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A Breatheless "Hello"

December 29, 2010
By ladytrojan GOLD, Millington, Tennessee
ladytrojan GOLD, Millington, Tennessee
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I take in one last breathe, then your lips caress mine. It’s playful at first. Our tongues are tickling each others. But, then I become thirsty. My thirst for you takes over and I want more. My face presses to yours and our tongues aren’t playing anymore, they’re wrestling. I’m trying to get more of you; I need to get more of you. I’m desparate to get closer to you, but we’re in my car and the arm rest is in the way. Somewhere in the mix, you drop the mistletoe that initiated the kiss. You unlatch from my lips and start to wonder down my neck. It’s getting hotter every second. I wrap my hands around your head and pull you closer to me. I cross the boundary of the arm rest. My body is on top of yours now. Your hands on my lower back. I’m voracious now. It seems the more I get of you, the more I want. You go in for my neck again. I let out a moan. I didn’t notice I did it until after I did it. I find your mouth again. Wait, we’re going to far. We should stop. I cross back over the boundary, but my lips are still locked to yours. My thoughts clear up and I was supposed to pull away so we wouldn’t go too far, but like a vampire, you go for my neck again. You know I like it when you do that. My thoughts cloud up again and I just want you closer. I pull you in. You’re on top of me now. I like it this way. You taste like your eggnog drink from starbucks. I’m inching to take your shirt off and I know you want to take mine off too. We’re just about to go to a place where we know we shouldn’t go when, “*cricket, cricket, cricket*,” my phone rings. We stop. We’re breathing hard; more like panting. I let it rng a couple of times so I can catch my breathe. “Hello?,” I say breathelessly.

The author's comments:
i decided to try a different style of writing. instead of being so vague, i'm going to be super descriptive. it was hard only because i don't write this way. hope you like it.

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on Jan. 5 2011 at 6:46 pm
Woahalliee BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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"The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return" - Moulin Rouge!

I liked this a lot! It is very relatable, and I love your vocabulary!