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Chasing Butterflies

November 14, 2010
By nolucklovers SILVER, Bedford, Other
nolucklovers SILVER, Bedford, Other
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We're all searching for purpose in a land of nothingness.


I awoke to the sound of something clinking into my window. I closed my eyes thinking

it was a dream but a few seconds later, it started again. Tap tap.

Ugh, I groaned. If a burglar thought that this was a good way to break in, then he

seriously had some issues.

“Chloe,” I heard a faint, hoarse voice whisper into my window. I was definitely up now.

My heart was beating fast as I glanced at my clock. It was a little past midnight. Well, at

least I survived another day.

“Chloe,” it hissed again. It was time to be brave as I hopped onto my bed. My chest felt

like it was caving in as I braced myself for what came next. I couldn’t prepare myself

properly when I stared into the eyes of my intruder. It was Ryan.

“Hey,” he said in his usual adorable way.

“What are you doing here?” I hissed, outside the moon was gleaming down into my

window, illuminating us.

“Come out, I have a surprise.” he said as he leaned into my window.

“You, Ryan Holmes, are completely insane.” I whispered.

Ryan smiled once more, “I’m glad somebody noticed.”

Now, we sat by the lake with our feet dipped into the water.

“So why did you bring me here?” I asked suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence.

“You mentioned it the other day, and this is only part one of your surprise.”

I bit my lip. “Wow, you actually remembered that?”

“I remember everything you say.” He said silently, then turned to look at me. For a

moment, I couldn’t look away. It was as if his eyes were looking so deep inside of me.

Into something that I didn’t even know existed.

“What’s the second part of my surprise?” I turned away, taking in a long shaky breath.

Ryan smiled as he reached into his coat pocket. “You know the other day when you

mentioned that love doesn’t exist for you?”

I nodded, unsure of where he was getting with this.

“You also said that trying to find love is like trying to chase butterflies. Completely

pointless, right?” Suddenly, he pulled out a jar from his coat. I gasped instantly.

Inside the jar was a beautiful lilac coloured butterfly. My mouth was still in awe as

Ryan leaned forward and kissed me.

“I love you Chloe,” he whispered in my ear when he pulled away. No words could

escape me as I tried to take it all in. A few moments passed before I turned to him and

smiled. I undid the jar lid and let the butterfly spread its wings into the dark night.

“I love you too,” I smiled, “and I was right. Trying to find love is completely pointless.

Especially when I have it right here.” I said as I leaned in to kiss him again, taking not

only him, but his heart with me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this short story because I was inspired by the thought that: finding love is like trying to chase butterflies, completely pointless.

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on Nov. 17 2010 at 8:45 pm
kelliejo19 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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wow! love it! haha the intruder part was funny. :)