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Camp Fire

August 27, 2011
By lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
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My life has been ruined by middle school. One single trip to camp, one small plate of eggs and one loud mouthed kid with no life, what so ever. Let me give you the just of whats happening, my name is Sam Fate Kraver. I have one best friend that I love to bits, Jake. And he happens to be in love with Bridget, who Ive hated for years on end.
Our school has been going on trips to a camp in Montana for years and now our eighth grade class is going. Were staying in cabins, six rooms each, boys in one cabin and girls in the other. So me, Jessa, Mandy and Daniella are sharing a room in the cabin for five days.
Here's how the whole thing started.....
"Remind me what the purpose of being in the bus by six a.m was?" Jake said rubbing, his eyes
"I think it was because of traffic or something? Its too early to think." I rested my head on Jake's shoulder, trying not to fall asleep
"You do know that the whole five hours were on this stupid bus I'll be sleeping, right? Because when my mom drove me here I was dead asleep." He moved his head onto mine
"All students that turned in their Africa report and got an A or higher, get on the bus right now! So that would be Daniella K, Sam K and Jake M." Our teacher Ms. Rhodes shouted over the students milling around in the parking lot
"Come on dude, lets get this over with." I said as I started toward the door of the bus
"Great, one more week that I have to spend loathing in pain from doing something completely boring and stupid." Jake said as he started to fake cry
"I bet Chester feels your pain."I pointed to Chester, the insanely weird boy who doesn't know how to work an i Pod
"Ha ha, your so funny." Jake said as he punched my shoulder
"Suck it up. Okay pillow guy, sit down and shut up. I must get my full eight hours of sleep, or you of all people, will pay." I said as I sat down next to Jake on the bus
"Okay shutting up. I will be daydreaming about how much I love you, because I do." Jake said as he made a heart with his hands
"I love you too." I said. But the difference between Jake saying I love you and me saying I love you, is that I meant it. After Jake stopped poking me in the neck, I fell asleep. I had dreams about him, involuntarily. When we first became friends I had dreams about him sometimes, but now its just programed into my brain. Jake and me, me and Jake. All I think about now is Jake.
But problem is, Bridget. She has been trying to rip me and Jake apart for years because of something I did in kindergarten, since I want to tell Jake how I feel over camp, she will find a way to tear me down.
I don't understand how she can have boobs bigger than head. And she is quite the air head, "Oh I'm awesome," "I have a boyfriend who's in high school." Blah blah blah. Her last boyfriend told her off, so she slept with his brother. Were in the eighth grade for God's sake, you don't sleep with people. But she has been held back for three years, so I guess its, well its not okay. And never will be.
"Sam? Sam, wake up. Samantha Fate! Wake up you lazy sack!" Jake said as he shook me awake
"What now? If you want to use my i Pod, you should have filled out the permission slip. Or at least, turned it in on time." I said with a sleepy voice
"I gave you my permission slip on time and its time for lunch. See?" Jake said as he pointed to the park outside the window
"Okay, I'm not so hungry, you can eat most of my lunch. As usual." I said as I got up
"Yeah, sure, I'm starving. My lunch is like, tiny." Jake said as he grabbed our bags
"Now I remember why I love you so much. Your my personal caddy." I said as I got off the bus behind Jake
"You always pack light and I was trained to grab bags when I was little." Jake said as we walked over to a table. His father was owner of the local golf course and always made Jake be his caddy.
"Eh, I don't want to go to this stupid camp for five days." I said as I sat down
"Oh come on, the more time you spend in my presence, the more you fall for me. Just admit it, you want to make out with me." Jake said as he nudged me with his arm
"Yep, you got me. I'm madly in love with you, your all I think about." Again, not kidding
"Oh my god! You have fruit snacks! Give it here woman!" Jake said as he grabbed my fruit snacks
"Okay, you have an unhealthy obsession with fruit snacks. I mean, I kind of encourage it by bringing you some, but I can stop when ever I want. Its like, you will still be my best friend if I don't bring you a packet of fruit snacks. You love me and your not five, you wont complain if I don't bring you some, unless you have turned into Eli within the second." I said very fast
"Well, I'm not your six year little cousin and the fruit snacks and I have a completely healthy relationship." Jake said as he poured the packet of fruit snacks into his mouth
"Just eat your fruity snacks in peace dear friend." I said as I lifted my turkey sandwich to my mouth
"We only have another twenty minutes before we have to get on the bus, so eat on my girlie companion." Jake said as he picked up the other half of my sandwich. We ate my lunch until it was time to back on the bus.
"Trade you spots? I almost died sitting by the window, I forgot who much I hated sitting by the window. It was early, I wasn't thinking." I said as I shoved Jake into the window seat
"Okay. I'll sit here, jeez pushy." Jake said as moved his arm around the back of his seat
"I don't get pushy, I get car sick." I said as I rested my head on the seat back
"I have a feeling that this bus ride is going to the best part of camp. Five whole days of torture or five hours of sleep and such on a bus. Which would you pick Sam?" Jake said as he looked at me
"Id pick camp. Its better than sitting at home or sitting on a bus with a bunch of screaming teens." I said as picked up my water bottle
"True." Jake said.
"Only one more hour to go until we get to the stupid camp, hopefully I die first." I said as I rolled my eyes at the teachers
"Just wait, it will be here sooner than you think." Jake said as he looked out at the mile sign
"Thanks for the info Sherlock." I said
"Nap time miss, you get angry when your tired. Come on, I have a very cozy shoulder waiting for you." Jake said as moved his shoulder into my face
"Fine, I will take a nap on your so called inviting shoulder." I said as laid my head down on his shoulder. I Slept for about twenty minutes, Jake kept pointing out "Cool" things on the sides of the highway, like a pinata store, coolest thing ever.
