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Remembering You

August 27, 2011
By lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
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Its august. Summer hasn't even came yet, its still cold. School starts in a month, and not just any school, my senior year of high school.
My alarm was going off, I didn't even set it to go off.
"Uh? What?" I leaned over to the night stand and hit the snooze, glancing at the mirror. My hair was a mess, even though I'd brushed it out and braided it. My lipstick was smeared, why was I wearing lipstick? Something moved on the opposite of the bed. An out stretched, muscled arm wrapped itself around my pillow. Holy s***, it was a boy. In. My. Bed.
I turned slowly, trying not to disturb the sleeping boy next to me. He was shirtless, I silently OMGed to myself, then took a look at his face, instead of his abs. It was Cameron, he was on my swim team. And now hes in my bed. He turned his head to the side, exposing the hickey on his neck. I didn't have to think, to know that I had caused it. I threw my head into my hands, trying to constraint. Okay, recovered details: I was at my friend Robin's party. My parents were in Vegas for the week for their twenty fifth anniversary. And my brother was in the Navy, how did I forget that?
"Em, lay down." Cameron said with a sleepy voice that I found insanely adorable.
I laid down slowly, sinking in to the warmth of the bed. As I put my head on my pillow, Cameron stretched his hand out over my waist, pulling me closer to him.
What in the world was going on here?
His small condensed breaths on my neck were calming, making me want to nuzzle up against his bare and broad chest. Why did I want to?
He smelled like orange soda and cinnamon buns. Two of my favorite things.
Maybe I am just over analyzing things and should just see where this goes? Or I could wake Cameron up, demand he put a shirt on, then shove him out the front door, never to see him again!
Damn, hes hot. Okay, I'm just going to let this go. And get the details later.
Suddenly his eyes flashed open and he jerked upright. "Oh s***!" He said as he looked over at the clock.
"Whats the matter?" I said hurriedly
He had already hopped out of bed and was putting his jeans on. "I'm late for work." He tugged a dark green long sleeve V-neck over his head. "I really have to go."
"Okay?" He had already picked up his shoes, flung my bedroom door open and jogged down the stairs.
"I'll call you later!" He called as he slammed the front door shut. By the time I had walked over to the window in my parents room, he was long gone.
I was still in the tank top I was wearing last night, and the running shorts I had on were nowhere to be found. So in my loose tank top and purple underwear, I went down stair to look for answers.
On my way to the kitchen I found my shorts, my seventy dollar shoes and a picture of me and Cameron with his arm around me. His number was on the back of the Polaroid film, surrounded in heart.
After the confused moment consisting Cameron's number, I wandered over to the garage, making sure my car was in there. It was, thank God. Being the good girl I was, I checked the car to make sure everything was fine and in its place. No broken windows, fender benders, no nothing. It was just my regular red Jetta. Nothing out of the ordinary.
I grabbed my gym bag out of the trunk and headed inside. As I set my bag on the counter, I glanced up at the cameras in the corners of the room. Since I wont be eight-teen until November, my dad doesn't think I should be left alone in a big house when I'm not a legal adult. So twenty nine cameras all over the house are my babysitters for the week.
If my dad could see what the cameras recorded everyday with a click of a button on his laptop, he could see what Cameron and I did last night.
"S***." I whispered to myself. I flipped open my phone and checked my messages, none. It was already eleven o'clock. I had errands to run. I had chores to do.

The author's comments:
Party on my friends.
I hope when you wake up, you remember it.

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