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Dear You

March 13, 2013
By LinkinPark12 PLATINUM, Lincolnshire, Other
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Dear You,

I’ll never forget you.
I’m sorry that you had to leave. I’m sorry that I made you leave. I regret that. But I’ll never forget that night, even though it was the night that my heart broke, every emotion I ever had spilling out in front of you. But I won’t forget anything about you. Not a single detail.
Like the colour of your hair – a dishwater blonde when I met you, but gradually darkening, probably from lack on sunlight. You always insisted we should live in California. Your eyes; green and grey, all swirled into one, like a hurricane when you were angry, but a calm sea when you told me you loved me for the first time. Every emotion cascaded into your eyes. But they were gorgeous, just like you.
I already miss you, and it’s only been a few hours. Although I’m too numb to feel anything else other than remorse and regret, I’m sure the pain and tears will come soon.
But I refuse to believe that you won’t come back.
And I won’t forget anything.

All my love, Me.

Dear You,

I’ll never forget you.
But I thought you would have come back by now. I honestly did. There’s been nothing – no phone calls, no letters, no e-mails. My parents tell me I’ll never hear from you again, but I can’t accept that. Do you not know how much pain you’ve caused me?
I just want you back.
Are you coming back?
I think that the tears would go away if you did, along with the depression. I lost my job a month after you left me and I can’t get another one until you return. Benefits will pay the rent for now, and my parents are forced to pay for food. They think I should have counselling. Do you think I should? I just want to hear your voice again, no matter what you say.
It’s been months since I’ve seen you; our last memory together replays in my mind over and over again. Your car driving off into the distance, then a sharp, high-pitched sound penetrating my hearing. Then darkness.
But your sparkle in your eyes still exists in my memories.

Love Me.

Dear You,

I’ll never forget you.
Where are you?
Do you remember me?
Today marks a year since you’ve been gone, but everything about you remains vivid. Maybe that’s because of the unlimited pictures scattered around my house so I can see them whenever and wherever I want.
I can’t stop craving you in my mind; whether you want me back, I don’t care.
Just come back.
My friends say that’s impossible and that you’ll never come to me again, that I’ll never see you smile and that I’ll never hear you say you love me. They offered to take me out, but I declined. I’d rather remember you in peace.
I want to Our Place, in the middle of nowhere, which was where we met. There’s a lone bench in a lone field in a lone town; Our Bench. I sat down on it, allowing the tears to fall freely. I traced your name on the golden plate, savouring each syllable.
I traced your birth year first. Then last year; your death year.
Why won’t you come back?
It’s been a year, haven’t you punished me enough?
That night, when you drove off, you promised me you’d be back in five minutes, but you lied. Did you lie when you said you loved me? Do you always lie?
Have you forgotten me?

From Me.

Dear Me,

I’ll never forget you.

Love You.

The author's comments:
The ending can be interpreted as however you wish.

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