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With you, its like walking on egg shells

February 5, 2011
By jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
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I walked down the streets that were so familiar to me, particularly too familiar. I felt my nose and fingertips getting colder and colder as I kept walking down the streets; watching my breath come out in thick puffs in front of me. Only a few streets left and then I’ll be there, in his warm house, his warm embrace. My pace quickens as I think more and more about how it will feel to be in his arms; where I fit perfectly. I have to stop on the sidewalk as a car ignores the stop sign and speeds on by; I think about yelling something not appropriate but think against it. Looking both ways I jog across the street and get onto his street. I look across the street and there is my old elementary school, just like he had told me. I looked farther down the street and smiled when I saw him standing on the last corner waiting for me, giving me his famous smirk that makes butterflies go up into my throat and then dive straight back down into my stomach. I burst out running to meet him. He opened his arms, shaking his head smiling, I jumped into his arms and he caught me laughing. I slid my legs to the icy ground and laughed with him, my breath and his breath merging together. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me into him as we walked up the steps and into his house.

A burst of warmth hit me and it made me sigh with relief to finally be out of the cold, and out of sight. I stood on the welcome matt looking around; I turned back to Carson when I heard the click of the door shutting. “I’ll take your coat.” He said grabbing the collar of my winter jacket as I was mid-shrugging it off. “Uh, thanks.” I whispered. It was so quiet in his house that I afraid to speak too loudly. Carson took my hand and led me into the kitchen “Go ahead and sit down.” He told me ushering me to a chair that was at the kitchen table. I clasped my hands and unclasped them nervously under the table.

The author's comments:
A little something from my dreams, i hope you enjoy, feel free to post comments, whether constructive criticism or whatever, u get it.

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on Mar. 10 2011 at 8:36 am
jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
68 articles 0 photos 90 comments
thank you, any ideas or suggestions for what i should write next? i'm kind of in a mind funk

on Feb. 13 2011 at 6:54 am
MissCharlotteDreamer SILVER, Everett, Massachusetts
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And so she danced...

You should add more to this piece. It is vert intresting.