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While You Loved Me

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Tears slid down her cheek as she sobbed uncontrollably. It isn’t fair she thought, to take him from her just like that. Her heart weighed heavily as she remembered the day she first met him.

“Ahh… It must be hard being the new student... I would be honoured to help in anyway possible… Especially for a girl this gorgeous” Liam winked at Kayleigh.
She rolled her eyes. “Oh please. If you’ll excuse me, I was trying to get to the cafeteria.” With that she walked away in the direction of the Library.
Liam scowled. No one has ever walked away from him like that. Especially a girl. He ran forward and grabbed Kayleigh’s hand. “The cafeteria’s that way” he said pointing in the opposite direction with a smirk playing on his face.
She blushed a rosy red.

“Let go of me!”
“You were heading towards the library!”
“Didn’t you want to go to the cafeteria?”
“Yes, but no one asked you!”
“I was just trying to help!”
“I didn’t ask for it!”
“I was being a gentleman!”
“Let go of me!” and with that she yanked her arm out of his and stalked off. Towards the library.
“Fine… be that way…eat in the library… see if I care…” he mumbled.

How they laughed about that later on when they became friends. Kayleigh wiped the tears from her eyes as she was reminded of her first ever kiss from him.

“Hey, wait up! I need to tell you something!” Liam said running after her.
“Fine, but I only have a few minutes... I’ve got to catch the bus.”
“Owh... erm... well…” his cheeks flushed a bright red.
“Well… What is it?”
“It’s… ermm... I... I-“ And suddenly he leaned in towards her making her lean backwards nervously.

One hand went around her waist, and the other lifted her chin gently; and then he kissed her.
Suddenly, sweetly, softly.
Their lips parted after what seemed like an eternity but her eyes remained shut. She wanted to remember that warm fuzzy tingly feeling for the rest of her life. Finally she opened them only to see him giving her his signature smirk.
“I always get the girl I want.”
She smiled.

I was born the day you kissed me.

Fat crystal like droplets of water fell from up above. It had started raining. How she wished it could wash away her pain. Her misery. The people who came for the funeral started leaving. Soon Kayleigh was the only one standing in front of his tomb stone. One silent tear escaped and slid down her cheek as she remembered the last time she saw him.

“I don’t see why you’re worried! Nothing’s gonna happen!”
“Owh, just be careful!” She watched him enter his sports car and went to get a seat at the stands.
“Car 23 in the lead!” rang the commentator’s voice throughout the stadium.
That’s him! She thought excitedly. It was only his third race but he was already a feared opponent on the race track.
Another car was neck in neck with his. It was close. Too close. The other car rammed Liam’s just as he was about to turn causing Liam’s car to swerve sideways and into the stands. Luckily everyone ran out in time. Liam on the other hand was still inside. Kayleigh ran (or made her way through all the seats in her case) as fast as possible, trying to get to him. Then, just as suddenly as the accident had occurred, the car blew up. First she just stood there. Too shocked to do anything. The Kayleigh’s eyes welled up. No, no, no! This isn’t happening! She thought forcefully, disbelief running down her every vein. The fire engulfed the whole car. It was chaos. Everyone was screaming. But she heard nothing. She felt nothing. Her heart had shattered into a million tiny pieces.

I died inside the night you left me.

She had stopped crying now. Though, you could hardly tell since she was drenched by the still pouring rain. The sky was a mixture of a dark fiery red going into a lighter shade and turning orange and yellow as it came closer to a round golden orb sinking ever so slowly into the horizon. Harsh winds blew and thunderous lightening illuminated her pale face. She reached into her pockets for warmth and felt a soft silky feel. Kayleigh pulled it out. Immediately she smiled.

“I’ve got something for you” Liam said holding her hands in his.
“What is it?” she asked playing with his fingers.
He pulled out a rose from inside his pocket. It was only 4 inches long. But it was different. It was special. Its petals were the colour of the deep blue ocean. It sparkled as the sun’s innocent rays danced around it.
“It’s beautiful”
“You see, as long as it stays blue… I’ll love you.” He looked up at her and smiled.
“But it’ll always stay blue! It’s made from plastic and cloth! It’ll never die...”

As she held the now half squashed, fragile blue rose in her hand, warmth spread through her body. She placed the rose on the palm of her hand and just like that the wind swept it away. He might be gone from her life, but she’ll always have her memories; now and forever.

But, oh how I lived while you loved me…

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