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Suicide Mission

February 15, 2012
By LittleMissMusic BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
LittleMissMusic BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
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Depression. Deep, horrible, tear-jerking depression. This is what the town of New

Hollow now faced. Two tragic deaths at the hands of two causes; bullying and true love.

After Amber and Seth’s deaths, the whole town knew it would never be the same.

Amber was young and free-spirited. With fiery red hair and an entrancing smile, it wasn’t

hard for Seth to fall for her. She was happy and love to be herself; around Seth. Seth was her best

friend, her mentor, and her soul mate. Seth had shaggy black hair and piercing blue eyes. He was

quiet and patient, totally opposite from his girlfriend. But they love each other all the same; no

one could tear them apart. One ominous afternoon, Seth and Amber were walking hand-in-hand

towards the park. They recalled the day’s events. “You know who I hate?” Seth said in the quiet

manner he had.

“Who?” Amber asked knowingly. The answer was the same every day.

“Bobby...” Seth replied. Bobby was a popular football player who lived to taunt

and torment Seth and Amber.

“I hate him too, Seth.” Amber said blankly as they lied in the grass.

“But I really hate him. He shoved me into the lockers again today; do you think

he’ll ever stop hating us?” Seth wondered aloud, knowing what his girlfriend

would say.

“Seth, people don’t change. Bobby’s a loser if he thinks he can break us apart.”

Amber said softly.

“What if we break ourselves apart?” Seth sighed tentatively. Amber shot him a

look of alarm. The thought of ever loosing Seth made her want to cry.

“Stop it Seth; you’re frightening me.” She replied sharply. Seth knew not to push

her, especially since her temper was about a millimeter long. But he had to let his

feelings out, before the unthinkable occurred.

“I just can’t anymore Amber. I can’t keep walking into school worrying Bobby’s gonna try

something. It’s more than I can handle.” He said quietly. He knew he was worrying her, with all

this Bobby talk. It was never their favorite subject.

“Seth, everything’ll work out, okay? I promise. Now c’mon, we’ve got that huge short

story assignment to write for Mrs. Bergeron’s class.” Amber said blithely, taking her materials

out of her bag. Seth dismissed anymore thoughts on Bobby and focused on his homework. She

hugged him tightly. “Seth, promise me we’ll be together forever.” Amber sighed.

“You know I can’t,” Seth began indifferently. “But I promise, I’ll give you the happily

ever after you’ve always wanted, alright? I promise you Amber Marie Rose, you’ll always be

happy when you’re with me.” Seth said as he kissed her forehead. Sure, maybe they were a little

too lovey-dovey, but that’s just how they rolled. “Now Amber, I need you to promise me that

you’ll love me no matter what. No matter how depressing, and doubtful I am, can you do that?”

Seth asked her. Amber smiled and rolled her eyes. This was certainly a promise she could

make. “Seth Andrew Green, I promise to love you forever and ever, no matter what happens.”

She sighed.

“Good, now you better get inside before your dad gives you a long tirade about your curfew.”

Seth laughed as he let her go. “I love you Seth.” Amber whispered.

“I love you too, Amber.” Seth said as he gave her one final kiss and disappeared into the night.

Little did Amber know; that was the last time she’d ever hear him say that.

Seth sauntered into his home. Amber always knew how to make him feel better. Seth

greeted his mother and went to his room. What he saw when he logged onto facebook could have

killed him right there. Bobby certainly was his biggest problem, so sometimes he forgot Amber

was a target as well. “God, Amber’s so ugly!” “Get off the screen!” “No one likes them; I wish

they’d figure that out!” And those were just the latest comments. Seth was so happy Amber

didn’t like facebook, because if she did, she would have been blown into complete hysteria. Just

as he was about to delete his account, an interesting link caught his eye.

“WHERE WE COME TO HATE ON SETH GREEN!” The heading announced. At that

moment, Seth had had enough. He was so done with people tormenting him for no reason. This

had been going on silently for nine years; and Seth was done. He tossed his laptop off of his bed

and began to sleep. Little did he know; tomorrow would be the last day of his life.

Amber waited patiently at her boyfriend’s locker. She wasn’t sure why, but she was

happy. Her father stopped drinking, her mother stopped crying, and even her red hair dye

turned out amazingly! Amber began to worry. Seth was never late for school. “God Seth, please

hurry...” Amber whispered to herself as she turned around. She noticed Seth’s shaggy hair and

smiled in relief. “Man, I was so worried.” Amber breathed, watching him open his locker.

“You ever think you care too much Amber? If I’m late, I’m late!” Seth growled irritably.

Amber blinked, surprised by his outburst.

“I’m sorry Seth...” She mumbled. Seth sighed guiltily.

“You didn’t do anything babe, I’m just frustrated.” Seth said. Amber cocked her head


“Talk to me?” she asked carefully. Just as Seth was about to open his mouth when Bobby

came up behind him and strongly wrapped his arm around his neck.

“Hey look guys, it’s the pathetic couple.” Bobby sneered. He grabbed the whole

hallway’s attention. Amber quickly noticed the snickers and whispers from her classmates; but

she only cared about her now constricted boyfriend.

“Get off him Bobby. Doesn’t your small brain ever get tired of trying to think up

insults?” Amber commented smartly, already planning Seth’s escape. “You are such a waste of

time.” She added. Bobby loosened his grip on Seth, but firmly grasped him again as he figured

out the smart remark.

