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Nightmares, Fresh Air, Boundaries, and Purpling

December 5, 2008
By WaterMonkey GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
WaterMonkey GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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Aryn Hawke was asleep...before, but she isn’t now. Good Sheppard’s Mission in Fort Defiance wasn’t exactly a Marriott and it was showing in everyone’s joints. Aryn was just blessed with scoliosis and an unfortunate memory span. She forgot her ‘special’ pillow at home probably a guesstimation of 1000 miles away in Nebraska. She also forgot her blow-up mattress wasn’t up to standard quality anymore.

This would be why she’s not asleep anymore. Sleeping on the ground on a deflated mattress was in all ways the opposite of restful. This usually also called for angry tears and anxiety that thus led to running down three flights of stairs and bursting through the front doors into the widely spaced porch.
Definitely not asleep anymore. Quite the reverse actually.

Konor Shereel was asleep....before, but he isn’t now. Not when his freaking male bladder was bugging him! Plus all the dude bathrooms were downstairs cause the little girlies had to have the showers up stairs. All for the sake of women. It was early enough, he could be a little sexist, but no denying girls were nice. Hint Hint. Clad only in boxers and an undershirt, (very attractive) he ventured down the cold steps to the bathrooms in a daze.

Suddenly, through the haze, a noise reached him. It was faint at first but grew as he became more and more awake. At first it sounded like bells chiming, like someone laughing, but it got deeper and more that woeful. Somebody was crying outside- a girl was crying.
“What in the.. ” He muttered and turned his back on the urinal. Still a little groggy, Konor saw someone through the windows on the porch. The picture got cleaner and cleaner with every step until he had pushed the doors open themselves and was on the porch.

The door squeaked open and Aryn was not alone anymore. Her head shot up and around and frankly found Konor.
“Konor?” She whispered.
“Aryn?” He said slightly confused. “What are you doing out here?”
“I...uh... I was, well-” She stuttered. How embarrassing would bit be to say she was crying, but she didn’t have to say anything. Fully alert now, Konor noticed the gleaming diamond trails on her cheeks.
“You were the one crying?” He asked
‘No hiding it now.’ She thought.

“Y-yes.” She choked. Quietly, Konor walked a little closer. Aryn and him were new found friends, and he didn’t want to see her cry. He placed a warm hand on her shoulder and offered up a smile.
“Wanna tell me why?” She shook her head ‘no’. “It’ll make you feel better.”
“D-doubt it,” she muttered.
“Well how else am I gonna make you happy? I gotta know what magic to throw out.” He joked, and she couldn’t help but giggle a little.

Konor might have been a big guy but his touch was gentle as he pulled her into his big bear hug.
“Is this good?” He asked as she hugged back.
She didn’t want to answer verbally in case her voice betrayed her. So she just nodded furiously. ‘This was extremely good.’
He laughed at her childness. She wasn’t usually like this. Aryn was more the one to comfort than be comforted. She’s the type of girl who would rather fish and play football than do her hair or paint her toenails. That was totally the girl for him. A moment passed.
“Ready to tell me yet?” She shook her head with the same answer.
Konor was a great guy. He wasn’t overly popular or cocky or typical guyishness. He was more of the best friend ever. Like the type who will only date his future wife and is loyal to anyone and everyone. Voted the most her book anyway.
‘Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to tell him...’ She didn’t think he’d laugh.

“I...I just am.... angry.” She whispered
“At who?” He asked, not laughing. Pause.
“At my blow-up mattress.” She heard him chuckle but she was giggling too.
“Not keeping air in it anymore?” He asked.
“Not at all.” She confirmed, and pulled away a little
“But that’s only a tiny reason,” Konor said slyly. “You weren’t crying over a deflated mattress. I think I know you better than that.” And he held her there. “Problems in your room?” he guessed.
“Hate the food?”
“Yes and No.” She giggled
“Trouble back in the corn?”
“Boyfriend drama?”
“No!” She cried a bit too quickly.
“It is isn’t it?” He smiled, perhaps a little falsely. “What’s the situation?”
She grunted and blushed.
“Lack of.” She said, but he didn’t follow.
“Of what?”
“Of a boyfriend,” She sighed. Pause
“Oh...” He breathed.
“But that’s not my problem!” She said quickly. That was a little awkward...
“What could it be then?” He rubbed his chin playfully. “I don’t see you as the type to get home sick so-”

He took one look at her expression and knew he’d hit a homerun.
“You’re homesick?” he asked a tad bewildered.
“I just miss my parents.” She said quietly.
“Well Abi’s mom is here. She’s like your second mom, you couldn’t feel that bad.” He said.
“I know...” She shrugged. “It’s nothing huge, there was really no need for the water works.” She silently looked for any escape. “I guess I’ll head back to my flat bed now and-”
“Are you running away from me?” He asked, but this time she couldn’t tell if he was serious or not.
“No.” She said.
“Ahm....cause I really didn’t place you as the track and field type either.” She cocked her head at him.
“What’s that supposed to mean, Popi?” She used his nickname...the one he hated. She took a step back towards him.
“Well,” He took his own step, “I’m pretty good with problem solving.”
“And?” She wasn’t following.
“I don’t know but I think I can solve your shortage.” He smiled...but she still wasn’t tracking.
“My shortage of what?” She asked.
“Your lack of boyfriend. I’m pretty sure I can fix that.”

The two stared at each other.
“F-for serious?” She suddenly laughed.
“Well as serious as I can be.” He smiled and pulled her back to his hold. It was quiet again.
“You think they would consider this ‘purpling’?” She asked.
“Oh yes, definitely.” He chuckled.
“Well... I don’t think so.” She smiled mischievously. He looked at her sly face and smirked. ‘There’s someone I recognize’ He thought.
“And what would you say ‘purpling’ entitles?” He asked, hopeful of the outcome.
“This.” and guess what! They purpled.

Boys are blue and Girls are pink and when they mix...they make people!

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DJAlyss GOLD said...
on Dec. 16 2018 at 9:51 pm
DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
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Wow very good :)

bambam said...
on Dec. 25 2008 at 5:04 pm
Very good. Subject matter definitely interesting to teenagers. When you get to the end, you want it to go on and see what happens to the boy and girl.