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It Just Happened

February 25, 2012
By BrownEyedGirl GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
BrownEyedGirl GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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Rain came down briskly in a light drizzle, soothing the life and my skin starved by the Texas summer drought. It was invigorating and a completely wonderful sensation I’ve been lacking for months, a wet rain to drip off my skin. That’s why I didn’t go inside and remained intact and in peace on the playground swing.

The sky was thunderously dark, and daring a heavy storm, but none came.

I was on my way to Kyle’s, but decided against it when it began to rain. I didn’t really want to go out with him anyway, just an excuse to get out of the house… on graduation day.

As I sat there, gently swaying back and forth, I liked to think about the rain as a good omen, like that since today I graduated, and it hasn’t rained for months, that it signified the start of something new, my life may get better. Maybe my dad will actually notice me and go to work, or Chad will decide not to go to Florida, or possibly I will find myself in the mess I call my life.

Lately, this past year, I didn’t know what to think, especially after my mom left. She took everything I ever knew with her when she stepped out our door.

I let the rain continue to pour down on me, rinse me free hopefully of my memories and feelings. That would be a miracle if the rain did that. I watched as water splashed when it hit the concrete, and how the distance view grew dimmer as the rain would get subtly stronger. The street lights would shine its colors of green, red, and yellow, and glow through the gray dense clouds.

My vision was bad in the rain, like looking through a foggy window, but on the street, a man stood, about to cross. I saw him. He saw me. I could tell; our eyes met for a split second. His eyes burned its way out of the rain and fog. They were a beautiful ocean blue, the kind of deep blue you would expect on a Caribbean Island.

The eyes quickly turned away, and began to cross the street, but a car was coming. Speeding down the road it came, about to run the red light.

I didn’t even know the guy, out of instinct, I stood on my feet. I couldn’t run to him, I wouldn’t make it in time, but I tried anyway.

“Stop!” I yelled helplessly as I ran towards the man. Sprinting, I reached him just before he came in front of the car.

I yanked back on the back pack he was apparently wearing, with all the strength my body had, pulling him to the ground accidentally on top of me.

We were both hit full of what almost happened. I saved his life. He could have died.

Those blue eyes were locked on mine again, but now full of shock and amazement.

“You saved my life,” he said in a soft hushed voice. His voice sang like angels, the best sound that ever touched my ears.

The guy was gorgeous when I took my gaze off his eyes. He had wavy hair that curled around his ears and a dimple that showed when he smiled at me when I gawked at him absentmindedly. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair; my fingers ached for it so much it hurt. Why did I feel this way for a stranger? It was bizarre yet intriguing.

“Sorry,” I managed to choke out.

“Don’t be sorry you saved my life.”

Rain still came down on us, but his body blocked me from it. He hadn’t moved off me yet. I didn’t mind though, I barely noticed.

I smiled my shy smile and hid my eyes with my lashes as I blushed. He smirked, liking my reaction.

“I’m Caleb, by the way,” he said huskily.

“Sarah,” I answered back.

“Sarah.” He tested my name on his tongue. “Nice and sweet.”

I smiled at that. I couldn’t help it. What girl could?

“Here let’s get you up,” he said noticing he was hovering over me.

He backed off of me and reached for my hand to help me up. I found myself sad not to be able to be close to this beautiful creature named Caleb anymore, but took his hand eagerly.

That’s when it just happened.

We both froze. My blood went hot and my veins went cold. The sensation was strange but pleasurable. More enjoyable than the rain, not that I could tell it was raining anymore. I was no longer on my neighborhood street. I was on the beach looking out to the water where the sunset was kissing the horizon and a curly head kissed my neck. Then I was reading my book on a porch swing when strong hands came around my middle and snatched me away from my book to steal a kiss. It was Caleb. These visions were of Caleb and… me.

I gasped, we both did.

I pulled away from him, but immediately felt empty and numb, regretting taking my hand away.

“You are the one,” he said more to himself.

We must have been frozen like that for a while because we both were more soaked than before. I could feel my short blonde hair sticking to my face.

“What?” I asked confused. “I’m what?”

“The one, my significant.” He looked amazed and blissed out.

“What it that?” I ask not understanding his answer. I’m a smart person, but I had no clue what was going on. Touching a strangers had and seeing visions about you two kissing isn’t exactly in the text books, but it’s not like I’ve been doing good in school lately anyway after what happened with my mom, so maybe it is there in the books.

“You are my soul mate. We imprinted.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this because my friend and I love this book Significance and had to write "our" version. I made the character Sarah after my friend!

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