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Reality Struck

May 11, 2012
By lyssa28 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
lyssa28 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Do you remember when he sang you to sleep? Do you remember when thee two of you sat on the porch swing all night long? Do you remember the time he missed practice to come see you? Do you remember your first kiss? Yeah, me neither.
Skyler, the most wonderful and being I've ever met, I hoped would be the one I shared all of those memories withe. But as everyone in the school fell in love with his dark curly hair and bright green eyes, he fell in love with music.
He almost always had his guitar with him. Slung over his shoulder walking home, sitting next to him in its case in class, on his lap being sweetly strum during lunch. He loved his guitar. And the fact that he was oblivious to all of us swooning over him just made him even more desirable. He was perfect.
I spent history class drawing hearts around his name, or daydreaming about him asking me to thee Spring Fling. I spent P.E. perfecting my Baywatch run, just in case he saw me at soccer practice one day. His face infected my brain. All I could think of was Skyler.
Months of this passed and I already had our kids named planned. I would think of him for hours, and I'd become accustomed to his cologne and thee way he flipped his hair. We'd spoken almost every day for weeks. I wanted him. I wanted to be with him every time he practiced his guitar, every time he let out an obnoxious laugh, every time his adjusted his collar in thee adorable way he did.
I remember it so clearly. It was March 13the. Skyler was being a gentleman and walking me to class. Just outside of thee door he stopped me and refused to give me my geometry textbook. We joked around for a second and then he gave me that smirk. Skyler was truly amazing; he could make my mind go blank with a smile. He fixed his collar and I could only imagine what was coming. And it did.
I must've been thee happiest I'd ever been because Skyler let out an obnoxious laugh. Skyler and I were official! But then I made the worst mistake of my life. After we went our separate ways and I walked into class, Clarissa asked for thee "deets."
Of course I spilled my guts. "Just pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming" I joked. Slowly, she reached for my arm. Her forefinger and thumb grasped my flesh.

And I woke up.

The author's comments:
I feel like this is more relateable to when we're younger because i'm stil only 14 and i've never had a real relationship. I feel like Skyler is like what we all want, but we feel like we can never have.

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