“Shut up loser. You’re just afraid I’m gonna hurt your precious boyfriend. But really,

he means nothing. He’s dirty, and stupid, and ugly. And let’s not forget he settled for the most

disgusting, ugly girl in the whole school; YOU.” Bobby retorted. A chorus of laughs filled the

hallway. Amber was hurt. She couldn’t defend herself and Seth. She felt tears on her cheeks and

involuntarily wiped them away.

“God Bobby, just leave him alone, he didn’t do anything to you! Don’t hurt him...”

She choked. Bobby totally disregarded her cries as he tightened his grip on Seth,

bringing him to his knees. Seth felt the air flowing into his lungs cut-off. Bobby certainly knew

how to put on a show. Seth had to get out of this death-lock. He did the only thing he could

do; punch Bobby in the mouth. Bobby released him immediately and flew back in pain. Seth

struggled to his feet and regained the oxygen he so vehemently loved. Bobby spurted out curse

words, followed by a hard kick to the stomach for Seth.

“Did you really think you could take me on loser? You’re both so pathetic. Do us all a

favor and never show your faces here again, because honestly, NO ONE LIKES YOU!” Bobby

scoffed as he turned away, receiving high-fives. Amber let out a choked sob.

“Seth, are you ok?” She whimpered. Seth struggled to his feet then cupped Amber’s face in his

“Happily ever after, alright Amber? Happily ever after someday. I promise you, Amber

Marie Rose, I will give you your happily ever after.” Seth breathed as he kissed her one last time,

the last time before he left. Amber stood there, bewildered yet touched. She continued her day,

ignoring the stares, then went home; to console her boyfriend.

When she walked into her house, she could feel the sadness. Her mother and brother were

crying painfully. Amber began to worry again. “What’s going on...?” Amber asked nervously.

Her mother let out a loud, monstrous wail. “SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT’S HAPPENING!”

Amber screamed hysterically.

“Seth’s mom called...she was drowning in tears...Seth...” Her brother began.

“Seth’s what?” Amber asked, shaking violently.

“Seth...Seth is, dead.” Her mother cried. Amber’s mouth fell open. She shook her head

and began to run toward her room.

“LIARS!” She screamed repeatedly as she slammed her door. Tears poured down her

cheeks as she dialed Seth’s number. She called again and again with no answer. Amber began

to scream loudly. Losing Seth was just something she couldn’t believe. She tore at her curtains,

flipped her mattress, and knocked over her wardrobe. She snatched her car keys and trampled

down the stairs.

“Amber...” Her mother stuttered.

“Shut up. I’m gonna find Seth and bring him back. You’re all such liars.”

She said as she slammed the door and ran into her car, ready to bring her lover back.

She banged on Seth’s home door. His father opened. “Amber...” He said, sounding


“Where’s Seth? I want to see my Seth. Where is he?” She demanded as she peered into

the house.

“Seth...Seth is-“

“NO!” Amber yelled as she shoved him aside and barged into the home. She ignored

Seth’s mother and sister as she charged into Seth’s room. She searched the whole house, until

she finally stopped at the bathroom. She tossed open the door and gasped at the sight before her.

Amber first noticed a policeman and two paramedics. She turned her head toward

the bathtub and gasped. Seth’s limp, pale body, sitting in the tub. “Oh my,

oh my god.” Amber whispered as she kneeled in front of the bathtub. The officer sent her

condolences. “If it’s any consolation miss, he went painlessly. A simple overdose.” One of the

paramedics said.

“SETH! PLEASE GET UP! DON’T DIE, SETH! PLEASE!” Amber yelled. The medics

tried to stop her, but it was impossible. Amber stayed with Seth’s body for minutes on end.

Eventually, the paramedics took Seth’s body away from her. Amber struggled onto her feet

and sullenly dragged herself to Seth’s room. She sat there for hours, thinking, re-thinking, and

mostly; crying.

Weeks went by. Amber rarely ever came out of her room. She sat there in silence, re-

reading Seth’s suicide note. It made her cry every time. The way he professed his love for her

in that one letter. Amber couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t take missing her soul mate. The

policewoman from weeks earlier entered her room. “Hello, Amber.” She greeted. Amber stayed

silent; hugging the sweatshirt Seth had given her long ago.

“If you’re here to find out what happened, I don’t know. The kids at school treated him

horribly; I was all he had left. He was I had left. It’s my entire fault. God, I hate myself.” Amber

wept. The policewoman stopped jotting down her notes.

“Amber, I highly doubt Seth’s decision was your fault.” She consoled.

“JUST GET OUT!” Amber screamed as she cried harder.

Amber rarely ever came out of her room. She sat there in silence, re-reading

Seth’s suicide note. She had had enough this time. Amber quietly crept downstairs to her

basement; note and rope in hand. Amber pulled up a stool and tied one end of the rope

meticulously to a water pipe. She lifted her dainty figure onto the stool and dropped her note

beneath her. “I love you Mom, I love you dad. I even love my annoying little brother.” Amber

breathed as she adjusted her head into the loop in the rope. “And most importantly,” she

continued, “I love you Seth.” And with that, she jumped off the stool and let her body hang off

the rope.

Everyone showed up at the funeral; even Bobby, who had been sentenced to six months

in the New Hollow Juvenile Detention Center. He certainly didn’t mean to hurt anybody, and

now things were irreversible. Amber’s glowing red hair added to her sophisticated beauty as she

peacefully lied in her coffin. Her brother and Seth’s sister Skylar read her last words out loud.

The whole town was devastated. Amber’s body was lowered into the ground. She would forever

be at rest next to Seth Andrew Green; her happily ever after.

The author's comments:
Wrote this for my English class...enjoy!

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