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Now and Forever

December 14, 2008
By Anonymous

There is no once upon a time, this is a tale of two kids here and now: Who decided to let love in.

The warm light gently bent over, reaching down to open the sleep drenched eyes to a brand new morning. She quietly rolled out of warm sheets and stood on legs trembling and unwilling to take any steps to start the day. She stood staring out at the world for what seemed like years. One reluctant foot after another, she slowly made her way up the mountainous staircase. Finally, mounting the top stair, she felt a tiny trickling sensation of goose bumps crawling up her neck. With a sigh of annoyance, she glanced up and saw him staring directly at her, the blood rushed right out of her face turning her pale and nervous.

“Stacey!” called her grandma from the kitchen.

She heard her call and knew she should make her first appearance of the day, but couldn’t. Her feet were stuck and legs wobbly, he was standing directly in front of her, what was she supposed to do? She tried to reply but the breath caught in her throat, squeaking out a faint sound of horror. Blood rushing everywhere, her palms and back started to shiver with sweat: Color returning to her face, she stepped forward and fell. Quickly without a word or glance, she straightened herself and sheepishly made her way to the kitchen. With one smooth step he positioned himself behind her and shyly made his way past her.

“Why, good morning sleepy one,” chuckled her grandma.

“Morning,” whispered out of her mouth, as she forced herself to turn away from the stranger’s intense stare to her grandmother’s tough but kind face. A smile formed at the creases of her weathered lips, but as quick as it came it disappeared to a secret place.

Looking about with the face of early morning confusion, it finally came into focus who occupied the kitchen with her. As she realized this, it dawned on her; her appearance. Her cheeks turned a glowing red and the feeling of sun beaten cheeks was strong and overpowering. Seeing the distress on her face, her grandma reassuringly explained.

“I thought it would be pleasant to have some friends over for breakfast Dear. And look who came along with them, their grandson, Travis.”

“Oh, well it smells delicious, let’s eat,” she mumbled, pretending to be reassured.

After filling her plate with food, she discovered an empty chair to sit in. The prick of tiny needles on her skin grew as he continued to stare at her. Searching for something other than his dark blue eyes to set her sight upon, blood bubbled to the surface forming millions of goose bumps on her skin shaking her back to reality.

As the door slowly opened, a swoosh of wind swept past her leaving her cold and in despair to speak to him before he left. Before she could think of anything to say they had vanished, he was gone, and the door blocked her from the chilly world outside. Watching the car start and drive away; she crumbled inside. Without thinking she turned and ran down the stairs to the solitude of her room.

A month passed and not one single day ended with her thinking of him. Thoughts of where he was and what he might be doing constantly jumped about her mind. Dreaming of him caused a longing in her heart so deep; she couldn’t bear not seeing him again. Spilling, tripping, and looking off into nowhere was the cause of something so strong it can cause the world to fall; love. But she was not alone in her thoughts: He was also living the same longing. Housed in the back of his mind, he wondered every minute how she was, where she was, and if she was ok. Falling in love more each day stopped the world on its axis and froze everything in its path.

In need for a vacation, her and her grandparents traveled to their cabin. The moment they pulled into the drive, she jumped out of the old Chevy truck rusted with age and a picture of her grandfather’s life, she ran to the swing. Two trees reaching heaven stood with two white ropes clinging to the bark and holding a flat wood board at their feet; was her swing, her solitude, and peace. As she sat the wind rustled through the trees, down and around their trunks, making its way through her hair tossing it every which way; he was almost there. As she swung back and forth on the old creaking swing, the moment she was returning from the open sky, they pulled in the drive. So over come with excitement, she threw herself off the swing and ran towards them slipping on dirt covered gravel. She stopped immediately when she saw his eyes flash toward her own. Without any exchange of words, he gave a look like he knew exactly what she was thinking. Scared to death by this thought; she tried returning to the still bouncing swing, but instead her legs followed him inside. Entering the cabin her nostrils were met with his smell of sweet serenity: Closing her eyes to fully enjoy its present, she tripped over a wobbly log and fell back into reality.

Sitting in complete silence; listening to the conversation around him, he said a thousand words with each glance he gave her. For hours they sat listening, looking, and having a conversation of their own. After being enclosed too long in the cabin, she escaped once more to the swing that had finally settled down besides the slight swaying from a cool breeze. Quiet as a mouse he followed behind her. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice him reach out and stop her. Jumping back with a huge inhale, she coughed and put her hand on her heart: Feeling the rapid beats traveling to her ears hearing the sound of many hoofs. Realizing it was him, she melted into tears of unexpected joy. Falling into his longed for embrace, the world seemed to pause; no one moved and nothing made a sound. In this spot with no one watching; the world changed.

With only half a month left of summer, she would have to return back home soon. They grew closer as the time came for her to leave grew closer. Before they could say goodbye, time had already grabbed and dragged her away from him. Real life returned: But it would be nothing more than heartache.

For these two lovers; nothing could stand in the way of their love. There was no obstacle big enough to keep them from thinking and wanting to be near one another. The mountains may be high and the valleys low, but their love could travel up and down through anything. Even though three states separate them, they could still feel the goose bumps rise on their skin: As if a tender hand had been laid upon them. The wind carried across hills, mountains, and through trees each others scent: It filled their minds with memories of better times, keeping them occupied until they would once again hold each other.

Little did they know, years would pass until they would receive a chance to look into each others eyes. His eyes so blue and deep, you could swim in them for a lifetime. Lurking in them is more than something that can see, more than something that can cry, more than words. With each glint of his eye, she saw a thousand words flash and a thousand little kisses smother her face. She knew no matter what, he would love her and she would love him.

Within three years, their love has collapsed but been rebuilt several times like an old historic building; gorgeous in its own time and still beautiful now. People with the hope of preserving something beautiful in the world are a miraculous occurrence. Their love was beautiful then and grows past beautiful with each new day. One day their love will be look upon, recognized; now and forever.

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This article has 3 comments.

grannyd said...
on Jan. 13 2009 at 3:42 pm
Very good job Lacey! I really liked the story a lot. It instantly took me back to days of young love in days gone by. I thought you used very descriptive language. It seems you interjected some of your own experiences that really made the story come alive and gave it deep emotion that touched the reader. Although the abrupt ending left me wanting more information about the couple's on an off relationship.

Sherry85249 said...
on Jan. 6 2009 at 10:10 pm
Wow, Lacey. It was incredibly moving. I had a visceral reaction to them being so drawn to each other- it was almost like I was being drawn in too. I disagree about needing more details about why they fell in love. I think the magic of it is that sometimes there's just this inexplicable connection between two people. I do agree there is a definite autobiographical feel to it.

EP123 said...
on Dec. 26 2008 at 4:08 pm
Hey Lacey! Great story! I sense a bit of an autobiographical element to it! My comment for you is to try to work in more details about the romance. You'd have to make it longer, but it would benefit from lots more details about what they said and did that made them fall in love. The last two paragraphs are a surprise, and the reader doesn't have enough information to understand why they fell in love, and why it has been rebuild repeatedly. Hope this helps! -Elaine