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Café Terrace Starry Night

March 26, 2012
By Meg777 GOLD, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Meg777 GOLD, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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At night the sparkling stars blaze in the dark sky, shining down on the café terrace in Greece like diamonds in the sky. However, tonight a magical, lovely biennial star shone down upon the café. This Olympian star was full of amazement and miracles, for it had been set upon the sky by Venus, the god of love. Every two years it came to the café terrace and tonight was the night it shone in the sky working its glorious magic.

Tonight the waitress Phoebe, was working on the café terrace. She was a tall young woman with short brown hair and brown jewel eyes. Ever since she was a little girl she believed in true love and had her heart forever set to it. Yet today that idea seemed as nothing but a foolish thought because she had received the news from her parents that her arranged marriage was to be in a month. She looked up to stars for a last bit of hope in her despair as tears fell down her cheeks. She caught sight of a dazzling bright star that twinkled in the sky. She closed her eyes trying to remember beauty, of it all and it filled her soul with hope. As she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was that same twinkle in someone’s eye.

His name was Nikolas, a tall young man with short bushy black hair that blew in the wind. Their eyes interlocked for just a few seconds and that was all it took to know they found their true love. Phoebe’s knees were trembling as she tried to say the first word between them. However once they started talking it seemed as if everything began to fall into place. In just those few moments they knew everything about each other and made such a connection with each other in that little time that they had never made with anyone else in their life.
Phoebe promised to meet him when she was done working, and for that short period of time she had completely forgotten about her dreadful fate and believed in true love again. As he walked away she saw everything crumble back to the way it was before. Nikolas returned home with a heart full of love, only to be broken when his parents told him that they had arranged him a marriage. Nikolas could not endure going back to Phoebe, to only fall in love with even more, knowing that he would have to marry another woman soon. But Phoebe waited eons for Nikolas to come. When he never did her heart was broken and her belief in true love was once destroyed again.
Their wedding days were fast approaching; even though neither of them wanted it to come, and could not take their minds of each other. Nikolas could not stop the guilt he had building up inside of himself, for not returning to see Phoebe. So to make up for it he ordered a present to be sent to her, as a last chance for forgiveness and hope she would understand.
The day at last, came for Phoebe, as she was putting on her dress, in a back room of the church. Once she was already and had summed up enough courage to walk down the aisle, of mystery. She walked out of the room to find her father so they could line up behind the procession line getting ready to go into the church. Everyone went into their positions and began to walk down the aisle, but at that moment a messenger came inside the church as they were awaiting their queue. The messenger was told by the neighbors that he could find Phoebe here. Curiosity and her imagination played inside her head like little kids, as he pulled a white, tiny box out of his bag.
She held it preciously in her hands and saw it wrote, “Love Kostas.” Those two little words meant the world to her. Phoebe opened the box, and inside was a silver, star necklace. Her dad offered to put it on and as he was putting it on, it began to sparkle with the silver gem designs of her dress. It reminded her of that night at the café terrace, and as she closed her eyes she saw that one star that shined brightly in the beautiful sky. This brought hope back to her again, as if everything was going to be alright. When they were given their queue the doors swung open, and Phoebe opened her eyes. Then she saw the same twinkle in the grooms eye as before, and knew it was her Nikolas. Once again the star worked its magic by bringing two true loves together.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a picture of a cafe at night under the stars. I hope you like it! Feel free to comment:)

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