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First Kiss

January 28, 2014
By wordtea GOLD, Delhi, Other
wordtea GOLD, Delhi, Other
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We were getting closer to each other each second. I thought the time had stopped, that these seconds of getting close to each other were going to last forever. But they did not. It happened. We kissed. It was beautiful, every part of it was breathtaking. That moment our lips embraced each others’ for the first time, it felt as if they had wanted to do this since eternity, as if they were long lost lovers. His hands were lost somewhere in my hair, while mine wrapped him. There was no one else I had ever wanted to kiss, for his lips were the perfect ones for mine. They were like ecstasy, the ecstasy I wanted to get addicted to. I could kiss him forever.
Then, we parted, though I never wanted to. He smiled like an angel, while I just stood there, bewildered, awestruck, mesmerised and speechless. It was so enigmatic, so scary and so beautiful.

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