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My Shining Knight-Chapter 2!

May 28, 2011
By TIMLUVER03 SILVER, Valdosta, Georgia
TIMLUVER03 SILVER, Valdosta, Georgia
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Blake pulls up in front of my Dad’s house. My stomach churns as the wheels stop. I don’t want to go inside. I look towards the house. Stalling, that’s what I’m doing. “I’m sure it won’t be that bad.” Blake says trying to comfort me. “If you want I’ll come with you.” I’m so selfish. “You would?” “Of course.” He says opening his door. He comes around to my side of the truck and starts unloading my bags. “You don’t have to do this.” I tell him when we’re half way to the back of the house, towards the garage. That’s the only way you can get in with a house key. “But I want to.” He says. I stop and smile at him. He smiles back.

That’s when something hits my foot. Well it more or less rolled into it. I lay my school bag and binder down. And turn around to see what it is. My brother’s stupid basketball. I pick it up and throw it at Blake who’s looking at me. “What the-“ He yells as the ball hits him square in the chest. “It’s just Mike’s basketball.” I say laughing at Blake. I walk over to where the ball landed and pick it up. I put my binder in my bag and carry my bag and the ball in my hands. I walk, with Blake following me past the garage. “Where are we going?” Blake asks.

“To find my good old brother.”I answer stopping when I see them. Yes them. One shirtless thank God not my brother. Sitting down, talking, sipping water. Missing their ball. “Mikey-poo, Look what I found.” Mike’s face turned almost purple, because it was already red from playing basketball. He looked at me and so did whoever his friend was. Mike got up from the little bench and walked over to where me and Blake were standing. “I thought I told you never to call me that again.” Mike whispers. “Again.” Blake says. “Shut up. What happened to your face anyway, huh?” Mike asked in a mocking tone. “Don’t.” I say to Mike. “Now that’s no fair. He can make fun of me but I can’t ask about his face, seriously.” Mike says. I look at Blake and see how he’s tense. It hurts to see him this way. “Maybe you should go.” I say to Blake. I watch his face fall. My stomach churns this time because I feel sad and guilty for making him feel that way.

Blake looks at the shirtless dude and then Mike. “I guess you’re right.” I know he wants to stay. I grab his hand in mine and walk him back to his truck. “I’ll see you tomorrow. At school.” I say letting go of his hand. Then he grabs me in his arms. When we pull back he says,”See you in English.” And climbs into his truck. I stand in the drive and wave as he slowly pulls away. Then I walk back to the basketball hoop in the back of the house where they are now playing basketball.

The shirtless guy is dribbling the ball on the pavement. While my Brother is trying to stop him from making a basket. The SG lifts the ball in the air and jumps a little. Mike swats at the ball but he’s to short. SG makes a basket. Mike chases after the ball, while SG gets a drink. I walk up to SG. He stares at me, sipping his water. I stare back. He stops drinking and says,” Hey.” “Hi. Um, I was wondering if you could help me with my bags.” I say pointing behind me. But he doesn’t look behind me instead he stares at me. Mike comes running up to us the ball in his hands.

“Come on, man.” Mike says dribbling the ball. I say never mind and walk back towards my bags. His hands grab my duffle bag. “Where to?” I look at his eyes. “Inside.” I say grabbing my school bag and binder.

Once inside SG lays my bags down next to the couch. “I’m Trevor, by the way.” He says. “Dylan. So you’re a friend of my brother’s.” I say walking into the kitchen. Trevor follows me. “I guess you could say that.” I open the cabinet and grab two glasses. I set them on the island where Trevor sits. “What do you mean, I guess?” I ask opening the fridge scanning the contents. “We’re in a couple classes. I did a project one year with him, but I wouldn’t say we’re best friends.” He says swirling one of the glasses around. “Is fruit punch okay?” I ask looking at him. He nods. I grab the pitcher and bring it over to the island. I fill both our cups then put it back in the fridge. Then I take I seat across from Trevor. “You got your turn now it’s mine.” He says sipping on his drink. “What?” “To ask questions. Now it’s my turn to ask some.” I sip my drink. “Who was that guy you were with?” Trevor asks staring at me. “Why does it matter?” “Just answer the question.” He says. I can feel his eyes on me as I stare at the granite counter top.

