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August 27, 2011
By lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
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Dalton. The name made my head hurt, for two reasons: 1. He was a VERY popular guy and 2. He was the hottest guy I had ever laid eyes on. He was in my school, my classes and in my mind all the time. My name is Kaitlin and this is the story of my pathetic life. I am the girl who never got noticed, never got picked first(for anything) and never ever would even imagine that one day I, Kaitlin Vienna Sanders would one day be holding hands with the hottest guy ever. Dalton was a god and I had never said a single word to him, until yesterday.
It was a Wednesday, my favorite day, the middle child of the weekday family and I had good feeling that this day would be okay. Not horrible, not great, but just okay. It was the end of second period and I was making my way to locker so that I could have the ten minutes of passing time to read my book. As I was opening my locker, a small piece of paper fell out. This paper was folded down the center, purple and had my name on it. I was slightly concerned about this particular piece of paper, it had the one boy I had admired the longest hand writing on it. Dalton's. Multiple questions had popped in my head at this moment, like why is this here and what is written inside? I was completely scared to know what was inside of it so I stuffed it into my jeans pocket, closed my locker and walked away.
I was halfway to technology class, when i was grabbed by the wrist and pulled into the little storage closet under the gym stairs. By the force of the pull and the grip, I was sure the person who did this was male. And I was correct, it was to my surprise Dalton. He was, as it looked, just as shocked as I was. "Dalton?"
"Shh! I don't want anyone to hear us" said Dalton with his hand over my mouth.
"What is and why are we in the storage closet?" I said that with more force than I had meant and it did not feel good to speak to him like that
"Because I know that you pass by here every day on your way to class and I needed to talk to you about that note I left you." Dalton said this so shyly I had to believe that he actually put the note in my locker.
I responded to this very feisty and it was not good."Was it fake or not, that's what I got confused about."
"Didn't you read it?" He asked.
I felt so stupid at this point because I had not read the note that made it possible to be standing in a storage closet with the guy of my dreams and as I soon realized he was holding my hand. I looked down shyly at my hand, my fingers were interlocked with his. I was insanely happy right now and was smiling, blushing and coming to the reality that this might never happen again so I embraced the moment and continued to listen to what he had to say. "Well did you?"
"No, no I didn't." I felt bad about this, he was staring at me so intensely I was about to start crying
"Why not?" By his expression it looked like he was about to start crying too
"I was afraid of what it said, Ive had notes like yours in my locker before. From guys like you, cute and very popular. As soon as I would open the note I would hear laughter and shes so stupid and ugly, who would ever want to go out with that."
"I would never say anything ever like that to you, its terrible and if I ever hear or see anyone do something that horrible to you ever again, I will personally punch them in the gut."
These few words made my eyes start to tear up. I had never experienced this ever, having a boy standing right in front of my face saying this to me. And it was amazing! I took the note out of my pocket and read it aloud.
"Kaitlin, your name sounds so sweet. When I look at you I see your beauty, your grace and your amazing smile. Ive always wanted you to be mine, but you seem so busy and around people all the time. Meet me in the storage closet under the gym stairs before third period."
"Dalton is this true, you think I'm beautiful?" I said.
"Yes, your the most amazing person I have ever met." Dalton said this so unsarcastically I had to believe him now. The bell for third period started to ring and I couldn't leave him.
"Kaitlin, I like you a lot so will you wear this?" Dalton got down on his knee and held out a purple bracelet with Dalton beaded on it.
"Its my lucky bracelet, I want you to have it. All of us guys have one and we give them to our girlfriends."I had the sharp instinct to wear his bracelet, but I had questions holding me back
"I will wear your bracelet, but I have two questions for you first. Do you really want me to be your girlfriend and has this bracelet been on any other girls wrist?"
His responses made my heart swell. " Yes I do and no it hasn't"
"Then yes Id be happy to be your girlfriend and wear your bracelet." I said with the biggest smile ever on my face. He slowly slid the bracelet onto my wrist
As the final bell for class rang he still had his fingers interlocked with mine, so we now as boyfriend and girlfriend walked to class together.

The author's comments:
A guy I liked in the 5th grade that turned out to be a TOTAL jerk. But he was hot...

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