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Fight or Flight

April 24, 2014
By kbh10 BRONZE, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
kbh10 BRONZE, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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“You can’t just not talk to me Mel. If you’re upset you can’t just expect me to figure it out.”
“That’s exactly my point! You shouldn't have to figure it out Andy!” Mel shouted.
“Just tell me what I did so I can fix it and then we can go back to how we were,” Andy pleaded as he ran his hands through his caramel colored hair, something he did when he was frustrated.
“Don’t you see? There’s no going back. There is nothing I’d love more than to love each other like we did, but, I just can’t…”
“What? You can’t what? Give us another chance?!” Andy interrupted.
“ANOTHER CHANCE?!” Mel screamed as she slammed her hand on the granite countertop. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Andy, I’ve given this relationship more chances than you realize. Don’t you think there’s a reason we keep getting into these arguments?”
“Mel, there’s something good here whether you want to admit it or not, and I don’t want to give it up so fast.”
Mel couldn’t help but roll her eyes and question, “You think I don’t know that? I want this to work so badly, but the past couple months we can’t go a day without getting mad at each other.”
“Couples fight Mel, c’mon, please don’t do this,” Andy begged as tears started to well in his eyes. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“I don’t want to be without you either,” Mel sighed as she tucked a loose strand of blond hair behind her ear, “but this isn’t healthy. It’s a fight more often than love and even when we are okay we still just sit here. There’s no spark anymore.”
“No spark?! Every morning when I wake up, regardless of how the day was yesterday, I think about how lucky I am to have you in my life and--”
“Andy, don’t make this harder than it has to be--,” Mel pleaded.
“No, I am going to say what I have to say Mel,” Andy retorted as he sat her down on one of the bar stools next to the kitchen’s island. “Every single morning I kiss you awake, whether I’m upset with you or not. Every single morning I start the shower for you so that it’s warm by the time to drag yourself out of bed. Every single morning I lay your towel out for you on the counter after putting in in the dryer for a few minutes while you shower.”
“Honey, I know…” Mel whispered.
“Every single day before you leave for work I tell you that I love you and kiss you goodbye. Every single day I send texts throughout the day checking up on you, because I--”
“And I don’t?” Mel interjected. “I also send messages throughout the day and even sometimes stop by your work to eat lunch with you. Every single night I greet you at the door with an “I love you” and bring home your favorite treats from Mayweather bakery.
“And why do you do these things Mel.”
“What? Uh, well because, because I love you. And it feels good to make you happy.”
“I feel the same way! I know we fight sometimes but I still believe that the good outweighs the bad for us,” Andy exclaimed as he searched Mel’s deep blue eyes for a sign that his words were making an impact. “Oh, honey don’t cry. Please Mel it’ll be okay again soon.”
“No it’s not Andy,” Mel murmured as she rose from the bar stool as walked to the opposite side of the kitchen. “Those things should be enough, but they’re not. I never questioned whether or not you loved me or I loved you, but I don’t think the good outweighs it like you say it does.”
“Mel, please,” Andy sobbed.
“I’m going to go stay with Christina tonight,” Mel informed as she started towards their bedroom. “I’ll be back by the weekend and then we can see where we go from here.”
Andy ran to meet Mel as she crossed into the bedroom and whispered, “I love you.”
“I know. And I, you.” she replied as she started to fill her suitcase.

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