"Oh my god! A dolphin! Oh wait its a just a sign." Jake said as he pointed out the building with a dolphin painted on it
"Your a real genius Jake, where would I be without you?" I said as picked up Jake's hand. His hand was warm when I picked it up, it felt amazing to be holding it in my hand.
"Why are you playing with my hand? I mean its fine but, why are you doing it?" Jake said as gave me a look like 'What the?'
"No reason. Small question, what if, just randomly talking here, but what if I told you that I wanted to stab you right now. What would you do?" I said as I let go of his hand
"I would hand you my pocket knife and tell you where to stab me." Jake said as he flipped open his pocket knife
"I love you. And put that away!" I said as I took the knife from him
"Oh look Sam, were here." Jake said as pointed to the sign
"Do I have ADD or does that sign say 'Welcome to hell,' because that's what I see."
When the bus stopped in front of the main building it was steadily raining outside and all of us where "silently" looking out of our windows waiting for instructions.
"Students! Welcome to your new home for the next few days. In a couple of minutes we will begin unloading bags and have all of you get settled into your cabins. After that, our journey into nature begins!" Ms. Rhodes said with a fake amount of enthusiasm that made my head explode
"Kill me."
"Relax Sam, it cant be that bad."
"Already is Jake, why do we have to come here?"
"Fifty percent of our final grade?"
"Incentive enough."
"Lets just get off of this rolling piece of crap."
"I just want to get my bag and get out of the rain."
"Maybe you should."
"Maybe you should stick your finger in your ear."
"Shut up."
"Hey there's our bags, caddy boy get them please."
"Cant, I have to set up my own room. I'll see you later?"
"Yea-yeah, I guess."
"Later Sammy."
"Later Jake." I grabbed my bright purple duffel bag and followed the crowd of girls over to the girls cabin. The cabins name was Osprey and from the outside it looked like a rest stop bathroom. Jake's cabin was two over and one up, a far enough distance to make me have a weird pit in my stomach. As soon as I set foot into the cabin, I was overwhelmed with a wave of perfumes, which is odd because we had only gotten there ten minutes ago.
"Sam! Come here roommate! Room number four is all ours! We should share a bunk! Oh my god! We could do each others hair and tell secrets and we could be best friends!" Mandy screeched as she pulled me into our cabin room
"I already have a best friend, not to disappoint. But Id be happy to braid your hair, I love braiding hair."
"Yes! We can do every thing girl best friends would do together. Sometimes I think you get tired of Jake." Mandy said as she zipped open her bag. Our room had two bunk beds, two windows and a red tile floor. It was small for four people to share, but big enough for everyone to have their own space. I took the bottom on the bunk closest to the door, so if I needed to make an escape from Mandy's grasp I could do it in a flash.
"Cute bag by the way Sam. Purple really is your color, I mean you always wear that purple jacket. Last year I asked Jake if you had more then one in your closet." Mandy said as she pinched the selves of my jacket
"Well, watch me as I pull out this pile of four purple jackets. And a pair of Jake's pajama pants?" I said as lifted Jake's duck pants out of my duffel bag
"Wow, those are some weird pants! How did those get into your bag?" Mandy said as she took the pants out of my hands
"I made them for Jake as a project for home EC. He must have left them at my house when he stayed over for the Ghost Adventures marathon last week. But I like them, and for my birthday he made me a matching pair, but they were shorts." I said as pulled my pair of blue duck pajama shorts out of my bag
"Nice." Mandy said with a laugh "Hey, after you get settled in, do wanna go check out the boys cabin? We cant be in there before breakfast or after dinner, so if we wanna go we gotta go before rec time."
"Yeah sure. I have to check on Jake, he's sharing a room with Chester. Without me he probably would commit suicide." I said as I dumped the rest of duffel onto the bunk
"Hey! Chester is my brother! So, your completely right." Mandy said she picked a pair of shoes out of her bag
"So we have another half hour to get settled in then we have to hike up to a waterfall?" I said as I pulled my rain jacket out of my bag
"Yep, that seems to be the plan." Mandy said as she pushed her bag under the bunk
"Your done unpacking already? I haven't even put my stuff into the drawers." I said as I piled up my clothes
"Hey? Whats that sound?" Mandy asked as she looked around the room
"I think its coming from the window." I said as I walked past Mandy to the window
"If its Chester, don't open it." Mandy said as she sat down on my bunk
"I wouldn't, I made that mistake once." I said
"That sound is getting louder, what is outside that is making that noise?" Mandy said as she stood up
"Open the window Sam! I can hear you talking!" Jake yelled as he knocked on the window like a mouse
I moved the curtains to look at Jake " I will think about opening the window if you knock on it like a man."
"Don't make me use your middle name against you." Jake said as pointed at me
"Walking away. If only you knew how to be a man, I could open the window and let you in." I said as slowly backed away from the window, still facing Jake
"See I'm knocking like a man. Open the window Sam!" Jake said as he pounded on the windows glass, making it shake
"Fine." I opened the window and pulled Jake in
"Thank you, it took you long enough! And now I must tackle you in an orderly manner because you were a d***** to me and now you shall...PAY!!" Jake picked me up below the knees and lifted me on the his shoulder, twirled around in a circle and then flopped me down on my bunk. He sat on me and pinned my arms down so that I couldn't move or throw him off without a fight.
"You got me. Now what? Give me your absolute worst. I dare you." I said as I looked Jake square in the eye
"Well I feel like I'm intruding on your moment, so Mandy out." Mandy whizzed around and shut the door behind her.

The author's comments:
A boy in my class, that I thought was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen inspired me to write this. Of course this story is complete bull. I loved him until minute he got a 10 year old girlfriend..

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