“He’s just a friend.” “ Really?” Trevor asks. “Yeah.” “What happened to his face?” My eyes burn as tears form. Remembering finding Blake on the floor his nose bloody, eye black. And Rob being held off by teachers. Like a wild animal. The counter top looks fuzzy. I open my mouth to speak and only one word comes out. Rob. Its more of a mumble, hiccup, cough in between tears. My vision blurred, I hold on to the nearest thing. Trevor. His warm, sweaty arms wrap around me. Holding me to his shirtless chest. I cry into his shoulder until I can’t anymore. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.” Trevor says smoothing my hair. I lean against his chest. “You didn’t.” I barley whisper, “Rob did.” Trevor doesn’t hear me, he just smooths my hair again.

After a couple minutes I get up from the ground, from Trevor. “Are you okay?” Trevor asks. I want to tell him anything but yes. I wanna tell him everything. I wanna tell him about Rob and how he hurts me. And how he hit Blake. But I can’t so I just nod my head. “Are you sure?” “Yeah, um...I should go unpack before my dad get’s home.” I say wiping my eyes with the back of my hand. “Oh. Okay. Well, I guess I should get back to playing basketball.”He says. I smile and walk up the stairs carrying my bags.

I go up stairs and start unpacking my duffle bag. Which is really easy. I just throw all my dirty clothes in my hamper, then re-fold and put them back in my dresser. Then put my mini bag of bathroom necessities back in the bathroom. I walk back from the bathroom to my room running into ROB.

A scream tries to escape but it can’t because his hand is covering my mouth. “Shhh!! We wouldn’t want to alarm anybody.” He whispers pulling me into my room. He pushes the door shut with his foot. His fingers twist the little lock on the knob, locking us in here together alone. I pull away from Rob and run to my bed. I jump on top of it so I can look out the only window in my room. Trevor and Mike are outside. I can see them. I pound on the window.

Rob grabs my legs pulling me down to the bed. “No. We’re not having any of that, now.” He says holding on to my hand. I try to pull away, but his grasp is too strong. “How did you get in?” I ask looking at the window. Come on Trevor. Or Blake. Mike? Anybody. “Your brother Mike let me in.” I look at him. A smile plays around his lips. “Your lying.” I think out loud. His smile turns a little at the corners. “I am not. You’re brother did. I said I left something over here and he let me inside.” He says,” He seemed pretty antsy to get back to his game.” Trevor. “He wouldn’t do that.” “Then how else did I get in here?” He asks getting angry. “I don’t know.” I say looking away.

“Well I didn’t come here to argue with you over how I got here. I want to apologize.” He says. “I won’t except.” I say looking at him. Rob squeezes my hand, and I can already feel a bruise forming. “Please, Dyl. Give me another chance.” It hurts more when he uses Blake’s nickname. “What are you sorry for?” I ask. “Dyl, I’m so sorry for hitting Blake.” I know he doesn’t mean it. He never does. “And?” “Um...For hurting you and everything.” His words are so fake. I wanna cry. “Do you forgive me?” He asks letting go of my hand. I wriggle my fingers around. “One more. That’s it. You h-“ I don’t finish because Rob wraps me in a hug. I stiffen. Scared. Of what he might do. Can do. He whispers in my ear ,” Thank you.” I look at my hand wrapped around his neck and already regret it. My knuckles are red, and they hurt just thinking about them. Rob leans back and kisses me. I truly try to kiss him back. But I can’t. When I close my eyes that image of Blake pops into my head. Rob doesn’t notice. He pulls back. “Well I better go before Your Old Pops comes home from work.” “Yeah.” I say and he quickly kisses me again then gets up and leaves.

Once Rob leaves I sit stunned in the middle of my bed, staring at the door waiting for Rob to come rushing back in and start yelling at me. After fifteen minutes I decide he’s not coming back. I climb out of my bed and get my phone off my dresser. Then I climb back in bed and pull the covers around my shoulders. I need to talk to someone. I open my phone and dial Donna’s number.

