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The Mall Couple -part 2

October 16, 2010
By TIMLUVER03 SILVER, Valdosta, Georgia
TIMLUVER03 SILVER, Valdosta, Georgia
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I had finished crying when I heard the sound of a toilet flush.A sink turned on,then off.A couple minutes later a guy came out of the bathroom.His brown hair fell into his piercing blue eyes.His white t-shirt hugged his stomach,showing his washboard abs.I wanted to crawl into the darkest,deepest,smallest hole and die.
He started to walk towards me,speeding up my heart."Hey,are you okay?"he asked.I couldn't find my voice,and I knew if I tried to it would come out in tiny squeaks.So I just nodded my head.But he didn't believe me.
He sat down next to me,and I was so scared he could hear my heart beating out of my chest."You don't look okay."he said."T-Thanks."I said after i got enough courage up to."I'm Shawn."he said.I looked at his eyes."That's really nice,but I really need to go."I said trying to stand,but he grabbed my wrist.
"Wait,please."he said getting up,not letting go."Sorry,I need to get home.""To him?"Shawn asked.I pull my arm out of his-might I say- strong grasp."That's really none of your business?"I turned to go back to my brother and his friend.
Apparently he didn't get the point because he followed me."I'm sorry.I shouldn't have said anything."Shawn said trying to keep up with my pace.I turned to him and said,"Look I don't need your sorrys or sympathy.I can handle my own problems."

I started to walk again when my phone started to vibrate.I looked at the screen only to see Blake's face smiling back at me.I could feel shawn starring over my shoulder."That's him?"Shawn asked,"The one you were yelling at.""maybe"I clicked Blake's photo away,ending the call."yes then."he said walking in front of me."What did he do?"he asked.
I wanted to pour my guts out to this stranger,who all I knew about was his name."There's a long list."I said."I have time."Shawn said.I looked in his eyes.he mean't it."I don't.""well at least tell me your name."Shawn said,pleaded.Why can't I just tell him my name?I wanted to tell him,but my mouth wouldn't operate correctly."'s Clarie."I lied right to his face.I don't know why but I did.
"Bye,Clarie."he said waving as I walked back to the food court.He didn't follow me this time.It it wrong that I wanted him to?

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Lonleydandy said...
on Oct. 30 2010 at 6:10 pm
I like it :D Keep writing