreshing as they ran down my face.they fell in my mouth,and tasted awful.
His voice echoed in my head."I AM CALMED DOWN!! NOW TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE SO I CAN PICK YOU UP!!"We will never be like the Mall Couple

The author's comments:
This a part of a story I'm writing. Hope you enjoy.

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