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Heath Draxlin

October 31, 2011
By FangPoet DIAMOND, Wichita, Kansas
FangPoet DIAMOND, Wichita, Kansas
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The sun was shining as bright as could be glowing a shimmering of the early spring leaves casting funny little shadows about the place. Their he lay stretched out like cat in the window seal, He was so gentle so out of place for himself. He was tall taller than any oak tree I had ever seen! He was muscular he worked himself pushed his body to its limits every day! Heath his name was Heath, Heath Draxlin to be exact! His awesome hair dyed a bloody red and black he was so mean at first sight he never seemed to smile he always seems so displeased, Draxlin never seemed to be at ease the little stress lines always creased his forehead. With a looming status he would stand against the wall with his hands in his skinies and his eyes, his unnaturally spring green eyes would burn into you if you ever happened to catch his glance any where he was. They were so bright so neon, they challenged the leaves in which he laid upon right now. But from the whispers around the school he was nothing in which he appeared. He opened his eyes slowly and turned his head to the side right to which I was standing.
“Do you want to talk or do you just want to stand there like a lion in the underbrush?”His voice was so deep yet sounded so meek an quiet.
“I..Uhh. UHHH,” was all that stammered out. He rolled those beautiful eyes at me and rolled over to rest on his elbow and waved me over, I tripped an stumbled over every stick an rock trying to come from the spot in which I lay in hiding. Meekly an wearily I sat next to him my heart pounding a mile a minute.
“So Why are you here?”,he said lazily those eyes casting over to stare into mine so intense, I soon realized I was simply stammering about nothing, He chuckled.
“I’m heath but I’m sure you know that,” he lay back in the emerald grass the breeze rustling an weaving his hair about like the grass underneath him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath into his barreling deep chest.
“I come out here to find peace, and I don’t bite you need not stand their ridged an nervous”. I tried to loosen up a bit .. but not to much success he was something to fear no matter what the rumors said there was something ominous about him. A noise rustled something loud something roaring almost an like a cat he was on his feet his burning eyes scanning the vacancy of this shady little spot. It bellowed out again only this time it seemed in agony, he rushed forward and there it was a wolf cub squalling over a hurting paw. He could have been like most and :kicked it away an chased it an man handled it but he went low on his knees an offered the pup his hand to smell. Something lit up in his eyes when he swaddled this cub in his arms, for once there was no stress line over his head, no intense burning or looming nature.. Was it true/ he was something as gentle as a wolf cub?

The author's comments:
It was a charecter sketch i made in creative writing.

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