“Hey.” Donna says talking loudly into the phone. “Hey, Um I need to talk to you.” “Ok.” She says. “Where were you?” I ask remembering she wasn’t at school. “I was taking a long weekend. I was at the Sharon Memorial Beach with my parents.” Donna is an only child. Unlike me she doesn’t have any brothers. “So what is it?” Donna asks. “Its Rob.” “Omigod, What happened?! He didn’t hurt you did he, because if he did you know I’ll-“ Donna says getting angrier with each second. She’s one of the only people who knows what actually happens between me and Rob. “Its not me its Blake. He got into a fight with him at school.”I say glancing at the door. “What? Why?” Donna almost yells into the phone. “Because I pissed him off.” “Who?” She asks confused. “Rob. You remember how me and my dad got into a big fight?” “Yeah.” “Well he kicked me out, so I went to stay with Rob for the weekend. Then last night I slept at Blake’s without telling Rob.” I tell her. I stop and trace a flower that’s on my comforter. “Why did you leave?” “I got tired of being of being with Rob.” I lie. He actually grab me and wouldn’t let go. It turned into this big argument. So when he went to sleep I left and you know the rest. “So he just beat Blake up for no good reason.” Donna says. “Yep.” I tell her agreeing. “That’s bull.” I nod forgetting she can’t see it. I debate about telling her about what happened with Rob a few minutes ago and earlier with Trevor. “Yeah.” It’s probably not a good idea to tell her about Rob because she already doesn’t like him and now she doesn’t even more. And if I tell her about Trevor she’ll just give me some crap. “You should dump him.”Donna says. She reminds me all the time. “How was your trip?” I ask. “Don’t change the subject.” She says. “I was not.” Totally was. “Going from dumping your boyfriend to how was your trip is totally changing the subject.” “Donna, I’ll see you tomorrow.” “This isn’t over with.” With Donna I knew it wasn’t going to be. I hang up and lay back on my bed. Five minutes later I’m asleep.

My alarm doesn’t go off. Because I didn’t set it. My brother bangs on my door. “DYLAN!!! GET YOUR BUT UP!” I roll over. My door opens, light floods the room and he comes in. “Dylan. Get up. Or we’re gonna be late.” Mike says shaking my shoulder. “Mmhmn.” I mumble sitting up slowly, eyes still closed. “You’ve got to hurry if your gonna ride with me and Trevor.” He says turning to leave. “Trevor?” I ask still waking up. “Yeah Tre-vor. My friend you met him yesterday. God.” Mike looks frustrated. “He’s taking us?” I ask standing up. I realize I slept in my clothes. “Yes. Just get dressed.” Mike leaves closing the door behind him. I take off my clothes from yesterday. Then slip on a pair of jeans and a pretty blue camisole with tons of sparkles on top of a tank top. I grab Blake’s jacket and slip on my black flats. Then quickly brush both my teeth and hair. And deodorize. I walk into the kitchen where my brother and Trevor are waiting.

Trevor is staring at me again. I try not to stare back. “You ready?” Mike asks walking in-between Trevor and me. So I can’t see him. “Um..Yeah. I just need to get my bag.” I say walking back into the living room. I grab my bag and binder. Then walk back into the kitchen, where Trevor is waiting on one of the stools at the island. Without Mike. “Where’s Mike,” I ask Trevor. “Waiting in my car.” He says standing up and walking towards me. “Are you okay?” “Yeah.” I answer moving away from him. “We should leave.” “What?” He asks sounding confused. “You know. Leave and go to your car. So we can go to school.” He stares at me. “Oh, Yeah.” He says slinging his backpack over his shoulder. Trevor follows me out of the house to his car. I climb in the backseat, behind Mike. And he sits next to Mike. Then he starts driving to School.

