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Bad Boys: Part of the Adolescent Experience

June 17, 2012
By lulu92 GOLD, Mill Creek, Washington
lulu92 GOLD, Mill Creek, Washington
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"Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart." -Jack Johnson

There is nothing I love more than a bad boy. Let’s be honest, bad boys are much more exciting than nice boys (and sexier, too). I just can’t resist the rugged good looks and you-can’t-tell-me-nothin’ attitude – they add an air of mystery. Bad boys are always keeping me on my toes. For instance, I love the sense of suspense I feel when I text them, not knowing if they will text me back. When they do, it’s generally one word; this shows me how much they care because they are taking time out of their busy day to talk to me, even if it’s just “Ya.”

They’re usually so poetic, too. Whenever I try to pull away from them, they always say the sweetest things to real me back in again. I can tell that they cannot live their lives without me, I can really see how much they care. Bad boys are so modest, too. They never hold my hand or kiss me in public because they don’t believe PDA is appropriate. Who knew bad boys had such strong morals?

I love they way bad boys make me feel, too. I feel so special to be associated with them. They make me very self-aware; second-guessing myself is another form of perfectionism, you know. Whenever I’m with a bad boy, all my emotions are heightened. It’s like the world is more dramatic, and who doesn’t love drama? It gives me such a rush when I have to worry about what my bad boy is up to or fussing over something he said or did.

Hands down, my favorite quality of bad boys is how smart they are. When they reveal that they have been seeing some other girl on the side, I am pleasantly surprised; I never even realized that! I should be taking notes. I never would have known that I wasn’t the only one. I suppose he is too sexy to just settle down with one girl. I guess that’s part of their independence. I really respect bad boys for their sense of self-reliance. No matter how many girls a bad boy goes through, he always ends up alone. He’s like a one-man-show or a Lone Wolf.

Everywhere you go there is a bad boy. Whether he’s on his Harley-Davidson, or driving his dad’s Mercedes, he’s there. He may not be easy to spot at first, but once he opens his sweet mouth and starts uttering flirtatious compliments that are100% accurate, you’ll know. Oh, and be sure to ignore everything your friends and family have to say about this bad boy. They don’t know him like you do, they don’t understand your connection. Also, when you come across a bad boy, you should ignore any other boys around you, especially the nice ones (they’re boring!). Plus, the nice boys will always be there in the background, ready to comfort you or whatever. Bad boys are so tantalizingly unpredictable, you never know how long they will stay in one place.

You better snatch one up while you can! If you miss him you will be disappointed, and probably confident, emotionally stable, and happy. Ew. You’ll be boring enough for one of the nice guys. Just keep your timid, self-conscious traits alive and a bad boy will find you. Good thing, too! After all, heartbreak is part of the adolescent experience!

The author's comments:
Bad boys are just like eating too many sweets, pulling all-nighters, and not wearing a seatbelt: good for you and part of being a teenager!

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