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Soul Mates: Selena and Mercusio

April 9, 2012
By Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Mercusio and I sit down underneath the magnolia tree. He asks why I wanted to come here. I sigh, then I tell him, I tell him everything,of how I feel, and how I've had a crush on him since our thirteenth birthday. He listens carefully, as usual. I then start blabbering about how much I want to be with him. But suddenly he puts his hands on my shoulder. He looks me in the eyes, caresses my cheek with his gentle,strong hand, then suddenly he leans in and kisses me. "I love you Sel!" He says smiling. I giggle as he holds me gently, "I love you too!" I giggle. Then we both giggle, then we gaze into each other's eyes, and kiss passionately. Best birthday ever!

The author's comments:
Selena Dareen, and Mercus Cusio who she calls "Mercusio" are the best of friends, they've shared everything, including a birthday. Selena falls in love with Mercusio, and later finds out he has the same feelings. They kiss, and decide to start dating.

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