Trevor pulls into a parking space. And we all get out. I start to walk to my locker to get my book for English and get my other binder and put this one up. Trevor starts to follow me. I look out the corner of my eye and see him walking slowly behind me. Creepy. I stop and turn around so I am looking him right in the eye. “Um...Hey.” “Hi.” He says. He’s staring at my locker. “Can I help you?” I ask. I know it was kinda rude. But... “Um...Maybe, do you know where English 1 is?” He asks my locker. “Why?” “Well, its my first period and I can’t seem to find it.” He’s got to be kidding. “That’s my next class.” I say, looking at him for any sign that he is joking. “Really? Then you could show me where it is?” Trevor says a smile on his lips. “Yeah, I guess.” I open my locker and get my book and binder. Closing my locker, I look over Trevor’s shoulder. I see Rob walking over to us. Great. Just great.

“What are you looking at?” Trevor asks me turning to see. “Nothing just my boyfriend, Rob.” I say dropping my bag to the ground and walking over to him. “Who’s that?” Rob asks pointing at Trevor. “My brother’s friend. Remember you saw him yesterday? Right?” I say. I knew he was lying yesterday. He would have had to have seen him with Mike. Right? “Oh, Yeah.” Rob says. “What are you doing with him?” “I was going to show him where a class was, if that’s okay with you?” I say, getting annoyed with him. Rob looks at Trevor thinking of all the possibilities that could happened between us. “Yeah...” I touch his arm. Which is a big deal for me. “Rob, I’m just showing him where a class is. That’s it. Okay.” Rob looks at me, “ Yeah, okay.” “I gotta go now or I’ll be late.” I say. “I’ll see you at lunch.” He says. I nod even though I don’t wanna sit with him. And then I reach up and kiss him on his lips. Which is also not normal, but he’s being good so far. So why not treat him for his good behavior? Rob pulls back and says good-bye then heads to his next class.

I walk back to where Trevor stands at my locker, pick up my bag and binder, and start walking. “Come on. We’re going to be late, now.” I say back to Trevor. Thanks Rob. Trevor hurries to catch up to me. “So that’s your boyfriend?” He asks. I nod. “Rob. Yeah.” That’s all I can say about it. “He looked like he really loved you.” Trevor says when we reach English 1. I look at him, in his baby blue eyes. How can he say that? He doesn’t know anything? Anything about me or Rob. Or us. I wanna scream, right now. In this hallway. It’s only me and him. It would echo and all the teachers would probably open their doors. Then yell at me or maybe not. Maybe I would get sent to the office and then I could skip lunch. Or maybe I won’t scream. I blink my eyes. Tears are trying to fill my eyes. But I’m not going to cry in front of Trevor again. Or at school. I feel like a mess. “Don’t say that.” I tell him, resting my hand on the door knob. “What? Why?” He asks really confused. “Don’t say things that aren’t true.” I say near tears. I don’t let him respond because I walk into the class. Where Mr. Sermons is having a open conversation over a book we were supposed to read last night. Which I didn’t. Opps! “Miss Black, Why are you late?” He asks standing up from his seat at his desk. Trevor walks in and stands besides me. “Ah! Nice of you to join us, too. Mr. James why are you late?” Trevor looks at me. “I was helping him find your class, Mr. Sermons.” I answer him. “Oh. Okay. Take your seat and turn your books to page 566. We had just started a nice class discussion on last night’s story.” Mr. Sermons says returning to his desk. I walk to mine and do as he said. I try to read the story while he calls on other people so I’ll know the answer when it’s my turn. But he doesn’t call on me. At the end of class, I wait for Blake.

“Hey, what’s up?” He asks walking beside me to my next class. “Not much.” “Your lying.” He says looking at me. “Okay, so I am.” I say ,”I just don’t feel like talking about it.” “Whatever. Bye.” Blake says walking away to his class with Rob. “Bye, Blake.” I say. But it gets lost in the sea of random thoughts and conversations that fill the hallway. I turn and walk into my next class, leaving Blake and My Words floating in the sea of random thoughts.

The author's comments:
The second part of My shining Knight. Hope you like it. Tell me what you think so far of Rob, Trevor, and Blake so far. Who's your favorite?

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on Aug. 12 2011 at 4:24 pm
Ultim@te SILVER, Sisters, Oregon
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Good but kind of confusing:) does Trevor like her? Does Blake like her? Or are she and Blake just friends? Why is rob so mean? And why is she still dating him? Hehe but it wasgood and it kept me reading