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Let Me Think

October 5, 2011
By lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
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I barely knew what to say when he asked me. It was more of an Holy Hamsters Whats Going On?! moment than an Oh I Have the Answer Right Here moment. Plus the fact that my supporting friends were standing behind me giggling and saying random things about honey badgers fazed my judgment.
He kept starring at me. His eyes waiting for an answer that I didn't have. I searched his brown eyes, looking for my answer behind his question. I wanted him to smile at me, a smile that said I know what your thinking.
Beside the fact that I had never been asked this question before, I didn't know how to respond. Was I suppose to bow or hug him or turn into a magical squirrel and live in his pocket? Nope, none of these options are logical.
Speaking of logic, its a lot of work that goes into that one night. I mean the clothes, the shoes, the hair and all of the other stuff that goes into something that I'll most likely never use again. Useless after a few hours of my life.
But he was cute, really cute actually. His cuteness could belong to me. Be mine as long as I say so. To add to the matter he was a varsity athlete, my father would like that. And he loves animals, my mother would like that. He has a book collection, which I like.
I guess it be okay to give into a guy, for once.
Let him tell me I'm pretty, let him hold me in his arms and maybe let him kiss me.
Yeah I guess this could work out nicely.

I smiled at him. A big smile, that I hoped said yes, I do want to.

He smiled back.

The author's comments:
I randomly thought of this as I was falling asleep, and I had to write it down before I forgot...

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