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Friends with Football

November 15, 2011
By lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
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He was above all, the doucheist of all douches. He laughed at everything that was even the slightest bit perverted, was a walking one-night-stand, picked a fight with every other guy and to top it all off was flat out, drop-dead gorgeous.
Not that it was a bad thing, it just didn't help his case when it came to the way I feel about him. But, if I told you how I feel about him, Id have to kill you.

Taylor Vaanderway, is his name. Suits him well, because according to the Urban Dictionary the name Taylor means: An outgoing, adventurous and popular guy. Which he is, of course. Why wouldn't he be? He plays football, is strong and has a pretty girlfriend that is also highly popular. He should be king. Having everything going his way, have everything right. But does anyone? Nope. Why should he get to jump the line? I didn't know how at first. But I took the time to find out.

This whole thing started on September 12Th, in first period Humanities, room 1100. I sat behind him and his friends. Gage, Shayna, Angela and Jake. In that exact order. He was wearing a purple football jersey, Grey sweatpants and a black hat. Everything you would expect from a lazy 17 year old boy. But even in the everyday is lazy day clothes, he still managed to look magnificent.
I, on the other hand, was wearing the same thing I wore everyday. Dark-wash jeans, brown Converse and my black jacket with the official United States Navy logo on it. Same old, same old. Nothing ever changes.
Only today, I noticed something different about his demeanor. He didn't laugh at his perverted buddies jokes(most of them), answered questions properly and had his head down on his desk more than usual.
And what shocked me the most is that when my favorite necklace broke and fell to the ground, he picked it up and put it back on around my neck. It was an awkward moment, that's for sure. But it was also sweet and heartfelt, something you wouldn't expect from a guy like him.
He also said that it was a great necklace and that it looked good on me. In my head I'm like what the frick? My face probably resembled something like that too, but he just smiled and walked away.

So now its fourth period art with Mr. Beckley, the creepy teacher for the underclassmen. Lucky for me, I get to sit in between Taylor and Gage. Everyday is a riot. (Insert sarcasm here.)

"Did you see the game last night?" Gage asked while he scribbled something on his paper.
"Naw, Amanda wanted me to help her with her girl stuff." Taylor glanced at my drawing, looking at with a skeptical eye "What exactly are you drawing?"
"Uh, the assignment. Draw your favorite animal in an abstract form? Its on the screen." I pointed the tip of my pencil to the projector, where today's instructions were clearly labeled.
"Oh, guess I should do that." He chuckled, smiling at me.
"Guess so." I scoffed, trying to seem like I could care less about what he did.
"Here's an idea, if I can guess what animal you picked, you can pick what one I draw." Stupid boy, my vast knowledge of animals? He'd be better off drawing a rock.
"Okay, what is it?" I asked, gesturing broadly to my paper.
"Its either a lava monster or a Honey Badger." Holy crap, he was right. I drew a Honey Badger.
"Wow, gold star for you." I poked his arm and holy God, it was muscled.
"I was right? Its a lava monster?" He laughed and picked up my paper, turning it and squinting.
Gage took the paper from him "Sure looks like it."
"No, its a Honey Badger. The most fierce animal of all." I snatched my paper back and continued shading its body.
Taylor kept looking at me, and I tried not to notice. What on earth was he staring at? Whatever it was, it was interesting.
"So?" He asked, moving my hair behind my ear with his finger.
"So what?" I replied, my ear tingling from where he brushed it.
"What animal am I drawing?" Ooh, good question.
"Um, either a Lizard or a Cobra. You pick." Easy. Anyone can draw those.
"What? At least pick something a little more challenging." He prodded at my jacket sleeve, tracing the line of my bracelet with his pencil.
"OK, maybe a Hippo or a goldfish. I don't know! What do you want to draw?"
"You." What? That's a little weird.
"Uh, okay. You do that." I kept shading my Honey Badger, acting like what he said didn't faze me.
"Not now, later." What the hell was he asking me here?
"What exactly are you asking me here, Taylor?" He just kept smiling at me. Ulterior motive? I think yes!
"I want you to come to my house after school, so I can draw you for extra credit. I'm not doing all that great in this class." Figures.
"Uh, OK, sure, whatever. I have nothing better to do." I did. Swim practice and a study session. But those can easily be rescheduled.
"Great. But you'll have to sit through football practice. You can handle it, right?" Yeah, a bunch of guys playing football? Maybe even shirtless? Oh heck yeah, I can handle it!
"Yeah, that's cool. Like I cant handle a bunch of dudes." I looked at Taylor and laughed, he had a similar WTF?! look on his face like I had earlier.
"Are you saying that your better than me and my brothers?" His brothers? His teammates.
"Maybe." He was drawing a Hippo on his paper and it was actually pretty good.
"Okay, do you play any sports?" HA! I play sports for varsity and on the Mens' teams.
"Um, I'm anchor for swim team, I play soccer, I'm goalie and mid-field for Mens' lacrosse, I play water polo when someone isn't able to play and I might try out for rugby." Hey, there's that WTF look again.
"Dang girl! You get around." True. DAT.
"Thanks." I nudged him, and he rested his arm on the back of my chair.
He leaned into my ear and whispered "But it doesn't mean I wont kick your butt."

The author's comments:
Jock after the nerd who is a closet jock. Classic.

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