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Chosen chapter 1

June 2, 2011
By jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
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The music pounded in my ears as I held the red plastic cup of beer in my hands. The lights flashed and it became harder to see the people around me. I felt like I was getting a fever because the air was thick inside the house crammed of drinkers and party goers. The cup kept slipping out of my fingers as I moved to the rhythm of the music. The buzz of the alcohol ran through me and it was getting harder and harder to stay balanced on my two clumsy feet. At the time it felt like I was dancing, the room was spinning all around me and I thought I was moving so fast but in reality I was just staggering because I was drunk.
Suddenly I bumped into a bunch of people and stumbled backwards a bit, my cup slipping from my grasp. “Whoa take it easy there!” You, a beautiful stranger, said your warm breath smothering my face as you had to shout the words over the loud music. You slipped your arm around my waist and caught my cup right before it fell from my sweaty palm. Steadying me you veered me away from the entire crowd so that I wouldn’t bump into more people and aggravate them. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening, not knowing made me anxious which caused me to take my drink from your hands and take another gulp, then another. The buzz tingled under my raw skin, driving me to tug off my sweatshirt to relieve my burning flesh. The sleeves stuck to my arms frustrating me, I couldn’t form words at the time but you knew to pull it off of me. I watched silently giddy as you tossed it to the floor. I let out a sigh of relief finally ceasing the feverish feeling, I hadn’t noticed you inch closer until I felt my back press up against the cool wall, causing goose bumps to rise on my arms. You laughed and your soft breath once again escaped from your lips to touch mine. Teasing me you took another step closer, trying not to get suffocated by you I compressed harder and harder against the wall. I tried to laugh and flirtily push you away but my laughter slurred and my arm was too weak to do anything but flail out aimlessly. Again you laughed at my flimsy attempt to get you off me, this time you took my cup out of my hand. I frowned at you, not understanding why you would take that away from me. Stomping my foot in protest I reached out for the cup. Your rough strong hand touched the fiery, damp skin of my shoulder and you yelled “Relax, I’m refilling it!” I smiled at you and watched you slowly walk towards the full kegs of beer that were lined up in the kitchen. I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes trying to focus on the song that was playing. Bemused I started to hum along but after a few verses it became useless, my mind couldn’t help me keep up with the rhythm, every beat just meshed together.
A smile crept onto my mouth just as I felt your warm hand and forearm graze the exposed skin at my waist. Still smiling I opened my eyes and found that you had my cup but also a full cup for your self and I groped for the plastic cup that was rightfully mine. Once I felt the plastic, like an impatient child I grasped and pulled. You wouldn’t let go of the cup (probably not wanting me to spill it) not steady enough to hold my own cup I bent down and press my lips to the rim to get at the contagious liquid. You tilted the cup for me so I could drink the rest of it. I must have made it so easy for you to get that in my system, all you had to do was tilt that cup and watch wickedly as I sucked most of it down my throat…..

The music seemed to get louder, everything seemed brighter and my senses couldn’t drink in enough of it. Your hot hands holding me steady made me crave your lips. I moved closer to you and we kissed. I was dancing with you, kissing you, laughing and flirting with you. It was all you, you helped me feel so high, you helped me soar. Then the crash came, way too early and soon enough I was breathing heavy, things were becoming blurry, and my head was feeling like it was a thousand pounds, I became unstable and I stumble into you. I barley even noticed that my red cup, that started out in my hands had took a tumble to the floor. I only realized this when my bare feet stepped through a puddle of my beer which had seeped into the rug. You hoisted me up so I wasn’t falling into you. My feet dragged across the floor in my feeble attempt to follow your lead. You helped me make it to a couch across the room and you slowly sat me down on it. Groggy, I leaned into your shoulder and nuzzled at your ne ck. “Hey beautiful, you can’t pass out here, other people actually want to sit on this couch. Beautiful?” You touched my face which made my eyes flutter open and once I opened my eyes the room spun wildly. I squeezed me eyes shut and grabbed your arm to steady myself. You cradled my chin in your palm saying “Open those gorgeous eyes and let me take a look at you.” I opened them, but only because you told me to. You examined my garbled state of mind; you had to make sure that the drug you gave me was working. If I hadn’t drank so much beer I probably would’ve noticed the grin that lurked at your mouth when you realized that it was working, just the way you planned. “I know just what you need.” You slowly whispered in my ear. We finally left the couch that had been and still was occupied with a couple sucking face, the girl was trashed and falling all over the place as the guy took advantage; poor girl. You put your arm on my waist and propped me up before you hauled me deeper into the house. The walls seeped into each other and I placed my arm out to keep myself from walking into anything. You then took a sharp right and nudged open a door with your foot, leading us into to a dark room. The music was now a buzz in the background, reminding me of the slow tingle that was writhing under my skin. We sluggishly made it to the bed and you laid me down. You crept in next to me and engulfed me in your arms. I nestled my head in the crook of your neck breathing in your smell of beer and cologne. Sighing I let your soft fingers trace curvy lines on the naked skin of my back, relaxing me. Drowsiness took over and my heavy lids fell shut.

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