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Sometimes, Love Works Out

December 12, 2011
By Emilyourstruly BRONZE, Spring Grove, Minnesota
Emilyourstruly BRONZE, Spring Grove, Minnesota
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“Goodbye, Abigail.”
That was the last thing he said to me.

It has been two months, and I still think about him. His smile, his kisses, and the way he held my hand. Fingers intertwined, the warmth of his hand spreading through to mine, warming my entire body.

I haven’t said a word to him since. He moved almost 1,200 miles away. What am I supposed to do? Text him every night, telling him I love him? That is my true feelings for him. He doesn’t know it though.

So I keep quiet. I don’t want him to worry about me or distract him from college. I am only one year behind him. I’ll just make sure I get into the same college, then get to see him again.

That’s all I want.


I remember that day. It was horrible to see her face like that. So disappointed. So I look at her picture of us together, all happy and without a care in the world about what was going to happen next.

My mom said that we were moving 1,200 miles away, with a smile. A SMILE. Did she not realize what she was doing to me? I mean sure I was going to college. But seriously, that didn’t mean we had to move there. I would visit every weekend to see my girlfriend Abigail. That is…WAS all that mattered. But my mom freaked when I told her about my plan and said that it would be too much money to fly back and forth. So she decided to tell me the great news that we would be moving.

I haven’t talked to Abigail in about two months. The distance is killing me. The feeling of not being able to walk to her house to see her is excruciating. I miss her like crazy. I love her. I never told her that because I didn’t want the pain of us moving to slice through her heart after I told her my true feelings.


I have my phone in my hand, number already punched in. I just have to press talk.
As soon as I build up all my will to press that one button, my phone rings. I jump. The caller ID says Jake. My heart thumps almost out of my chest.

I answer. “Hello?”

“Hey!” he says.

“I missed you.”

“ I missed you too. I just wanted to ask you something.”

“What?” I ask.

“ I…You…Are you in your room right now?” he asks.


“Do you want to look out your window for a second?”

I walk to the window slowly, wondering what the heck he is talking about. All I see is dark. Then, all of a sudden I see movement. His hand, waving wildly at me. I hang up my phone, drop it on my bed, and sprint downstairs and out the door and into his arms.


I hug her for almost five minutes, not even kidding. She feels so good to have in my arms again. I pull away when we are done, and kiss her like I never will kiss her again.

We go inside, and talk and talk until its 2 o’clock in the morning. I have so much to tell her. And she has so much to tell me. I listen, hearing every word.

We fall asleep on her bed, and I wake up in the morning at 10 o’clock. I have this eager feeling, the feeling you get when you want to tell someone important.

“Abby, Abby wake up.” I tell her.
She slowly opens her eyes, and smiles.
I smile back, and then turn serious.
“Abby, I have to tell you something.” I say.


“I have been wanting to tell you this for a really long time, but I just haven’t had the guts to say it.”
“What is it?” she asks.

“I love you.” I say with a smile. A huge amount of relief spills out of me as she smiles back.


“I love you too.” I say back. And kiss him.

He kisses me back. I feel like I have just gone up to heaven and floated back down peacefully into Jake’s arms. After I told him I loved him, he picked me up gracefully and took me down to the beach. Where we lay there for hours, hands interlaced, and kisses until the sun came up once again.

In that moment, i felt as if i was the luckiest person in the world, watching the stars, listening to the waves hit the shore, and watching the sun set before us.

The author's comments:
I love love stories, they are my favorite kind of story. So i made one.

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mariaharmony BRONZE, Spring Grove, Minnesota
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I love this story!!! :)