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The Angel Chp 8 The Awaken of the Ancient Angel

January 19, 2012
By writinggirl20 PLATINUM, Marksville, Louisiana
writinggirl20 PLATINUM, Marksville, Louisiana
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We started looking in the underground railway that outlined the shape of St. Martinsville. We found a small door. When we opened it, Xavier gasped.
"What is that!" xavier asked me as I was looking at the wall a few feet behing. I walked up to the door and looked to see what it was. "It looks like a wooden coffin. What is it doing here?" I asked. Xavier nodded and started a small pace toward it and touched it. No movement. He looked for an opening and soon as he found one he opened it up. "Oh my gosh, Xavier Could this be the Ancient Angel the master was talking about?" I asked as he pulled a chain from under dress. It was the key. "Well, I think it is, if this angel has the key." he said dangling it in my face.

I giggled. I wiped my hand over her face to realize this was a very young angel and also looked like the twin angels. "Xavier....why does she look familiar to us?" I said as he looked at her. "My gosh, it looks like the twins." he said. We got up and headed to the master's office to return the key and inform him that the angel looks similar to the twin guardian angels. We walked throught the cherry wood framed doors of the office and handed him the key. "Oh good! You found the key!" he said as he admired it's design.

"Mr. Harriet, there's something we need to tell you about the ancient angel" Xavier said to him. He looked up from the key to Xavier's face. "What is it Xavier?" he said curiously. When we found the key, Serena had noticed that the angel looked like the twins Sierra and Fierra." he said calmly. "Are you sure? Their mother dissappeared the same time we lost the key." Mr. Harriet said. "Well, don't you think their mother could of stole it and went got injured and passed away and somebody might of put her in a coffin in the underground railway?" Xavier said as he explained his best thought of how she had it. The mster punched some numbers in the phone and ordered the twins to come up to the office. The he said, "Most chances are that it could be." he said as there was a knock at the door and he said come in.the twins came in arm in arm with worried looks.

"Sierra and Fierra,...I think we might of just found your mother Elizabeth DiLaurentis." he had said to them. The twins had shared a glance. "Master, may I ask? Where is she located?" Fierra said with a surprised tone. He looked form her to Xavier. "Xavier?" she said. "Fierra, she's in a small room in the underground railway and I"d be thankful to guide you." he said. Sierra, who had not said a word was dozed off.
"Sierra! What is it darling?" The master jumped up to grab her, knowing she was having a vision.

Oh my gosh, it's the Ancient Angel! She's awaken and noticed her key is gone. She's coming here right now" Serena said freaked out. She ran and sat in the corner and held her head to her knees. "Don't woory, she's okay. She has a phobia from when bad things happen, that's why she's sitting there." Xavier explained to Mr. Harriet as he nodded in understanding.

"We're going to have to fix this for she'd dont have a anxiety attack." Xavier said with a fearful look on his face. Suddenly, there was knock at the door. The master and Xavier shared a glance then back at the door that was slowly opening with a blue fluroscent light. She came in afloating in midair with a blank look. "Well, Isn't it Harriet, I shall say," she said calmly.

Serena looked up and saw her. She walked up behind Xavier and asked, "Why are you so desperate for your key? What is it in the treasure that is so important!" Serena said calmly then madly.

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